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Figgy Von Squeakerson

I am an anarchosocialist leaning towards deep-green socialism (anarchoprimitivism), mainly due to my observations of how human beings use ill-defined structures of power to pursue their biases, and humor personal vendettas. When given power, humans take the sets of rules they’re given to work with, and mold them to suite their personal desires, rather than trying to arbitrate them free from bias. It takes an exceptional soul to resist their own impulses. And those impulses stack up until they can’t be seen for what they are anymore. This process ultimately leads to the dehumanizing of both the authority and those under their influence. I prefer to always err on the side of retaining my humanity. The natural world doesn’t waste time arbitrating power or enforcing rules. It just flows like a river through its genetic base. We’ve somehow gotten so far off track that we can’t even see ourselves as part of the natural world anymore.


Target shooting, mechanical stuff, biology & flubby organic stuff. Orchids and other epiphytes, and fungus mostly. Also cats.

So I was muted forever by Silverrain, a person I have never spoken to or met, for bashing the mods, and using multiple accounts, despite the fact that I have only ever used this one single account and have never said a single mean thing about any of the staff on this site. I am terribly confused right now.

That being said, I have no reason not to say mean things about the staff at this point. Siverrain is solely responsible for this site having a terrible reputation. You should read the hate leveled towards her all over the trust/site review pages. It’s incredible how one person can be such a , and all of them say the same thing; arbitrary abuse of power, confusion about why, and a flippant attitude towards her authority. Some people just aren’t cut out to moderate. Well, this site will continue to loose traffic because of her. I wonder if the administrators realize how much money they’re loosing.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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