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To Be Determined, Watchlist for me ( 292 items )
1408 Views | 3 favorites | Created 5 months ago by DAUHUMAN

Looks good, sounds good but have not wached yet will move to the watched and RATED LIST after

To-Watch Movies ( 294 items )
3347 Views | 6 favorites | Created 6 months ago by Wizzdom

Delicious moments of -potentially- entertaining screen-watch life

Stop complaining that there's nothing to watch! ( 151 items )
2159 Views | 10 favorites | Created 7 months ago by 123xyz

Movies that I have been wanting to see for a while now but have never gotten around to. And some movies worthy of a rewatch. This will likely be a dynamic list, changing as I add and remove items.

Best of the Best Guaranteed ( 200 items )
6781 Views | 27 favorites | Created 1 year ago by Vman

A mish mash of films for connoisseurs of fine cinema. Some a bit dark and some not for the feint hearted, but all of them top notch…..V

E's Quarantini To-Do List ( 155 items )
16085 Views | 43 favorites | Created 1 year ago by expresso

Honk if you’re bored

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