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My love for films led me to discover primewire many years ago. Lost touch with it 3 years ago, then rediscovered this very different version of the site.

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Various Oddness, Comedy, Music,

Retired musician, awkward, shy, private, dorky & I've got terminal seriousness without a funny bone in my body. Which is why I love comedy so much. ☺
I think as long as we're here, we might as well be good to each other & spread good vibes whenever possible. Life is too short.

All politicians & clergy are criminals. You cannot be loyal to a political party and-or a cult disguised as a religion & be loyal to your country & fellow human beings at the same time.
Cults & political parties are only concerned with seizing power, having more for themselves & none for everybody else, while they seek to eliminate those who oppose them. Political parties are by definition, dangerous treasonous CULTS. Anti-human, anti-life. Self-serving. That's it. That's all that stuff is. Don't feed that critter. ☺
The last good president was before my time. EVERYONE of them have been criminals, so don't think there has ever been one that has TRULY represented the left, because there hasn't. While I'm happy the madness of the last 4 years with a blatant neo-nazi fascist is over, don't think for a minute that the person I voted for got elected. While I'm relieved that sanity & civility have returned, that doesn't mean that the new administration can be trusted. Familiarity & expertise with the terrain is an identifier of corruption.
The simple fact is, I can pick up a handful of rocks, go to any crowded place & throw those rocks, & every rock will hit people who are more capable & trustworthy to serve. That's a fact. The political class cannot be trusted. Insiders are dangerous. There is no TRUE representation & public servitude when self-serving 1 percenters have a horse in the race. I'd trust a common fry shoveler & assistant store manager over ANY career politician.

Then there's the circular nazi-repubtard argument about government spending. "Who's going to pay for all the stuff you want done? GET A JOB! If you want something, WORK FOR IT!
People do. They work very hard at thankless crappy jobs even though they're university educated & still cannot attain the same American Dream their parents & grandparents achieved.
But that's not addressing the actual problem about government spending. That "sink or swim" roman LEX TALONIS horshlt fascist orwellian doublethink is just a red herring so a real answer regarding government spending run amok is never intelligently addressed.
So again, who pays for it? We do. We already do. They take faaaar more of OUR money from us than they have claim to take, and they use OUR money to pay for crap we do not authorize to buy. A responsible government NOT run by CRIMINALS would just spend the money WISELY, diverting from wasteful needless criminal corporate welfare & warmongering to things that would benefit the people who are already paying for everything to begin with- Such as housing, education, science, quality of life.
The money is already there. It just needs to be spent properly instead of criminally. And what's left over would GET RID OF THE DEFICIT & BALANCE THE BUDGET to a positive cash flow, with RETURNS to the people who already foot the bill.
It's OUR money. We can spend it how we want in which to benefit OURSELVES. If we want 500,000 houses & libraries instead of ONE bomber, then so be it. Don't tell me to work for it if I want it because I ALREADY DID you jive talking sleazy nazi hustler.

It's interesting what an effective hashtag & online postings produce. The internet is handy for all kinds of things. Like watching films & using free speech to report events that have happened all over the internet. ☺

Hello to you, grasshopper.

Have a nice day & don't forget to tip your waitstaff. ☺


Family. Films. Fun. Music. Always music.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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