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The Best Movies of 1988
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Movie: My Neighbor Totoro ( 1988 )
When two girls move to the country to be near their ailing mother, they have adventures with the wondrous forest spirits who live nearby.
Movie: Beetlejuice ( 1988 )
The spirits of a deceased couple are harassed by an unbearable family that has moved into their home, and hire a malicious spirit to drive them out.
Movie: Die Hard ( 1988 )
An NYPD officer tries to save his wife and several others taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.
Movie: Willow ( 1988 )
A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.
Movie: License to Drive ( 1988 )
A teen decides to go for a night on the town with his friends despite flunking his driver's test.
Movie: Coming to America ( 1988 )
An extremely pampered African Prince travels to Queens, New York, and goes undercover to find a wife that he can respect for her intelligence and will.
Movie: Big ( 1988 )
After wishing to be made big, a teenage boy wakes the next morning to find himself mysteriously in the body of an adult.
Movie: Grave of the Fireflies ( 1988 )
A young boy and his little sister struggle to survive in Japan during World War II.
Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit ( 1988 )
A toon-hating detective is a cartoon rabbit's only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder.
Movie: Akira ( 1988 )
A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psychic psychopath who can only be stopped by two teenagers and a group of psychics.
Movie: They Live ( 1988 )
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.
Movie: Rain Man ( 1988 )
Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt's father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond and a pittance to Charlie; they travel cross-country.
Movie: Cinema Paradiso ( 1988 )
A filmmaker recalls his childhood when falling in love with the pictures at the cinema of his home village and forms a deep friendship with the cinema's projectionist.
Movie: Bloodsport ( 1988 )
Follows Frank Dux, an American martial artist serving in the military, who decides to leave the army to compete in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong where fights to the death can occur.
Movie: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! ( 1988 )
Incompetent police Detective Frank Drebin must foil an attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II.
Movie: Earth Girls Are Easy ( 1989 )
A Southern California girl befriends three furry aliens after their spaceship lands in her swimming pool.
Movie: A Fish Called Wanda ( 1988 )
In London, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for the loot.
Movie: Colors ( 1988 )
An experienced cop and his rookie partner patrol the streets of East Los Angeles while trying to keep the gang violence under control.
Movie: The Unbearable Lightness of Being ( 1988 )
In 1968, a Czech doctor with an active sex life meets a woman who wants monogamy, and then the Soviet invasion further disrupts their lives.
Movie: Child's Play ( 1988 )
A single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.
Movie: Oliver & Company ( 1988 )
A lost and alone kitten joins a gang of dogs engaged in petty larceny in New York City.
Movie: Working Girl ( 1988 )
When a secretary's idea is stolen by her boss, she seizes an opportunity to steal it back by pretending she has her boss' job.
Movie: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood ( 1988 )
Years after Tommy Jarvis chained him underwater at Camp Crystal Lake, the dormant Jason Voorhees is accidentally released from his prison by a telekinetic teenager. Now, only she can stop him.
Movie: Young Guns ( 1988 )
A group of young gunmen, led by Billy the Kid, become deputies to avenge the murder of the rancher who became their benefactor. But when Billy takes their authority too far, they become the hunted.
Movie: Twins ( 1988 )
A physically perfect but innocent man goes in search of his long-lost twin brother, who is short, a womanizer, and small-time crook.
Movie: Bull Durham ( 1988 )
A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him.
Movie: Dangerous Liaisons ( 1989 )
A scheming widow and her manipulative ex-lover make a bet regarding the corruption of a recently married woman.
Movie: Rambo III ( 1988 )
Rambo mounts a one-man mission to rescue his friend Colonel Trautman from the clutches of the formidable invading Soviet forces in Afghanistan.
Movie: Night of the Demons ( 1988 )
Ten teenagers party at an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night. When an evil force awakens, demonic spirits keep them from leaving and turn their gathering into a living Hell.
Movie: The Last Temptation of Christ ( 1988 )
The life of Jesus Christ, his journey through life as he faces the struggles all humans do, and his final temptation on the cross.
