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To-Watch Anime ( 163 items )
4009 Views | 13 favorites | Created 7 months ago by Wizzdom

Interesting-looking Anime worth considering a view or two.

✔️ The Georgian & Regency Eras (1714–1837) films and TV shows ( 365 items )
7345 Views | 32 favorites | Created 1 year ago by Greer

The early Georgian period was more peaceful and stable than the Stuart era. The Georgians paid great attention to fashion, art, sport and music. The period was also known as the ‘Age of Reason’ or the ‘Enlightment’ based on reason and science. The In…

RandomOddness ( 8331 items )
77263 Views | 143 favorites | Created 1 year ago by random000

This is just a personal nag list of films I’m curious about & am sharing the list. A conversation, recommendation, review, synopsis of a premise can lead anyone down a rabbit hole of curiosity. List is modified constantly.

Over 80 pages. It’s r…

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