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I have a weird sense of humor so you can’t take everything I say too serious lol I am a Vocalist/Musician/Song Writer, etc. I have a huge heart. I am a TV Series junkie. I love Nature docs, SCI-FI, and Murder Porn haha! I refuse to talk politics; I hate them all. Oh, I almost forgot to add this: If you down my opinion in a negative way or express YOUR views when I did not ask you. I will follow you around and do stupid reviews of the things you like just to piss you off, then I will ignore your feedback. Remember EVERYONE is entitled to their OWN opinion and unless I asked you for yours, keep your piehole shut, because I am not going to do that to anyone else, therefore, I expect the same respect in return.


Music, Exploring Nature, Searching for strange phenomena such as UFOs (I live near a Military testing facility so I have seen them), Storm Chasing.
Browsing Primewire =D Watching SciFi’s/Crime Documentaries/Weird stuff like David Lynch type shows/movies. Playing with my little Yorkie Jasmine and my Tuxedo cat Merlin.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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