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All this shit could end any minute and you want to know about my hobbies..

“Light is a particle and a wave. This is hard to understand how a thing can be two things at once; but a woman is also both a particle and a wave. She’s a wave when you see her reach down to pull a shell from the sea, and you feel her beauty pass through you like electrical current. She’s a particle when her hair brushes your face, and her hands push into yours.

And a child is also a particle and a wave. He is a wave when the sound of his pain shoots through and twists you away from yourself. And he is a particle when a doctor hands you a baby; a small mirror.

Women, children and light can be two things at once; a particle, a wave. They ricochet off the hard surfaces and illuminate the corners. Without them it would be far darker.”


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Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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