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Joseph Frank Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966), known professionally as Buster Keaton, was an American actor, comedian, film director, producer, screenwriter, and stunt performer.
Years active‎: ‎1898–1966

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Movie: The Butcher Boy ( 1917 )
Customers and clerks frolic in a general store. Roscoe walks out of the freezer wearing a fur coat, then does some clever cleaver tossing. In Buster's film debut he buys a pail of molasses.
Movie: The Rough House ( 1917 )
Roscoe, his wife and his mother-in-law run a seaside resort. Buster plays a gardener who puts out a fire started by Roscoe, then a delivery boy who fights with the cook St. John, then a cop.
Movie: His Wedding Night ( 1917 )
In a drugstore Al and Roscoe are rivals for Alice. Roscoe slings melons and operates the gas pump. Buster delivers a wedding gown for Alice, begins modeling it, is mistaken for Alice and is kidnapped by Al.
Movie: Oh Doctor! ( 1917 )
Roscoe is a doctor who falls in love with a pretty woman whose boyfriend, in turn, falls in love with Roscoe's wife's jewelry.
Movie: Coney Island ( 1917 )
Roscoe tries to dump his wife so he can enjoy the beach attractions. Buster arrives with Alice who is taken away from him by Al who loses her to Roscoe. Bathing beauties and Keystone Kops abound.
Movie: A Country Hero ( 1917 )
This was the film debut of Joe Keaton, Buster's dad. In one scene he kicks each of the principals into a horse trough. Roscoe owns a blacksmith shop and Joe a garage in the town of Jazzville. They are rivals for schoolteacher Alice but join forces against new arrival Al. Buster performs at a village ball.
Movie: Out West ( 1918 )
After escaping from a marauding group of Indians, a wandering bartender teams up with a saloon owner, only to find themselves up against a ruthless outlaw who is after an unprotected Salvation Army girl. Can they beat him at his own game?
Movie: The Bell Boy ( 1918 )
At the Elk's Head Hotel bellhops torment the lobby, each other and guests. The elevator is powered by a stubborn horse. A sham robbery turns into a real one. And there is a chase on a runaway trolley.
Movie: Moonshine ( 1918 )
A feud between the Owens and the Gillettes ends when the last remaining Gillette is killed, but new trouble erupts for the mountain folk with the arrival of a U.S. revenue agent and his assistant. The revenuers search high and low for the secret hideaway where the mountain people prepare illegal alcohol, but end up in deep trouble that only a little movie magic can save them from.
Movie: Good Night, Nurse! ( 1918 )
An inebriated man stands in front of a drug store during a rain storm trying to light a cigarette. Back at his home, his wife and butler see a report on the No Hope Clinic's success curing alcoholics. When hubby arrives home, bringing two gypsies and their monkey, his wife insists it's time for the clinic. Once there, he gets a look at various surgeries, and he wants out - assisted at first by a woman who believes she's a mermaid. He pretends to drown, he dresses as a woman, and, when running away, he inadvertently joins the town's annual fat man foot race. But can he outrun the men in white coats?
Movie: The Cook ( 1918 )
Cooks make hovoc in seaside resort hotel.
Movie: Back Stage ( 1919 )
Working their fingers to the bone to prepare the set for an upcoming performance, the enthusiastic stagehands, Roscoe and Buster, find themselves on stage when the cast quits. However, is will alone enough to earn a big round of applause?
Movie: The Hayseed ( 1919 )
Buster manages the store while Roscoe delivers the mail, taking time out for hide-and-seek with Molly. The constable, also interested in Molly, steals $300 while being observed by Buster.
Movie: The Garage ( 1920 )
Roscoe and Buster operate a combination garage and fire station. In the first half they destroy a car left for them to clean. In the second half they go off on a false alarm and return to find their own building on fire.
Movie: One Week ( 1920 )
A newly wedded couple attempts to build a house with a prefabricated kit, unaware that a rival sabotaged the kit's component numbering.
Movie: Convict 13 ( 1920 )
A young golfer is mugged by an escaped convict and finds himself in a prison where he foils a jailbreak.
Movie: Neighbors ( 1920 )
A young couple who live next to each other in tenement apartments do everything they can to be together despite of their feuding families.
Movie: The Scarecrow ( 1920 )
Two inventive farmhands compete for the hand of the same girl.