Movie: The Blob ( 1988 )
Remake of the 1958 sci-fi horror classic about a deadly blob from another planet which consumes everything in its path. Teenagers attempt without success to warn the townspeople, who refuse to take them seriously.
Movie: The Great Outdoors ( 1988 )
A Chicago man's hope for a peaceful family vacation in the woods is shattered when the annoying in-laws drop in.
Movie: Midnight Run ( 1988 )
An accountant is chased by bounty hunters, the F.B.I., and the Mafia after jumping bail.
Movie: Cocktail ( 1988 )
A talented New York City bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love.
Movie: The Accused ( 1988 )
After a young woman suffers a brutal gang rape in a bar one night, a prosecutor assists in bringing the perpetrators to justice, including the ones who encouraged and cheered on the attack.
Movie: The Dead Pool ( 1988 )
Dirty Harry Callahan must stop a sick secret contest to murder local celebrities, which includes himself as a target.
Movie: Ernest Saves Christmas ( 1988 )
Ernest helps Santa Claus as he searches for his successor.
Movie: Mystic Pizza ( 1988 )
Three teenage girls come of age while working at a pizza parlor in the Connecticut town of Mystic.
Movie: Mississippi Burning ( 1989 )
Two F.B.I. Agents, with wildly different styles, arrive in Mississippi to investigate the disappearance of some civil rights activists.
Movie: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen ( 1988 )
An account of Baron Munchausen's supposed travels and fantastical experiences with his band of misfits.
Movie: The Lair of the White Worm ( 1988 )
When an archeologist uncovers a strange skull in foreign land, the residents of a nearby town begin to disappear, leading to further unexplainable occurrences.
Movie: Married to the Mob ( 1988 )
An undercover FBI agent falls in love with a recently widowed mafia wife, who is trying to restart her life following her husband's murder while being pursued by a libidinous mafia kingpin seeking to claim her for himself.
Movie: Beaches ( 1989 )
A privileged rich debutante and a cynical struggling entertainer share a turbulent, but strong childhood friendship over the years.
Movie: The Land Before Time ( 1988 )
An orphaned brontosaurus teams up with other young dinosaurs in order to reunite with their families in a valley.
Movie: Johnny Be Good ( 1988 )
It's recruiting time and despite being short and scrawny, Johnny Walker is America's hottest young football prospect. His dilemma: should he take one of the many offers from college talent scouts or should he attend the local state college with his girlfriend and give up his football career?
Movie: Crocodile Dundee II ( 1988 )
Australian outback expert protects his New York love from gangsters who've followed her down under.
Movie: Hairspray ( 1988 )
A 'pleasantly plump' teenager teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance show.
Movie: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ( 1988 )
Two con men try to settle their rivalry by betting on who can swindle a young American heiress out of fifty thousand dollars first.
Movie: Mac and Me ( 1988 )
An alien trying to escape from NASA is befriended by a wheelchair-bound boy.
Movie: Stand and Deliver ( 1988 )
The story of Jaime Escalante, a high school teacher who successfully inspired his dropout prone students to learn calculus.
Movie: Red Heat ( 1988 )
A tough Russian policeman is forced to partner up with a cocky Chicago police detective when he is sent to Chicago to apprehend a Georgian drug lord who killed his partner and fled the country.
Movie: Vampire's Kiss ( 1989 )
After an encounter with a neck-biter, a publishing executive thinks that he's turning into a vampire.
Movie: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark ( 1988 )
Upon arriving in a small town where she has inherited a rundown mansion, a famous horror hostess battles an evil uncle, and townspeople who want her burned at the stake.
Movie: Killer Klowns from Outer Space ( 1988 )
Aliens who look like clowns come from outer space and terrorize a small town.
Movie: The Big Blue ( 1988 )
The rivalry between Enzo and Jacques, two childhood friends and now world-renowned free divers, becomes a beautiful and perilous journey into oneself and the unknown.
