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I Still Live I think at times I’m Unsure. I have began Telling Neighbors I just don’t know how to Stay Dead, been there quite a few times, but Honestly I think I am still here after cruising, Decades past a multitude of Doctor’s Saying your on your last 5 years, put your affairs in order. The Last I listened to was over 15 years ago I was Diagnosed with Bone Marrow & Blood Cancer which I had to take a poison to keep it from killing me but Nobody lives more than 5 years with a Myeloproliferative Disorder, I took their poison for 18 months months & from the 2nd to 3rd month of taking multiple massive doses of Hydroxyurea every day. It was like Death itself Came up behind me Shoved its Hand into my back & Grabbed my Heart & then walked everywhere with me Holding my Heart, not a friendly feeling for me & at 18 months I could tell Death felt as sick from constantly going everywhere with someone like me, at 18 months I Ceased taking that poison Hydroxyurea. & Death Left Me then about 18 months later again my PC Doctor began scaring me about my white count being 10’s of thousands higher than a healthy persons, & they scared me back on the poison & again after 18 months of a treatment I was never supposed to stop taking I Stopped taking that poison & told Death I wasn’t coming this time either, & 1 more scare by my PC a couple years later & I returned to the Hematologist who assured me that was the only treatment for my condition, she also commented that she was amazed I was still alive, I told her its because I stopped your poison. anyway I took that crap one last 18 month period of time, & I truly felt death was taking me before I ceased taking that poison for the final time. Now my PC knows I am as I tell all doctors I am A B Normal as in Ab so don’t expect any Normal anything will work on me. Also since the age of 34 I have taken Oxycontin every day due to my spine being trashed from a forklift swatting me across a warehouse about 2 years before, LOL when I began taking it that doctor told me nobody lives more than 10 years in pain management, in normal instances that can be true but I’m A B Normal. :-) What normally kills people in pain management is the Daily Tylenol or Ibuprofen & acetaminophen Included in the pain management & I quickly became Highly Allergic to Codeine & Hydrocodone, so I was put on oxy to see if it helped it did. what kills people is that the Ibuprofen & acetaminophen isn’t meant to be taken for any extended time & it destroys their Liver & Kidneys so they die. I can gladly say I pretty much avoided that pitfall, I have a 3 centimeter Cyst on one Kidney caused from the Codeine with its Ibuprofen & acetaminophen additives.

Also The Last time Death was Here we Both Agreed we make each other feel like shit so we will keep a distance from each other.


Staying Alive


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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