Movie: The Haunted House ( 1921 )
A bank clerk ends up in a seemingly haunted house that is actually a thieves' hideout.
Movie: Hard Luck ( 1921 )
Strange things ensue after a young man attempts to take his own life.
Movie: The 'High Sign' ( 1921 )
A drifter at an amusement park finds himself both the bodyguard and hit man of a man targeted by a criminal gang.
Movie: The Goat ( 1921 )
A series of adventures begins when an accident during photographing causes Buster to be mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil badguy.
Movie: The Play House ( 1921 )
After waking up from his wacky dream, a theater stage hand inadvertently causes havoc everywhere he works.
Movie: The Boat ( 1921 )
Buster and his family go on a voyage on his homemade boat that proves to be one disaster after another.
Movie: Seeing Stars ( 1922 )
A rare film from First National set a gala celebrity banquet and promoting the releases of several then upcoming films including The Pilgrim (1923), The Balloonatic (1923) and Day Dreams (1922).
Movie: Cops ( 1922 )
A series of mishaps manages to make a young man get chased by a big city's entire police force.
Movie: My Wife's Relations ( 1922 )
By accident, Buster and an intimidating woman end up married.
Movie: The Blacksmith ( 1922 )
Buster Keaton shoes horses and repairs cars, with mixed results.
Movie: The Frozen North ( 1922 )
Buster plays a bumbling villain in this parody of melodrama.
Movie: The Electric House ( 1922 )
After being mistakenly certified as an electrical engineer, Buster is hired to wire a house.
Movie: Daydreams ( 1922 )
A sincere young man leaves his home to win his fortune so he can marry his home town sweetheart.
Movie: The Balloonatic ( 1923 )
A hapless amusement park attendant finds his run away balloon ride has left him in a strange predicament.
Movie: The Paleface ( 1923 )
Buster helps a Native American tribe save their land from greedy oil barons.
Movie: Three Ages ( 1923 )
The misadventures of Buster in three separate historical periods.
Movie: Our Hospitality ( 1923 )
A man returns to his Appalachian homestead. On the trip, he falls for a young woman. The only problem is her family has vowed to kill every member of his family.
Movie: Sherlock Jr. ( 1924 )
A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch.
Movie: The Love Nest ( 1924 )
In an attempt to forget his lost sweetheart, Buster takes a long trip at sea where he boards a whaling ship with a strict captain.
Movie: The Navigator ( 1924 )
Two spoiled rich people find themselves trapped on an empty passenger ship.
Movie: Seven Chances ( 1925 )
A man learns he will inherit a fortune if he marries by 7 p.m. that same day.
Movie: Go West ( 1925 )
With little luck at keeping a job in the city a New Yorker tries work in the country and eventually finds his way leading a herd of cattle to the West Coast.
Movie: Battling Butler ( 1926 )
A love-struck weakling must pretend to be boxer in order to gain respect from the family of the girl he loves.
Movie: The General ( 1927 )
When Union spies steal an engineer's beloved locomotive, he pursues it single-handedly and straight through enemy lines.
Movie: College ( 1927 )
To reconcile with his girlfriend, a bookish college student tries to become an athlete.
Movie: Steamboat Bill, Jr. ( 1928 )
The effete son of a cantankerous riverboat captain comes to join his father's crew.
Movie: The Cameraman ( 1928 )
Hopelessly in love with a woman working at MGM Studios, a clumsy man attempts to become a motion picture cameraman to be close to the object of his desire.
Movie: Spite Marriage ( 1929 )
An unimpressive but well intending man is given the chance to marry a popular actress, of whom he has been a hopeless fan. But what he doesn't realize is that he is being used to make the actress' old flame jealous.
Movie: Free and Easy ( 1930 )
Gopher City Kansas hosts a beauty contest. The winner, Elvira Plunkett, and her mother go to Hollywood. The Chamber of Commerce also provides Elvira with an agent, Gopher City's own Elmer J. Butz. Elmer likes Elvira and the shy Elvira likes him, but Mrs. Plunkett, a formidable woman, has little use for hapless Elmer. On the train west, they meet movie star Larry Mitchell, who takes a shine to Elvira and helps her meet MGM directors once they get to Tinsel Town. Elmer, meanwhile, wants to help Elvira with her career and he also wants to be her man. Movie stardom does come to the Gopher City entourage, but to whom is a surprise. And who will win the lovely Elvira's hand?