Movie: Frantic ( 1988 )
In a hotel room in Paris, a doctor comes out of the shower and finds that his wife has disappeared. He soon finds himself caught up in a world of intrigue, espionage, gangsters, drugs and murder.
Movie: Dead Ringers ( 1988 )
Twin gynecologists take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell them apart, until their relationship begins to deteriorate over a woman.
Movie: Scrooged ( 1988 )
A selfish, cynical television executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve.
Movie: Two Moon Junction ( 1988 )
A young Southern débutante temporarily abandons her posh lifestyle and upcoming, semi-arranged marriage to have a lustful and erotic fling with a rugged drifter who works at a local carnival.
Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ( 1988 )
Freddy Krueger returns once again to terrorize the dreams of the remaining Dream Warriors, as well as those of a young woman who may be able to defeat him for good.
Movie: Above the Law ( 1988 )
A former Special Operations Vietnam vet works as a Chicago cop, and uncovers C.I.A. wrongdoing.
Movie: Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach ( 1988 )
The old Commandant Lassard, leader of the Police Academy (1984), goes to Florida to receive an award. In the city arrives also the cynic Captain Harris who wants to take Lassard's job. Harris wants to place himself in a favourable light in front of the high military hierarchy but, at the airport, Lassard exchanges his bag with another one...
Movie: Hellbound: Hellraiser II ( 1988 )
Kirsty is brought to an institution after the death of her family, where the occult-obsessive head resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites once again.
Movie: Big Top Pee-wee ( 1988 )
Pee-wee Herman is now a small-town farmer with a fiancée, but when a traveling circus comes to town, he finds himself falling for the trapeze artist.
Movie: Big Business ( 1988 )
Two couples of sisters from New York and from the countryside discover that they are connected in an incredible way.
Movie: Tequila Sunrise ( 1988 )
A former L.A. drug dealer tries to go straight but his past and his underworld connections bring him into the focus of the DEA, the Mexican feds and the Mexican drug cartels.
Movie: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown ( 1988 )
A television actress encounters a variety of eccentric characters after embarking on a journey to discover why her lover abruptly left her.
Movie: Tucker: The Man and His Dream ( 1988 )
The story of Preston Tucker, the maverick car designer and his ill-fated challenge to the auto industry with his revolutionary car concept.
Movie: Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers ( 1988 )
Angela, supposedly reformed and living under an assumed surname, is working at a summer camp. However, when the campers start misbehaving, she soon reverts to her old ways.
Movie: Running on Empty ( 1988 )
The eldest son of a fugitive family comes of age and wants to live a life of his own.
Movie: Monkey Shines ( 1988 )
A quadriplegic man has a trained monkey help him with his paralysis, until the little monkey begins to develop feelings, and rage, against its new master.
Movie: The Vanishing ( 1988 )
Rex and Saskia, a young couple in love, are on vacation. They stop at a busy service station and Saskia is abducted. After three years and no sign of Saskia, Rex begins receiving letters from the abductor.
Movie: Betrayed ( 1988 )
An FBI agent posing as a combine driver becomes romantically involved with a Midwest farmer who lives a double life as a white supremacist.
Movie: Pumpkinhead ( 1988 )
After a tragic accident, a man conjures up a towering, vengeful demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy a group of unsuspecting teenagers.
Movie: Watchers ( 1988 )
A boy takes in a stray dog, later discovering that it is an ultra-intelligent runaway being stalked by a dangerous creature from the same genetic research lab.
Movie: The Seventh Sign ( 1988 )
Abby Quinn is eagerly awaiting childbirth but is haunted by dreams where she suffers a miscarriage. When she decides to rent a room to a mysterious stranger, she realizes a chain of events that will unleash the end of humanity.
Movie: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ( 1988 )
Ten years after his original massacre, the invalid Michael Myers awakens on Halloween Eve and returns to Haddonfield to kill his seven-year-old niece. Can Dr. Loomis stop him?
Movie: Fright Night Part 2 ( 1988 )
Charley Brewster and Peter Vincent must face more vampires, out for revenge.
