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do an indecent impression of a magnet
that draws the simpleminded ire
of those obliviously on the spectrum.

۝ 𓅊 Ⳃ 𑇬 𒄍 ⧸


hobbling hobbits. metronymphomania.
corking foramen magnum. petting kites.
flipya. flipya foreal. okay.

and now, The Nine Inch Nails—

“Facts and opinions, though they must be kept apart, are not antagonistic to each other; they belong to the same realm. Facts inform opinions, and opinions, inspired by different interests and passions, can differ widely and still be legitimate as long as they respect factual truth. Freedom of opinion is a farce unless factual information is guaranteed and the facts themselves are not in dispute. In other words, factual truth informs political thought just as rational truth informs philosophical speculation”
—Arendt, ‘Between Past and Future’

Currently: You have been muted for 723 hours by [redacted] because “see mod notes.”

Slept on it. Thought about it. Rationally seethed.

So using a word like 'menorrhea' [a word much like gonorrhea, seborrhea, logorrhea, stearrhea [and others] in etymological root] while speaking of the film Las Vampiras* where menorrhea plausibly could have played as plot device is deserving of a 730 -hour- mute because?

—Religious belief?
—Psychological disorder/s?
—Totatilarianism? [‘fascism’ serves as plesionym [see ppl like Orwell; Arendt; bell hooks; many brilliant others] “whose dynamics… and characteristic mark, its foundation, is generalized and undifferentiated terror and adherence to this terror by both those who produce it and those who are subject to it”]
—Police state? [as that’s what moderators are, policing for policy, no matter how ambiguously wrought or without check and balance [see literally: totalitarianism] that policy is, allowing ever-increasing systemic abuses without meaningful course correction]
—Personhood-denying bullying? [with state-sponsored approval [again, see: totalitarianism]]
—Sycophancy? [orders given and everything yet listed applicable to whomever is being pleased with being mirrored by such sycophancy [within the realm of the feasible, esp. at this point]]
—Whatever makes totalitarian functioning natural and institutionalized, justifying it and supporting its perpetuation?
—Staff retention based on comfort zone and familiarity rather than competence and performance, failing to cull underperforming team members as it concerns user moderation?
—Blinding disdain for bodily form and function? 1970s horror? Foreign films? Homophobia?
—Insecurity and envy of displays of intellect that are at odds with personal political leanings?
—Congenital witlessness?

Any commix of the above, in any given ratio, may provide raison d’être. And scores of others unlisted, tho the overlap eventually maps to seeming redundancy, even tho that’d really just be higher definition that nothing be uncharted. But this ain’t a book, and even a few paragraphs is overlong under current moderation.
There are two solutions that would serve to undermine the current biases inherent in the make-up.

I. Massive and fundamental re-organization. A. Fire ppl. Clean house. Do not allow continued insiduous poisoning and undermining of the public face of the site itself; a face that becomes more and more important as the structure of the site is completed and rendered far less visible [ie. the linking to shows and movies is as much as finished as a process of programmed function]. Outright mute and ban those demoted if that is required. B. Hire ppl. You have brighter and more honest minds concerning both group and personal interactions that pass thru your very site often enough, who chose to remain silent and/or leave at greater frequency than they would otherwise -with better- [smarter; more coherent] moderation.

II. Of the -new- moderators hired, hire -one- who serves both as an intermediary between the Dev Team and -all- other mods concerning the comment-oriented aspects of the site -and- as an equal separate from the Dev Team, as comments are incidental to and inadequately managed by the Dev Team [QED and all that]. One who may override and adjust moderation as they see fit, -including- the moderation of other mods as it concerns comments. This is a counter-intuitive move, as it appears just as arbitrary and power-based as the current system, but that is the point: It is power intentionally at odds and not compromised by the other mods themselves, an actual check and balance put in place to course correct and be critical of whatever flaw and bias may otherwise accrue and occur. Someone literate; someone sane. Someone who may themselves be fired should it -not- be a first found, best kept scenario. Make an actual functional modular heirarchy based upon skill and knowledge, not mood, agenda, and half-assery.

And that’s it. The censorship due vendetta and terror? Low-grade crap, meaning room temp and based upon a diet of mediocrity.

Do fix it.

*aka Vampyros Lesbos

“This place started out so nice
with fruit and mountains
birds and mice”

just a little cleverity in the midst of sarcastrophe.

Arrows by any other do not sting as sweet.