Movie: Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 21 ( 1930 )
Buster Keaton plays in a celebrity baseball game.
Movie: Estrellados ( 1930 )
Canuto is the manager of the beautiful young Elvira Rosas, a beauty contest winner from Kansas whose domineering mother wants her to make it big in Hollywood. He is in love with her, though she is unaware of it and her mother hates him anyway. On the train ride there, the group meets Larry Mitchell, a suave Hollywood star who seeks to make Elvira his next conquest. Canuto goes to defend Elvira's honor and get her a movie role, but what happens when Larry repents and his lust for Elvira turns to real love?
Movie: Doughboys ( 1930 )
Elmer, rich society loafer, falls for Mary, but she'll have nothing to do with him until (mistakenly thinking that he's hiring a new chauffeur) he accidentally volunteers for the army. Luckily, Mary's signed up to entertain the troops. Unluckily, Elmer's sergeant likes Mary, too. And worst of all, they're all about to ship out for France.
Movie: De frente, marchen ( 1931 )
Movie: Parlor, Bedroom and Bath ( 1931 )
Jeff wants to get married to Virginia, but Virginia won't marry until her older, hard-to-please sister Angelica gets married off first. Jeff pretends that a shy, never-married nobody he has just met is really a great lover, in order to get Angelica interested in him.
Movie: The Stolen Jools ( 1931 )
Star-packed promotional short subject intended to raise funds for the National Variety Artists tuberculosis sanatorium, produced in association with a cigarette company! Plot involves the ...
Movie: Wir schalten um auf Hollywood ( 1931 )
A German reporter visits Hollywood and is escorted through the MGM Studio by a German nobleman, who is working there as an extra. They meet and speak to several actors, primarily Buster Keaton, John Gilbert, Joan Crawford and Heinrich George. Then they meet Adolphe Menjou, who rehearses a long scene in German. A final scene shows stars arriving at a film premiere, including Jean Harlow, Norma Shearer and Wallace Beery.
Movie: Sidewalks of New York ( 1931 )
A dim-witted slumlord tries to reform a gang of urban boys (and impress an attractive young woman) by transforming their rough neighborhood into a more decent place.
Movie: Casanova wider Willen ( 1931 )
Movie: Buster se marie ( 1931 )
This is the French-language version of Buster Keaton's 1931 comedy Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931).
Movie: The Passionate Plumber ( 1932 )
Elmer Tuttle, a plumber in Paris, is enlisted by beautiful Patricia Alden to help her make her lover Tony Lagorce jealous. Tony, however, is two-timing Patricia with Nina Estrados. Elmer, with the help of his friend Julius, hopes to use the high-society contacts he's made with Patricia to find a market for his new invention, a pistol with a range-finding light. But Elmer's attempts to interest a military leader are mistaken for assassination attempts, and with Tony and half the male uppercrust of France challenging Elmer to duels, he is in hot water not even his plumbing skills can drain away.
Movie: Speak Easily ( 1932 )
A timid professor inherits a large sum of money and decides to fund a terrible musical.
Movie: Le plombier amoureux ( 1932 )
This is the French-language version of Buster Keaton's 1932 comedy _Passionate Plumber, The (1932)_.
Movie: What-No Beer? ( 1933 )
Although he has never met her, Elmer Butts loves Hortense secretly and from afar. He dreams of making a million dollars so he can buy her a Rolls automobile and marry her. With prohibition apparently on the verge of ending, Elmer's friend Jimmy Potts gets an idea to make them both rich by opening a brewery just before the legalization of alcoholic beverages. Their timing is off, and the police raid them, but their inept brewing has created a beer with no alcohol, so they are let off. But it has also resulted in a cheaply made beer, and bootlegger Spike Moran realizes that he can vastly increase his profits by partnering with Elmer and Jimmy. But none of them reckons with the competitor, another bootlegger, gangster Butch Lorado. Butch has a girlfriend....Elmer's dream girl, Hortense.
Movie: The Gold Ghost ( 1934 )
Dumped by his girlfriend, Buster drives west and winds up in a ghost town called Vulture City, where he appoints himself sheriff.
