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I’m 46 and semi-retired. I am 6’6”, drive a Toyota Avalon and live the city over from Salem, MA, home to epic Halloween celebrations, the headquarters of the Church of Satan (they actually don’t believe in Satan) and witchcraft hysteria well-documented in history books. I also have a degree in Finance and last worked as an Editor for a billion-dollar Publishing company.

I know all about the rat race and office politics, having worked in over a dozen companies. My last boss was a wild one. She told me she used to work as a dominatrix. I’m definitely not into that, no chaps in my wardrobe, but she was nice enough to work with.


Discovering great new tunes and personalizing my eclectic iHeartRadio music station. Also, movies of course. I love Landmark Theatres but I see a bit of everything and as you’ll see if you click on my Watch List I have a huge list of them I want to see and it grows everyday.

I also do my best to help out by submitting Youtube links to the database for approval. Around 400 so far as of this writing on 6/6/20.

I’m not as tech savvy as some. I don’t know how to search movies on my iPad from Mixdrop and such sites but would add those too for approval if someone told me how as the quality tends to be better. I could have easily become like one of the movie buffs in the documentary (not yet in the database) Cinemania (2003) who have credentials but don’t have jobs so they can see movies all day.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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