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Fantasy Adventure ( 57 items )
328 Views | 0 favorites | Created 24 days ago by Arcangel2020

A playlist dedicated to Fantasy Adventure films and tv shows

Movies ( 128 items )
679 Views | 0 favorites | Created 1 month ago by tcip46
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Live Action Disney Remakes ( 15 items )
140 Views | 0 favorites | Created 4 months ago by hellsingfan01

Here is a playlist of I think every live action Disney remake for the one person who loves these films more then the animated classics.

The Victorian era (1837–1901) films and TV shows ( 649 items )
2900 Views | 17 favorites | Created 6 months ago by Greer

During the reign of Queen Victoria, it was an era of exciting discoveries, inventions and exploration following the Industrial Revolution. Gender and class were the main organizing principles of Victorian society. Melodrama emerged in theater and li…

Family Fantasy Adventure ( 142 items )
2968 Views | 14 favorites | Created 7 months ago by HyzMysFyt

A group of movies for Family Fantasy and Adventure. Mostly Walt Disney put together in date format so you can watch one thru the end as they were meant to be viewed.

The Best Movies of 2016 ( 232 items )
4324 Views | 6 favorites | Created 9 months ago by melissa1983
No description
Disney Live-action Remakes ( 22 items )
1591 Views | 6 favorites | Created 1 year ago by lolyh

I’ll try to keep it updated..

Upcoming Movies….

Cruella on May 28, 2021

Unknown to be made or Dates are yet to be announced

The Little Mermaid
Untitled The Jungle Book sequel
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Frills : Cinderella spin-off

Just a few movies from Abraxas ( 579 items )
7357 Views | 3 favorites | Created 1 year ago by Abraxas

Here is an ever growing list of the movies I’ve watched, both past and present. I will try and keep this list as updated as I can. If you are ever looking for something to watch, this list should have you covered.


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