0hhh OKayy..

it fine,, sceend worst

Began small and hard to watch.

As universal as limitation.

Some intrigue with entrapment, identifying moments audiences shift with recognition.

Altho eloquently and eminently parahaeceititial.



Exquisite likewise any enchantment glimmered limning pluralities of nescience.

Powerless to correct faults in maps that map their own terrain.

Ended happier than children ever stay.

Beter then noth—



Flowers for Algernon

“Ce n’est pas une banalna.”
—Andy Magritte

At just under 300? hours left, the ‘Currently’ above becomes: You have been muted for 922 hours by [redacted] because “mod/ site bashing.”

Congratulations on -finally- adjusting points unduly manipulated by Magaloos with multiple accounts. Shame any users who picked up the slack trying to casually re-adjust against such during the -massive failure- to deal with those point floods any earlier were also likewise ‘dealt with’. Great show! And Spoiler Alert: Things aren’t spoilers* if they can be determined from a preview of a thing. Like, duh! So yeah—

Criticism of the site -is- warranted. Doing so publicly? Also warranted. Oh, moderation can not be improved? Nor can how the Devs deal with their moderators be improved, already ‘perfect’ as it all is, despite citable examples of flagrant bias, incompetence, and outsized penalty? A Dev, not working to improve upon something they’ve been rumored to ‘develop’ [notice the -active- process that that entails]? Ouch.

And if you can’t tell the difference tween bashing and criticism [or you believe that they must be [cuz imaginary magic! that can be leveraged to abuse users! at deplorable whim!] totally exclusive concepts and have little idea how rhetoric, logomachy, and language work], then you prolly really do need to lose the ‘very good’ job you ‘do do’.

Try an actual argument sometime, instead of, you know, tear gas and gas chambers [appeals to ‘mod emotion’ and appeals to the reflexively unthinking mutestick] when there’s any very very scary sign of protest against inarticulate illiterate incompetence.

*things are also not spoilers unless ruining a surprise [plot twists, cameos, et cet [and even those, easily moved to ‘reviews’]], but when accurate able-mindedness is deficient and one -can not- determine which is what when one lacks the functional ability [honest literacy, filmic or otherwise] to do so? then ‘spoiler’ is best ineptly reduced to ‘anything specific about a show’, as moderator experience as petty anti-belletristic supersedes any single user’s as-yet-to-be-browbeaten opine [those never add up], and genuine attempt to determine actual spoilers would prove open peter principled failure all the more, catastrophic in implementation and not merely insiduously poisonous. best to hide -that- with repetitive umbrage, threat, spam, and bravado. the preceding was a spoiler.

Blair McClendon
“A Gathering of Wolves”

THE PRESIDENT’S PERSISTENT AFFECTION for them notwithstanding, ratings have long outlived their usefulness. The Nielsen family grows less representative of the American media diet every day. The streaming giants do not need ads, for which the number of eyes on a screen set the price; they need subscriptions. The social media giants need engagement to mine your data. The news media needs a lifeline. It is increasingly less likely that any particular person deliberately watches a show so much as they allow a variety of images and texts to wash over them. I find it hard to imagine anybody, even the kind of anybody whose job it is to do so, turning on the TV and giving their undivided attention to the Republican National Convention.

I had an uncle who was one of those adults who liked to tell whining children that only boring people get bored. I bristled at this as a kid and still do. The convention was boring because the people who made it are boring, even if they also happen to be dangerous. Having insisted upon as much of an in-person event as possible, most of the speeches were given on the same stage in Charlotte filled with American flags. Speaker after speaker painted a picture of America that was not entirely inaccurate: rioting, protests, fury at the police, and feckless Democratic mayors incapable of bringing peace. They offered an alternative path, one where nobody can get an abortion, where so-called law and order prevails, and where Twitter and Facebook are not allowed to ban someone just because they promote antisemitic conspiracy theories. Trump warned that the left would prevent this all by somehow forcing Biden to install “radical judges” and as a result the American Dream would die. If that was what these people saw in their sleep, I thought, I hope we all wake up soon.