Movie: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka ( 1989 )
In this parody of blaxploitation movies, a black hero wannabe reunites former black heroes from the 70s to help him get revenge on Mr. Big.
Movie: She's Having a Baby ( 1988 )
Young newlyweds find out just how unprepared they are for their future together.
Movie: Waxwork ( 1988 )
A wax museum owner uses his horror exhibits to unleash evil on the world.
Movie: Funny Farm ( 1988 )
A couple swap city life for the country, but their picturesque new hometown turns out to be just a little bit different to what they were expecting.
Movie: The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking ( 1988 )
After her father's ship is carried off by a sudden storm, the spunky Pippi Longstocking is stranded with her horse, Alfonso, and monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and takes up residence in the old family home, which is thought by neighborhood children to be haunted. Soon, two children, Tommy and Annika, venture into the house only to meet up with Pippi. The three soon become friends and get into various adventures together, including cleaning the floor with scrubbing shoes, dodging the "splunks", going down a river in barrels, and helping Pippi with the problem of having to go to a children's home. Older children will probably get the most out of this movie.
Movie: Poltergeist III ( 1988 )
Carol Anne is staying with her aunt in a high-rise building, where the supernatural forces haunting her make their return.
Movie: Moonwalker ( 1988 )
Anthology movie by, and starring, Michael Jackson in his prime, combining a number of music videos from his bestselling "Bad" album with a fantasy tale of Michael's confrontation with a ruthless drug dealer known as Mr. Big.
Movie: Hell Comes to Frogtown ( 1988 )
After a nuclear war, the survivors are divided between horribly mutated beings who live on desolate reservations and fertile women who are searching for scarce virile men in order to multiply and start a new human society.
Movie: The Night Before ( 1988 )
A geek takes Tara to the prom but ends up in the wrong side of LA. He wakes up in a dark alley and slowly remembers what happened to them. He "sold" Tara to a pimp. A night to remember.
Movie: The Dark Side of the Sun ( 1988 )
Traveling in search of a cure for a rare skin disease, a man finds freedom and love along the way.
Movie: Short Circuit 2 ( 1988 )
Robot Johnny Five comes to the city and gets manipulated by criminals who want him for their own purposes.
Movie: My Stepmother Is an Alien ( 1988 )
A creature from another planet tries to seduce a shy Earth physicist to gain control over his researches. The result of this important mission much exceeded her expectations.
Movie: A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon ( 1988 )
A charming womanizer has to find a way to get $80 to elope to Hawaii with his one true love, or else go to his father's chosen business school.
Movie: Miracle Mile ( 1989 )
A young man hears a chance phone call telling him that a nuclear war has started and missiles will hit his city in 70 minutes.
Movie: Alien Nation ( 1988 )
In 1988, Earth makes the first contact with an alien civilization. In 1991, these aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after three years of quarantine.
Movie: Maniac Cop ( 1988 )
A killer dressed in a police uniform begins murdering innocent people on the streets of New York City.
Movie: The Serpent and the Rainbow ( 1988 )
An anthropologist goes to Haiti after hearing rumors about a drug used by black magic practitioners to turn people into zombies.
Movie: Return of the Living Dead II ( 1988 )
Curious kids unearth the barrels that previously helped revive the dead, which proves the second time's an undead charm.
Movie: Eight Men Out ( 1988 )
A dramatization of the Black Sox scandal when the underpaid Chicago White Sox accepted bribes to deliberately lose the 1919 World Series.
Movie: Critters 2 ( 1988 )
Eggs of the small, furry alien carnivores are left behind on Earth and, after hatching, again set their appetites on the town of Grover's Bend.
Movie: Doom Asylum ( 1988 )
A horribly disfigured lawyer, wrongfully pronounced dead after a terrible car accident, is taken to an asylum for dissection, only to come back alive, kill everyone, and make the asylum his killing grounds.
Movie: The Presidio ( 1988 )
A San Francisco civilian police detective is forced to work on a series of murders with his former enemy commanding officer while dating his daughter.
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