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Embarrassed to hand THIS world over to my son & grandson! I can’t speak for any country but the one I live in & the one I was proud to serve for. Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is dead, but our Ex-Prez, you know the living, breathing bucket-headed ball of gas aka the man who uses every opportunity to tell you how great he is & why! Lots voted for him, in fact, going into the 2016 race Hillary vs DJT he started his, “the fix is in & the Democrats have already insured that I will not become President. Then he won but when he was about to lose his reelection bid he brought out the same story that they made sure he didn’t win in 2020, but Donny if in 2016 “the fix was in” and HE won, what does that mean? In 2020 the Fix was in & he Lost, but in 2016 the Fix was in & he won? I guess that’s like saying your incredibly patriotic & you wished you had been able to serve. Well, he could have but Daddy got him 5 medical deferments with the 6th deferment being his education. Then calls John McCain a “loser” because he was a POW for years. Trump says a hero he is not cuz he got caught? Donny T says that life is SO hard for him, in fact just the other day he had to wait 4 minutes for his 3 Big Mac’s, 2 Large Fries & a Diet Coke. Wow, I guess he has had it rough. What a ball of hot air aka “President Pumpkin-Head”. That idiot as a leader? I can say without a shadow of doubt if he had been the President/Commander-In-Chief at the time I never would’ve volunteered to serve. Buh-Bye Donny our nightmare is over!


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