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PRIMEWIRE Community Rules:

RULE# 8. The act of posting or sending offensive messages that leads to the trading of insults between members is strictly forbidden.

Other Rules:

RULE# 2. Respect the ruling of a moderator…

Nuanced version of the offensive messages rule:

Though the “offensive” message is free of threats, insults, or the calling of filthy names, that needn’t be relevant. If you are confronted by any political or social viewpoint to which you react with fear, consider it an offensive message. We recognise that you do not acknowledge fear within yourself, as that would make you appear vulnerable. We recognise that you will press forward to an alternative and more appropriate emotion - anger. That is good. The “offensive” message was the activating event to which you have shamefully responded with fear, and which would exposes you to ridicule if discovered. The “offensive” message must be neutralised. In so doing you protect yourself. That too is good. We recognise that you had responded by feeling threatened because the political or social viewpoint threatened the status quo class structure - the dominance order. You have defended the status quo whilst punishing the offensive perpetrator. That is good. Congratulations. You were an authoritarian follower, now you are become exterminating angel.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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