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Comedies, Part VIII ( 200 items )
644 Views | 5 favorites | Created 2 months ago by Arcangel2020

Another playlist dedicated to the comedic films that I like and thought were funny too

Thought provoking films with unsimulated sex scenes ( 21 items )
2277 Views | 14 favorites | Created 8 months ago by iamdeckard

Sometimes, faking it just won’t do. The reality of the intimacy in these films sells the story where pretend just wouldn’t do the content justice.

RandomComedy ( 5332 items )
12326 Views | 26 favorites | Created 11 months ago by random000

List is modified constantly.
Over 50 pages of random comedy from stand-up, sketch, tv series, cartoons, various film franchises, comic legends, foreign & obscure one-off z-grade nonsense.

Some are obscure & link contribution would be lovely. V…

RandomOddness ( 6046 items )
66223 Views | 131 favorites | Created 11 months ago by random000

This is just a personal nag list of films I’m curious about & am sharing the list. A conversation, recommendation, review, synopsis of a premise can lead anyone down a rabbit hole of curiosity. List is modified constantly.

Over 60 pages. It’s r…

explicit ( 151 items )
45821 Views | 115 favorites | Created 2 years ago by y2keeth

movies with explicit real sex
suggestions in the comments

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