Trump’s first speech, mercifully brief compared to the one he gave on the final night, outlined the agenda for the rest of his campaign. He swore that mail-in ballots would be illegitimate, praised the enthusiasm of his base, and gloated about nearly starting a war with Iran. “We are going to fully fund law enforcement and hire more police,” he promised, which is in fact a point of commonality between the two campaigns even if they plan on spending the fall denying that the other means it. After Trump accepted the nomination on the first day, “Y.M.C.A.” by the Village People poured out of the speakers. Young man, pick yourself off the ground Victor Willis sang as an authoritarian septuagenarian walked away, his face briefly obscured by a WOMEN FOR TRUMP sign. There is a certain critical tendency, the same that catches on every moment of baldfaced hypocrisy, that would see incongruity in choosing this song for a gathering of racist homophobes. But fascist America, like America in general, has rarely had a problem with absorbing the cultural output of those it seeks to destroy. A banger is a banger even if it is gay and black.

The most coherent parts of the pageantry were delivered by the representatives of the anti-choice and petite bourgeoisie wings of the party. The Catholic nun and Abby Johnson, an anti-choice activist in big pearls and, in place of an American flag pin, a gleaming 1972, in honor of the last good year, before Roe v. Wade, were clear about what they wanted—a restriction on the right to abortion specifically and on women’s ability to participate in political life generally. The small business owners who felt “under assault from shutdowns” and “riots” needed order, a miracle cure and labor discipline. The couple invited for no reason other than that they pointed a rifle and a pistol at black people outside of their suburban mansion said that “Marxist liberals” were intent on “ending single-family zoning” and “defunding police.” The category error in the nomenclature aside, they are more or less correct. Their solution was to wave guns around. “What you saw happening to us could just as easily happen to you” is perhaps the right’s response to “it can’t happen here,” but the limits of this solidaristic second person are pretty obvious. It is hard for me to see myself on the grounds of a midwestern palazzo, fearful, furious, my finger dancing around a trigger, the barrel of my gun sweeping over a crowd of black people likewise fearful, furious and chanting the names of the dead. The night was not made to indulge my fantasies.

Over the four days of the convention it became harder to focus on what anybody was saying or doing. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and S.E. Cupp joined pundits like John Podhoretz in praising the effectiveness and production value of the propaganda, which made me wonder whether they had seen the kind America has produced in the past. Frank Capra and John Ford made propaganda. Tony Scott had to give Tom Cruise his iconic role in Top Gun because Matthew Modine thought it too propagandistic. We have never lacked for fine craftsmen of dirty lies. Here the key light was so strong on Mike Pence in a video highlighting Trump’s effect on ordinary people that viewers, accustomed to Hollywood productions capable of executing basic three-point lighting, thought he was speaking in front of a green screen. No conspiracy is needed where incompetence will do.

These bizarre interludes to repetitive speeches competed for attention with what was happening beyond the pageant halls. Kenosha continued to burn in the wake of the police shooting Jacob Blake in the back, and then Kyle Rittenhouse, 17-year-old former cadet and Blue Lives Matter supporter, opened fire, too. The link was obvious because everything has been strikingly obvious for some time now. Someone unearthed a TikTok Rittenhouse had recorded from the front row of a Trump rally months ago. The speaker at the podium shouts “record levels, record for African-Americans, record for Latinos, sixty-five-year high for females. This president doesn’t preach. He gets it done.” This was the same line that a shockingly high number of black speakers—a football player, a politician, a lawyer—offered in Charlotte. African-Americans should not be held captive to a party that has failed them; rather, they should side with the party responsible for the best times of their lives. The Republicans, like the Democrats, would describe some part of the years 2012–2020 as the high water mark in black American life. There are ways in which that is true, but that is not a high bar to clear. There is, of course, another way to read those years. They were years of near constant protest, disruption and uprisings. They could be characterized by the formation of a white supremacist movement emboldened first by the presence of a black president and then of one whose administration has winked, nodded and prodded them along. “You have the right to bear arms, especially when you look at a Portland,” Trump informed his supporters the day before two people were shot dead by one of them. This President doesn’t preach.

When dealing with people who do not preach I prefer to read them plainly. Years ago I interviewed the director Cristian Mungiu when his 2012 film Beyond The Hills was being released in New York. Known for a highly choreographed, sparingly plotted form of realism, he told me that he did not believe there was such a thing as metaphor in cinema. On the screen things are what they are. Is has no transmutative power like it does in language. If her eyes are diamonds it’s because there are diamonds there. It is true enough that I often repeat the principle. It is definitely true in political television. There is less of a need to read the feints and sleights of hand than to just look and listen. The black man who flashed his pearly whites, and slipped between them his anger at anarchists tearing up our cities and black people “not being trusted to speak for themselves,” was not a metaphor. He is Kentucky’s Attorney General and he has within his power the ability to oversee a serious investigation into the killing of Breonna Taylor. There he was speaking for himself, railing against “the politics of identity, cancellation and mob rule.” People are dead, his state is racked with grief and fury, and he smiled and inveighed against cancellation. Certainly a fear made for television.

