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Disaster Movie Bonanza ( 31 items )
531 Views | 2 favorites | Created 20 days ago by StoneWalker7

The place you want to be… It is the land of peace and harmony, the home of the immortal, the blessed, home of the passed away legends… Hail all defenders of righteousness and the old virtues which shall never be forgotten!

Sight Gags and Silly Parodies ( 78 items )
489 Views | 4 favorites | Created 2 months ago by roper

Airplane! esque movies. Mainly known from the trio of Zucker Abrahams Zucker, but Pat Proft added his two bits along the way and on his own. Other directors have tried to make something like that group did, some do a good job, others fail.

Good Modern Movies 1982 ( 273 items )
504 Views | 1 favorites | Created 2 months ago by chuckkrypto
No description
My 100 Favorite Comedy Movies: ( 100 items )
630 Views | 3 favorites | Created 6 months ago by Eelectric

(overlaps within my Playlists can be found, as not all movies are just 1 genre, and i like them well enough to give them multiple mentions)

RandomComedy ( 5319 items )
12253 Views | 25 favorites | Created 11 months ago by random000

List is modified constantly.
Over 50 pages of random comedy from stand-up, sketch, tv series, cartoons, various film franchises, comic legends, foreign & obscure one-off z-grade nonsense.

Some are obscure & link contribution would be lovely. V…

HyzMyzFyt Favorite Movies ( 1789 items )
36723 Views | 39 favorites | Created 1 year ago by HyzMysFyt

This collection of movies include my favorite movies, the Genre varies from Action, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Dooms Day, Drama, History, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, War, and Western. Everything Except DC Comics and Marvel Studios, tha…

Greatest Science Fiction Movies of All Time ( 317 items )
7882 Views | 18 favorites | Created 1 year ago by JennyFromBlockD

This list Contains my Personal Favorite Sci-Fi Movies of all Time.

Movies & Series I've Watched ( 901 items )
25694 Views | 45 favorites | Created 1 year ago by JennyFromBlockD

This is Mainly for Me. An All Inclusive Playlist for everything I’ve ever watched.

Mainly for me so I can know what I actually haven’t seen & see the crazy number I have. But, thought I’d share.
List is on going. It’s going to be..probably a few th…

The Best Movies of 1982 ( 141 items )
4020 Views | 11 favorites | Created 2 years ago by melissa1983
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