Movie: Allez Oop! ( 1934 )
When Buster's girlfriend falls for a trapeze artist, Buster tries to beat him at his own game.
Movie: Le roi des Champs-Élysées ( 1934 )
In Paris, a stage-struck would-be actor is mistaken for an escaped convict.
Movie: Palooka from Paducah ( 1935 )
A hillbilly family, hard-hit by the end of Prohibition, decide to set the biggest brother up as a professional wrestler.
Movie: One Run Elmer ( 1935 )
Elmer owns a gas station out in the California desert. Soon he has a business rival in Jim, who opens up another station, and is also trying to steal Elmer's girlfriend. She plays both rivals against the other and, because she is a baseball fan, both Elmer and Jim try to show each other up in the big local baseball game.
Movie: Hayseed Romance ( 1935 )
Elmer Doolittle,a hired hand on a farm,encounters some complications in his romancing and believes he will have to marry the farm-owner aunt of Molly, the pretty girl he loves. Further complications arise when a heavy rainstorm keeps the household up all night as the water breaks through and drenches them in their beds. Comes the day of the "shotgun" wedding and Buster is surprised and delighted when he finds the old aunt is marrying him off to her niece and not to herself.
Movie: Tars and Stripes ( 1935 )
Elmer Doolittle (Buster Keaton), an apprentice seaman doing training at the U. S. Navy's San Diego Training Station, can't seem to keep out of trouble or the brig. Most of his problems derive from the fact that the girlfriend, Dorothy (Dorothea Kent), of Gunners Mate Richard Mack (Vernon Dent)take a liking to Elmer.
Movie: The E-Flat Man ( 1935 )
Elmer and his girlfriend run away to elope and spend their trip trying to dodge the police who are on their trail after they mistakenly make their getaway in a police car.
Movie: The Timid Young Man ( 1935 )
A man who has sworn off women and a woman who has sworn off men must find their budding relationship threatened by aggressive romantic rivals.
Movie: The Invader ( 1936 )
Movie: Three on a Limb ( 1936 )
A Scoutmaster falls for a beautiful young carhop, but finds that a beefy traffic cop is also courting her--and he doesn't want any competition.
Movie: Grand Slam Opera ( 1936 )
Elmer Butts is a contestant in a radio amateur hour show hoping to win the first price... by dancing and juggling!
Movie: Blue Blazes ( 1936 )
Buster becomes a fireman, but unfortunately not a particularly good one. He has a chance to prove himself, however, when three women are trapped in a burning building.
Movie: The Chemist ( 1936 )
A chemist's brilliant new concoction makes him a target for gangsters.
Movie: Mixed Magic ( 1936 )
A professional magician, "The Great Spumoni", fires his male assistant and his female assistant insists that he hire another one. The young man he hires turns out to have no aptitude whatsoever for a magic act. Complications ensue.
Movie: Jail Bait ( 1937 )
Buster agrees to pose as a murderer to throw off the police while his room mate, a reporter, searches for the real killer.
Movie: Ditto ( 1937 )
Buster, an ice delivery man, falls for one of his customers, not knowing she has a twin sister living next door.
Movie: Love Nest on Wheels ( 1937 )
Buster is the eldest son in a family of hillbillies who manage a hotel. When Ma announces that the bank is about to foreclose on the mortgage, Buster attempts to raise the necessary $350 by selling a trailer which was left behind by a former guest. Complications ensue when it is found that a pregnant cow has taken up residence in the trailer, but, eventually, Buster is able to relocate cow & calf, sell the trailer to a honeymooning couple, and save the hotel.
Movie: Pest from the West ( 1939 )
A millionaire vacationing in Mexico falls for a local girl and sets out to win her.
Movie: Mooching Through Georgia ( 1939 )
A man relates how he outwitted the Yankee army during the Civil War.
Movie: Nothing But Pleasure ( 1940 )
Penelope Plunkett wants her husband to keep their old car and use their savings to buy a house, but her husband Clarence has a better idea: sell the car, take a bus trip to Detroit, buy a new car there, and still have money left over for a romantic road trip home. It will be nothing but pleasure, he promises her. Can Clarence deliver on his promise?
Movie: Pardon My Berth Marks ( 1940 )
Buster, a reporter, takes a train trip and winds up innocently involved with a gangster's wife.