Toward the end of the convention the only good TV currently airing was suspended. The Milwaukee Bucks attempted to forfeit their playoff match against the Orlando Magic in protest of the events in Kenosha. Other teams followed suit, and the restarted NBA was indefinitely postponed due to a wildcat strike. The action was infectious. WNBA players, MLB players, and MLS players struck. Naomi Osaka struck and brought the tennis world to a halt. Jared Kushner sneered in response. The cancellation of your ratings rival is typically a good thing, but the story was so unbelievable until the moment it happened that speeches paled in comparison. Conventions happen every four years, but wildcat strikes have been illegal since 1935. As the party faithful well know, there is little else like seeing people flaunt the law and get away with it.

The strike withered, but it highlighted the real undercurrent of the Republican Convention: to anyone psychically invested in the velvet glove of normal life, we are already in the throes of an insurrection that must be stamped out. We are nearing the end of a summer that taught us nothing is inviolable, not precincts and not the promise that black people will entertain us to the bitter end. Republicans know that what has been unleashed will not be pacified easily. Pat Lynch, the head of the NYPD union, gave a speech castigating the left and the Democrats and all but swearing fealty to Trump. The congressional Democrats who embarrassingly kneeled in kente cloth were featured in a video roll call of radicalism alongside the DSA and toppled Confederate statues. Riots have become so commonplace that there was little mention of the one that happened in Minneapolis this week. Millionaire athletes are accidentally starting sectoral strikes through the mere suggestion of refusal. These are not the kind of antagonisms resolved by counting votes.

There is a passage in Elfriede Jelinek’s Greed that I kept thinking about, whenever somebody said “law and order” or when Mike Pence invoked the “thin blue line.” In the novel a young woman is believed to have been murdered, and something is being pulled from the lake near town. “Because something is as big as a human being doesn’t mean it has to be one,” Jelinek writes of the thoughts of the people charged with the grim task, but “the men know what it looks like is probably what it will be.” I kept asking myself: what does this look like? Production value aside, it was a hymn to the Right and to the right to protect private property—with the police if possible, and on your own if necessary. A woman does not have the right to an abortion. It would be better if she were at home after a long day running a regional coffee shop chain, carefully loading a gun alongside her husband in case protesters made their way past the gates of her community. It is a strange but familiar politics, more plainspoken every day. As Hurricane Laura approached the Gulf Coast, I remembered reading about how in the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, when the levees had nearly burst, white men forced black workers at gunpoint to lay down and use their bodies to plug the holes so that the white townsfolk would have more time to evacuate. If you have ever seen the river you know that there is nothing that will hold it back, especially not something as frail as flesh. I thought of these things because they make do without metaphor. A person is a person, a body is a body, not something else. These politicians promised what they promised. The only thing that made it hard to parse was their insistence on performing to an empty room. They frequently failed to cut away immediately after the end of a speech, meaning that the camera would linger on what should have been a thunderous conclusion. Instead there was silence. We have seen the fascist stoking and stoked by a roiling mob. This was more like watching them rehearse in a bedroom mirror all wild-eyed and brimming with violence, but slightly pathetic. In light of this it was smart for Trump to give his speech in front of real people. What’s a fascist without a crowd? A lone wolf, I guess. There seem to be more of those every day.


At just over 600? hours left, the previously modified ‘Currently’ becomes the new improved modified ‘Currently’: You have been muted for 800 hours by [redacted] because “violation of rule 5 and 8..”

Neither of which was done [hateful comments or comments that lead to the trading of insults].

One has to read pretty poorly to believe those rules were broken; and not poorly innocently, but poorly intentionally. Poorly as in reading that poorly would be a fireable offense were a ‘real job’ being done. Poorly at a level that ‘What wonderful pillows’ earns a mute for being sexist even with evidence to the contrary. That’s literacy as poverty. That’s a distended belly as brain. That’s a vulture in the background and a famine child awaiting mother’s return as it dies. It’s poor af.

So Devs have yet to fix things. The shame ain’t mine.

