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Theoretical understanding alone is simply not enough to overcome the psychological and biological habits that create so much headache and pain in daily life.

For real transformation to occur, theory has to be applied through practice.

~ Mingyur Rinpoche


All religions are a divide to conquer psy-op. If people actually did any real research they’d discover the Lord in the bible does NOT refer to creator source, but Anu, the reptile king of the Annunaki. The victors write the history, or in this case rewrite it, and hide the truth. All will be revealed at some point as we are now in the time of the lifting of the veils of ignorance. The Talmud exposes their lies. Beware the Hebrew Annunaki and their Pro Pagan Da (propaganda) If it doesn’t make sense, provided you’re still capable of common sense, then it’s a Program!!! I can’t believe how easily brainwashed so many are feeding into this race baiting crap. Fake “psuedo science”. Clearly they’ve never done any actual research. In todays day and age you have to be your own investigative journalist. If you don’t know your enemy how can you protect yourself from them? I post this here as clearly I’m not allowed to post my opinions in the chat or in the comments. So much for free speech…only the brainwashed are allowed to voice their stupidity, anything else is a threat.
Despite what erroneous (or manipulative) information may be getting promulgated out there, my sense, and the astrology that guides it, is that the planet and life are safer than many believe. Our mother planet is far more stable than the minds of those who seek to dominate it. I hope you are not fooled.
Keep my anger from becoming meanness.
Keep my sorrow from collapsing me into self-pity.
Keep my heart soft enough to keep breaking.
Keep my anger turned towards justice, not cruelty. Remind me that all of this, every bit of it, is for love.
Keep me fiercely kind.

Grandmother’s Wisdom


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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