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Okay lets see where to start, lets start with my looks that are not what you or other people would call very off the air radio friendly but a voice that was just made for the likes of movies. Okay, here is a little bit more about me before my world fell into chaos. Okay let’s start from where I last remember being innocent. It was a chilly, foggy, part cloudy, sunny summer’s morning day, as it was the day of my surprise sleepover party. My parents were on there way to pick me up from a night of partying in town at the doubles swap mixer at the local townhall, it is in the back roads of a hilly swamp in the north/south west end of the city on the morning of my very first kiss, that is when my life came crashing down around me, or down hill anyways. For that is the day my parents had died in a terrible accident. Now I was all alone standing there and starting to get cold, as my jacket was in my parents car. As luck would have it for me there was one family member alive and she was willing to take me in at my time of need. She was my Great Great Aunt Jezebel the third on my 2nd cousins left side of the family tree. She has let me into her home and eccentric life style as she drank a lot of this and that. At 26, who’s to tell her she can’t have a few shots through out the day. Lets get back to the death and how I lost both of my parents on the same day. Least my mom went in her sleep, I’am told it’s a best way to go just passing gas while you sleep. Well not so good for my father, he smelt it as he died in a much different type of way. It must of been totally terrifying, scary and heart pounding for him. Screaming at my mother to wake up before driving off the cliff. It wasn’t much time that went by before my Great Great Aunt Jezebel the third on my 2nd cousins left side of the family tree, fell not ill and died. She had a illness that was what you would call made up, sleep walking. She would just scream randomly while sleep walking around. My Great Great Aunt Jezebel the third on my 2nd cousins left side of the family tree were neighbors, imagine that. It would freak out my friends that stayed over for a weekend of drinking and partying. It was one of those very strange and creepy sleepover nights, where my Great Great Aunt Jezebel the third on my 2nd cousins left side of the family tree got smashed out of there minds and as my Great Great Aunt went on one of her sleep walking outings. All we heard was her starting to scream for ice cream, but not for any flavor though! That was when she walked straight off the cliff where I was supposed to fix that hole in the fence the day before I heard about the money hidden the house. After a year of interrogation by the local cops, they had to rule it as, was one of those things that just happen. By not telling anyone about what really happened to my Great Great Aunt Jezebel the third on my 2nd cousins left of the family tree money she hid in the house somewhere. I finally got the inheritance money and the house as being the only living relative. Yes I found the money she had hid, so I went out and I bought myself a very nice package. That now can be delivered to you, when you want the need for it. When I became a man at the age of 15 after leaving the Dr.s office, I started my own company IBS (International bowel Syndicate) in the 1930s, It took awhile to make my way to the top of the company. Once there, I gave myself a shot of penicillin to clear up that nasty STD I received from sharing my tooth brush with the homeless women in my neighborhood. I had the opportunity to stay and rule with a ironing broad and a open back apron with chaps on for a little more then twenty two days a year, they were great days and long years. It went under as a bigger company known as IBM (Intercontinental Bowel Movement) was taking over the market as it flooded out. After awhile of playing with my package, I really got the itch to make movies for the sheer adventure and get to use that new package. This is when things really started opening and heating up in more ways then I could of ever imagined or wanted to happen! Those who would wanna be called adult movie stars were some of those things that opened and it wasn’t just are minds that expanded. I made a hell lot of money and doing what my Great Great Aunt Jezebel the third on my 2nd cousins left of the family tree side taught me when I was living as a servant for her. I made a lot of friends and we still get together to talk about the good old days of who put what where and how deep they could go. Nowadays I usually just sit around on my very expensive couch watching movies on my very big 64 inch screen. Nothing better then having your cup of coffee sitting and reading the paper while the radio is playing in the background. (KISS). That’s it folks! Till tomorrow! Maybe?
Went to the petting zoo to watch the fat un-wed ugly step children of the white movement over the grass that they are trying to get high off on before the goats end up eating there lunches, which is best kind to have this week in the park.

On my way back from the store where 7 homeless mime’s where getting ready to rumble over social distancing guide lines set out by the store manager and owner of the You Fill Then Diapers Emporium. Back to the blood and feces all up inside of their shopping carts, aka mobile home’s as I waited to see the victor of this injustice and wait till they get out of the way of the front door to the ice cream parlor. Next door is the massage parlor that people were getting arrested at for seeing the under aged senior citizen’s while trying to smoke crack filler out of a soup can with wet matches.
Off to the Antarctica as I have a lead in finding Waldo there. Used the Google map and load behold, had a glimpse of that red and white shirt. Now to get there and hunt him down. The bounty on his head has gone up over the past few years to 73 thousand dollars in Monopoly money. Be back with or without his head stuffed with marbles.

You know you are not allowed to just show up to the Antarctic and hunt for Waldo. So much paper work involved, so I just jumped off the boat and swam back to Aussy land. This is where I found religion of the backwards tribe of the dingo’s. They gather once a week on Tuesdays to have there daily bingo game for your weight in plastic bottle caps. Trying to save enough to make it back home, as I was robbed by the mermaids of the sea horses of Atlantis. Hundreds of two to three foot little no-mads of this playground just outside of a nun’s high school is where they hang out and rob you of your belongings and soul.


Gathering up broken and discarded Popsicle sticks in a small town outside of Texas with a population of 846 and where ice is a sin and Gin is served warm and bald headed people are shoot on site for being racist red neck aliens. This is to make small hand crafted, wooden shanks for the kids to protect themselves from bullies at school recess, only while there parents are doing time in a maxim prison for unpaid parking ticket’s while parked in a tow away zone while visiting the only massage parlor run by over weight amputated seniors in the west/east part of town just over on the hill. U also like to watch movies on the muted channel with the sound turned up as high as it goes and put up audio subtitles for the blind and deaf in different languages for them. Awhile a go while I was on vacation in the Arctic looking for that Waldo guy. This is where I kind a fell into the art of making very cheap knock off DVDs and selling them under my fathers maiden name in the Europe under ground net work on the Mexican shopping channel is where I met Big Foot while hiking to the next bar in town. He told me about this great place to visit while I was staying at the 5 star homeless non-race outreach hostel in the south of Franks very own backyard. Now this was the place I got into the art laundering dirty money for the up coming gay wannabe fashion mobster’s for the pope in the Vatican and really very ugly corrupted wife’s of Switzerland’s finest and tallest balding bankers who wanna cheat with miniature clown groupies on horse back. Love writing to the most screwed up, messed up and sexiest female prisoners I could find at the Texas Penitentiary for the Criminally Mentally Insane. Hoping on the chance that they find the person who’s name I’am using. And look them up when they escape or get out on good behavior for harming everyone while doing time for Tax fraud. Still buying jams and jelly from free range non-white gluten free grocery stores in the north. Then sell them at the non free fat range for only off white skinned non-people’s flea market as organic at a 400% mark up under my oriental given name on my mother’s farther side in the south of France. I enjoy giving away those little golf pencils with me breaking all the lead inside them while at a tournament of your choosing. Their you have it my life and hobbies!


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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