[discord: nowt#8362]
[skype: gschigurh]

Lovecraft Country, ep.4: A History of Violence
Full-frontal nudity of a pre-op MtF transgender Native American was magnificient. That she was then killed off at last scene, superbly pointed.

Some plotting plods like pudding down a stairwell. More than makes up for that with as-yet transgressive moments not often seen, even within prestige trash.

Now that, is how one red pills Red Pills, Dopplered into the past. Infradead.

Raised by Wolves
As ever, the glaring flaws in reasoning annoy like a mother; Prometheus-level. Not quite a hate-watch.

Gaga for Dada: The Original Art Rebels
One star. Why? Because Entarte Kunst should be hung by a cord just to mock those good Germans who’d hang the artists for true.

Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement
One star. Why? Because uppity Soros-funded SJWs should be hung by a rope just to mock those good German-Americans who’d lynch the protestors for true.

The Circus
Capital recapitalism. Capitula redux, not capitis.

Cuties (Mignonnes)
The New Yorker’s Richard Brody and RogerEbert’s Monica Castillo get it right, but there is grotesque fun watching PTA Karens grotesker Spaß out in Puri-tyrranical horror with what might be best described as clinically nonsensical ideations concerning what ‘pedophilia’ entails and ‘pubescence’ engenders. At least it momentarily stays some of the shallowest of reactionaries from getting Huck Finn removed from school libraries [for man-boy love, of course] or Creationism [Ibrahimic] added to science curricula.

Valley of the Gods
Fine enough for literary surrealism. Erdrichian feel for Natives; tightly contrasted decadent interiors with natural wonder; and a better way to drink.

Have sat thru worse when it’s been men as protags. Still, Assassin v. Addict is tiresome, and the family drama can be ff>> right tf thru [or vice versa; not many pleased by both], but: The cold-blooded throat-slitting of an already paralyzed vic? And a Malkovich fight scene where his presence is there enough that it feels like his life is on the line? C’mon.

The Plot against America
Roth will have earned right to the first posthumous Nobel should things play out in real as in the novel.

It cringey. Like a crinkled syringe-y. And Poe’s Law is vmuch in play when there’s mental suicide bombers against plain fact sploded most anywhere one looks. Not so much that irony’s dead but that craxy has a Group-on to fly, skydive, and kamekazi. From zero to orange-gee. Deplorable ‘speed’.

Lovecraft Country
What I’m liking, is that the moments of black excellence under oppressive white supremacy, winning conflicts by vsmall degree, come off stronger as heroic portrayals [perhaps precisely -because- of the intentional cheese-weight of [many of] the horror scenes]. Which is vnice to see. Cuz usually, whatever horror is depicted -is- the peak no matter how cheesy.

Alien: Covenant
Not that I don’t like them [Prom&Cov]. Really do. Far more than say [coughs~] Star Wars. Which makes those fractured fails glare like Gorgons on every rewatch. It’s infuriating.


Not perfect, but as a harsh shot at a worldview that would diminish anything with a black female protag? Yeah, sure: ‘slow’.

The Boys
Has taken the space left by Legion as best current comic-related series. Still, just like X-Men stuff [legion incl], there should be far far greater variety of minor powers.

Would that they all had this [much] élan.

Ken Kesey called. Called and left a message. Called and left that message again: “This is shit. This is shit.”

The Nest
Nice lil homage to the period [non-menstrual] when character studies were supplanted by blockbusters.

The Third Day
Autumn should be interesting, if it gets shown at all.

Enola Holmes
YA fanfiction. Sets are enviable. The rest is a sad excuse to bore you, the horse that bore you, and the boredom that bore that horse.

Lost Girls and Love Hotels
Like Lost in Translation with a bit more honest grit and no Murray.

The Leftovers
Sci-fi up there with Children of Men.

Children of Men
Better than Herbert’s White Plague.

The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq
As the map is not the territory, flags upon a map may be as wrong as ignorance compounded by bias twice over and are not taken as inerrant except by foolish tools. Which is most everyone to everyone generally, but most especially concerning a particularly real set of intentionally misread, abused, and accurate few.
—Michel Houellebecq

I’m Thinking of Ending Things
A Pauline Kael chip. With the blessing of Roger Zemeckis. OK!

Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles
Now imagine two further things: A person held within such a statist purgatory were innocent -and- had time added if they appealed their innocence. Fascism like that is cripplingly developmentally challenged.

Mr. Show
Spoiler Alert: This is a show.


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