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It's All Legal - All Things Legal ( 112 items )
568 Views | 1 favorites | Created 2 months ago by Arcangel2020

A Playlist dedicated to all things Legal Genre. Movies, Docu-Dramas, TV shows, Mini-Series etc that deal with Legal Systems, the Courtroom, Lawyers/Law Firms and Trials that I happen to like (Both the serious as well as the comedic)

1990's Virtual Reality Movies and TV Shows ( 28 items )
241 Views | 1 favorites | Created 3 months ago by RoboPhone

In the 1990’s, when computers were on the verge of the next evolution, imagination soared with the possibilities of life in inside Cyberspace. Here is a list of some of the more memorable Movies and TV Shows that attempted to explore the emerging dim…

👨‍💻 Hackers & cyber crime ( 219 items )
1332 Views | 5 favorites | Created 4 months ago by Greer

A Dark Web playlist featuring expert hackers, heists and stunts using highly technical knowledge and innovative tech.

😮THRILL SEEKING😬 ( 310 items )
930 Views | 3 favorites | Created 6 months ago by Merrigan Able

My favourite nail biting, on the edge of your seat, mysteries and psychological thrillers.

🛠 Still under construction…

The Best Movies of 1994 ( 183 items )
3036 Views | 4 favorites | Created 1 year ago by melissa1983
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