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Used to Moderate for Napster, Been a Touring and performing DJ since 1998, I produce music, I mix and master music for other artists, I love to cook (it’s Zen for me), I love horror flicks (the cheesier the better), I don’t bend the knee to ANYONE abusing their power and attempting to lord over me or bully me (Yukon-Jackhole, that’s for you), I love comics and reading period, I dig good whisky, I dig good conversation, and I’ll stay in my lane if you stay in yours.


DJ’ing, Producing, Hunting, Fishing, Farming/Gardening, Tinkering, Watch/Timepiece Repair (3 Tier Certified), Tattooing (11 Years Professional *Retired), Cooking, Barbeque’ing, Being the Best Single-Dad I can to an AWESOME kid, Gaming, Modding Games, FX Makeup, Traveling, and a TON of other things.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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