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I’m just me. Bit in touch with my inner child, I’m proud to say. I have 2 grown sons, 38 and 35 … granddaughter, age 16 … and grandson, age 12. I’m also a proud fur-mommy of 3 cats …. Snickers, who is 19 cat years … Jasmine, who is 17 cat years …. and my ‘wild-child’, Molly, who is currently in the beginnings of her ‘terrible 3’s’ cat toddler years.. lol

I was diagnosed 25 years ago with clinical depression, and it’s been the grace of God, that I was never successful during all my attempts to be my own worst enemy to myself.

Have been bed-bound for the last 2 years, due to back surgery gone wrong. Makes me thankful for God in my life …. friends …. and for this site. There are so many things that make life worth living. Laughter. Love. Interesting conversations. The beauty of nature. There’s too much to list. Why do people have to hate and argue with each other? Why? What does it honestly achieve?

Can we all not just accept the different and unique people we all are?


Reading anything that catches my attention. Laughing. Good movies and TV shows. Comedies. Action. Documentaries. Adventure. Kid’s movies. Nature. Reality shows. No romance movies, or horror movies anymore though. One’s too sappy … the other I now get too jumpy for. lol Birds. Oceans. Babbling streams. Sunsets and sunrises. Dolphins. Listening to the beautiful calls of a pod of whales in the wild. Music. Colors - from the brightest and most vivid, to the softest and gentlest of muted shades. Accents. Different cultures. Curiosity. Adult coloring apps. I used to love adult coloring books, colored pencils, and gel pens …. unfortunately though, my table that slides over the bed here, isn’t the biggest of spaces for one to be creative. So I’ve really come to appreciate coloring apps, jigsaw puzzle apps, and reading apps (I can’t think of the blasted technical term for them!) Ahh, the joys of becoming an old fart. lol But I will ALWAYS appreciate the smell of books, turning pages, holding the weight of a good hardback in my hands. Rain. The low rumble of thunder. Rainbows. The sanity in which my computer and tablet give me, and the dear wonderful precious friends I’ve made all over the world through it. And the thousand or so other hobbies and appreciations I feel like I’m forgetting.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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