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I know a great deal of those who read this will deny what I’ve written, call me a typical raciest Trump supporter but everything here is statistically and documented verifiable. I am 46 yrl old former Massachusetts liberal, I voted for Obama and bill clinton’s second term and for hillary vs trump. The first cracks in my liberal armor started in the 80s with the ALMOST entirely democrat group the PMRC that wanted to censor EVERYTHING-books,tv,music, video games etc. I was a die hard cnn, msnbc, cbs etc guy that watched fox news to find out what the enemy were saying(and the eye candy). I’ve always been a HUGE common sense person and someone who always checked any major news story vs multiple sources. I found the entire ‘impeach trump’ from day one disgusting as all people should have regardless of party- if that had been done to Hillary all us dems would have rioted. When ever i turned on the news in those days it was 12 hours of ‘Russian Collusion’ and hear the dem politicians swear there was ‘overwhelming’ ‘undeniable’ evidence that Trump used the Russians to fix the election. With each day that passed I grew more and more suspicious of the whole ‘collusion’ crap. To me it all sounded like people trying way to hard to sell a lie as the truth. My instincts proved correct but that was far from the end. The Bull sh!t was just compounded day after day The more crap I heard on my cherished CNN and the likes the less I believed especially once the ‘social justice’ trash started. How could my fellow liberals be condemning the Hong Kong protests and be speaking out for China when China executes more people per year than all other countries combined, imprisons and forcefully sterilizes Uighur Muslims, forcing abortions on Uighur women(what about a woman’s right to choose), harvesting organs from frequently executed political prisoners. These were just the tip of a very huge atrocity ice berg( and not Republican conspiracy theories) and easily verifiable. Without much effort on Google I was able to learn how much money the NBA made, Nike with slave labor news channels like CNN were raking in from their Chinese sister stations. So their liberal ideals had been flushed down the toilet for a fat pay day. When Covid hit and Fox and republican politicians were blaming China and a biolab in whuhan for the outbreak I watched my 3 favs (Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow) repeatedly denounce them as conspiracy theories and call everyone (I personally hate the wanton ‘raciest’ accusations) and raciest. Now the facts are in, Chinese scientists on official CCP website stated the virus came from Wuhan and most likely that lab. Even worse than destroying evidence, fake propaganda and the vanishing of Chinese whistle blowers, China blocked all traffic into and out of Wuhan to the rest of china yet allowed people from Wuhan to travel internationally for months spreading Covid to the globe. What did my democrat politicians have to say? Its all trumps fault and china had nothing to do with it, how much money are their campaigns getting from China I now wonder. My final straw came with the whole BLM protests, not the slogan but the terrorist group BLM - go read their manifesto it reads like Hitler’s mein Kampf. The BLM organization is the rebirth of the Nazi party just with a different skin color. To my disgust and horror democrat leaders stepped aside allowed chaos and violence to run rampant making excuses and encouragements instead of being the leaders they were elected to be. Now the 2020 election looms ahead and I have no choice to vote for a man I loathe in Trump or risk America becoming yet another socialist failure- because socialism always fails.


If you didn’t own slaves personally then you have nothing to feel guilty about and you don’t owe anyone anything. Systemic Racism of American Law enforcement is a lie, in 2019 10 unarmed blacks were shot by police 6 of which were violently assaulting police when shot. Do you know how many black lives ended as a result of black on black violence 7500+ where was BLM, where was Al Sharpton, where was Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough or Rachel Maddow when thousands were being slaughtered?
The closest thing you can get to actual systemic racism is in cities like Chicago and Baltimore where liberals have been in complete control for many decades and yet no school choice has trapped minority children in bad schools and incompetent leadership has resulted desperately impoverished neighborhood warzones


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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