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Movies To Watch FIRST ( 11 items )
796 Views | 2 favorites | Created 17 days ago by mike410

Movies I want to watch ASAP- basically the movies I want to see most out of the movies in my “watch eventually” playlist.

TV Shows With New Episodes In 2021 ( 5 items )
318 Views | 0 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410

Great TV Shows that have new seasons starting some time in 2021! Keep an eye out for them!

( I’ll try to keep them sorted.. )

The shows airing/closest to airing are at the top, then as you go down the list the air dates get later and later.

TV Shows To Watch RIGHT AWAY! ( 6 items )
328 Views | 0 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410

TV shows to watch RIGHT AWAY- great shows I want to try to watch first! Some shows currently airing new episodes, some shows w/ new seasons coming very soon, and a couple other shows that I want to watch ASAP!

(as of right now I’m trying to keep t…

BEST Watched Movies - Must Watch Movies! ( 31 items )
110 Views | 0 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410

Movies I’ve seen that are amazing. Some are very popular, others are a bit less known, some didn’t get amazing IMDB ratings… They are ALL worth watching AT LEAST once!

Good And Great Watched Movies *IN PROGRESS* ( 190 items )
627 Views | 1 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410

A bunch of different movie types: Psychological thrillers, Action, Horror, Unexpected moments, Badass, Tense, Edge of your seat, Thought provoking.. All different types/ genres/ feelings.

Complied from a list I made of a bunch o…

Movies To Watch Eventually *IN PROGRESS* ( 38 items )
1006 Views | 2 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410


Movies I haven’t watched, but want to.

TV Shows To Watch Eventually *IN PROGRESS* ( 12 items )
266 Views | 0 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410


TV Shows I want to watch. Catching up on seasons I’m behind with, or haven’t watched any episodes of the show yet.

The different shows have different style/elements like: Action, super hero/comic stuff, sci-fi, futuristic/tech…

Great TV Shows I've Watched ( 21 items )
228 Views | 0 favorites | Created 1 month ago by mike410

A variety of some great shows I’ve watched.

A handful of different genres. (comedy, action, cartoons for adults (like family guy, rick and morty, etc.), sci-fi, real life, documentary, drama, etc.)

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Dystopian future & cyberpunk films and TV shows ( 776 items )
18851 Views | 55 favorites | Created 5 months ago by Greer

What happens when rebellion, oppression, revolutions, wars, overpopulation, and disasters take over the world? Here is a list of plausible bleak futures that film makers have envisioned for us.

HyzMyzFyt Favorite Movies ( 1769 items )
24051 Views | 27 favorites | Created 10 months ago by HyzMysFyt

This collection of movies include my favorite movies, the Genre varies from Action, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Dooms Day, Drama, History, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, War, and Western. Everything Except DC Comics and Marvel Studios, tha…

The Best Movies of 2000 ( 200 items )
3494 Views | 10 favorites | Created 1 year ago by melissa1983
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