Movie: The Taming of the Snood ( 1940 )
The police are hunting for a jewel thief. Two detectives follow a suspect who ducks into Keaton's Snappy Hats, where all hats are four-thirds off. The thief, a good-looking gal, has the clerk model several hats before she picks one; she slips a huge diamond ring into the band and asks the clerk to deliver the hat to her house. At her flat he finds an irrepressible maid, Odette; complications arise when Odette bangs her head and the clerk revives her with too much whiskey. The thief, the clerk, the maid, and a parrot are soon in various forms of duress, distress, and undress.
Movie: The Spook Speaks ( 1940 )
When a magician, Mordini (Lynton Brent) becomes fearful of his magic secrets being stolen, he hires Buster (Buster Keaton) and Elsie (Elsie Anes) to protect his props. They discover what they assume to be a murder and go into action as amateur detectives, without realizing they are the victims of one of the magician's tricks.
Movie: The Villain Still Pursued Her ( 1940 )
The widow Wilson and her daughter Mary have just learned that old Mr. Middleton, who held the mortgage on their home, has passed away. They are now visited by Middleton's lawyer, Cribbs, who informs them that Middleton's son and heir Edward plans to foreclose and take possession of their home. When Mary goes to plead with Edward, she soon discovers that it is really the unscrupulous Cribbs who wants to drive them out of their home. When Mary and Edward become engaged to be married, it looks as if all is well. But the calculating Cribbs has a new plan, which begins with luring young Edward into a lifestyle of drinking and dissipation.
Movie: His Ex Marks the Spot ( 1940 )
Buster's home life is disrupted when his ex-wife and her boyfriend move in.
Movie: So You Won't Squawk? ( 1941 )
The handyman is finishing getting the Island Inn Café ready for opening night: it's a speakeasy, and the owner, Louie the Wolf, has been warned by the local mob kingpin, Slugger McGraw, not to open. When Slugger's thugs arrive at the Island Inn, they think the handyman is Louie. Louie promotes this case of mistaken identity, and our poor innocent faces a series of dangerous situations. When he finally learns that the thugs (and Louie) are up to no good, he must think fast to save his neck.
Movie: General Nuisance ( 1941 )
A millionaire falls for an army nurse, who tells him she likes men in uniform. So he enlists at Camp Cluster. She still has no time for him, so he figures out how to get into the hospital and under her care. His induction physical exam, his injury, his hospital stay, and a sudden emergency take us to the question: will she fall for him?
Movie: She's Oil Mine ( 1941 )
Buster fights a duel over a girl.
Movie: God's Country ( 1946 )
Lee Preston, aka Leland Bruce (Robert Lowery), kills a man in self defense but flees to the redwood country when the law makes it a murder charge. There he meets Lynn O'Malley (Helen Gilbert, the niece of "Sandy" McTavish (William Farnum) who runs the trading post. Lee learns the reason why this is good trapping country is because the timber barons across the lake are ruthlessly cutting the trees and driving the animals across the river. The trappers appeal to him to take a petition to the Governor which would prohibit the timber people from coming to their side of the lake. At first, because he is a wanted man, he refuses but does so later for the sake of the people even though he knows it will lead to his arrest.
Movie: Boom in the Moon ( 1946 )
In the final days of WWII, an earnest but somewhat dense sailor (played by Buster Keaton) is lost at sea. Months later, he makes a landing, but, not realizing that the war is over and thinking that he is in Japan, he surrenders to Mexican police, who mistake him for a serial killer. Thrown in a jail cell with an American thug, he is to be hanged next morning, when suddenly a rocket scientist offers him and his cellmate a chance to avoid execution if they pilot an experimental atomic rocket to the Moon. The unlucky duo (plus the scientist's beautiful niece who ends up in the rocket by accident) go into space, but a mishap makes them land back in Mexico within miles of their point of departure. Thinking that they are on the Moon, the trio attempt to communicate with the natives who, of course, think them crazy, until the situation resolves itself.
Movie: Un duel à mort ( 1952 )
On the the bank of a peaceful river, two fishermen are... fishing! An idyllic scene indeed. At least until their lines get intertwined. At one of their two ends, a single fish! But whose end? Which of the two contenders is the legal owner of the aquatic vertebrate? To resolve the dispute, the two men decide to fight a pistol duel.
Movie: Paradise for Buster ( 1952 )
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