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TV Show: The Only Way is Essex ( 2010 )
Reality series which follows a group of friends living their day-to-day lives in Essex.
TV Show: Made in Chelsea: Croatia ( 2018 )
There's more drama from the Chelsea set as they head to Hvar Island in Croatia for the summer season.
TV Show: Made in Chelsea ( 2011 )
A look at the lifestyles of a group of 20-something residents of the exclusive postcode in London, Chelsea, SW3.
TV Show: Geordie Shore: Why Aye Love You ( 2016 )
With new cast interviews, we look back at the best one liners, bust ups, mortal moments, love stories, bromances, crazy dancing - everything that is the essence of being a Geordie!
TV Show: Geordie Shore: Their Journey ( 2016 )
In Geordie Shore: Their Journey, the cast of Geordie Shore past and present reunite to discuss their time on the show and for those who have left, what they have achieved since leaving the programme.
TV Show: Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle ( 2016 )
The Geordies are BACK - and they've brought some old faces along for the MORTAL journey to the Toon!
TV Show: Geordie Shore ( 2011 )
Following on from the International success of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore follows the real life dramas of a group of Newcastle's finest.
TV Show: Geordie OGs ( 2019 )
Aaron Chalmers, Gary Beadle, Marnie Simpson and Holly Hagan are back! Follow their journey as they tackle adult life after the Shores.
TV Show: Educating Joey Essex ( 2014 )
Following Joey Essex as he visits locations around the world to try and learn more about a certain topic.
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