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Movie: Huntress ( 2019 )
Movie: Alien: Alone ( 2019 )
Hope, an abandoned crew member aboard the derelict chemical hauler Otranto, has spent a year trying to keep her ship and herself alive as both slowly fall apart. After discovering hidden cargo, she risks it all to power up the broken ship in search of human life.
Movie: Alien Harvest
Ten years ago, an alien race, called the Sklaars, conquered the planet, and proceeded to turn the human race into their slaves -- and their food. As the ten year celebration for the aliens approach, called "The Harvest", a soldier, named Dex, leads a desperate effort to escape the aliens, and lead people north, where the aliens can't pursue them, due to the frigid temperatures.
Movie: Night of the Axe ( 2019 )
A group of girls having one last get together are stalked one by one by a sadistic, masked killer.
Movie: The World Over ( 2019 )
When a reclusive mother-to-be discovers a door leading to a mirror image of her home, her husband goes snooping inside and never returns. Fearing the worst, she gathers her courage and goes in search of him, but instead finds her doppelganger on the other side.
Movie: Angela's Christmas ( 2018 )
Set in Ireland in the 1910s, 'Angela's Christmas' is a funny, heart-warming and poignant story about the power of family and the innocent desire of a child to ensure everyone is safe, warm and loved at Christmas time.
Movie: The Devil's Passenger ( 2018 )
A woman in a traffic jam desperately tries to help another woman she sees in the back of a van hold held by a hand that appears from the dark background of the vehicle.
Movie: Come Be Creepy With Us ( 2019 )
A millennial nightmare that follows Anna, a young woman stuck in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, who learns how to keep on living after being haunted by the undead spirit from her summer camp past. It's about emerging adulthood and millennial angst; about letting go of our pasts and embracing what it means to grow up.
Movie: Inner Workings ( 2016 )
The heart and mind of an office worker clash over sticking to a safe routine of work and daring to try new experiences in life to enjoy.
Movie: The Roma Project ( 2015 )
After a deadly car accident, a boy finds himself trapped in a sinister hospital and begins to wonder if he could be more than human.
Movie: Red Hood: The Fallen ( 2015 )
Following the Death of Batman, a new vigilante hits Gotham, hellbent on fulfilling redemption, over a classic Enemy.
Movie: The Man Who Sold the World ( 2019 )
Marco DelToro (Giancarlo Carmona) is a wealthy real estate entrepreneur. Some might say he "has it all" with his good looks, a successful and booming business, and luxury at his fingertips. After his wife, Pamela (Laura Lemire), commits suicide inside of their New York home, Marco finds himself haunted by his own inner demons, which seems to thrive off of his cocaine usage and his late night partying. While living the fast life, Marco soon discovers there are two things in this world that money can't buy. Love and Sanity.
Movie: Therefore I Am ( 2015 )
A mysterious encounter between a man who claims to be from the future and the man that he claims is his former self.
Movie: Cradle ( 2016 )
Eade is a fourteen year old girl who has spent her entire life in space on the spaceship Cradle. Eade and her dad are on the return journey to earth when an explosion cripples the craft and seriously injures her father. As the clock counts down to self-destruction Cradle's computer, System, assumes control of the ship and refuses to perform the life saving medical procedure that her father desperately needs. Whilst trying to outwit System to save her dad, Eade discovers the shocking truth of her existence and must face her uncertain future armed with the knowledge that her life in space is not as it seems.
Movie: A Date in 2025 ( 2017 )
In the year 2025, a young man's superintelligent AI system tells him that he must go on a date or face certain suicide from loneliness.
Movie: Alien: Covenant - Advent ( 2017 )
Advent is a sequel to Alien: Covenant in which David sends a transmission from the Covenant to Weyland-Yutani on Earth, elaborating upon the genetic experimentation he has been conducting on Planet 4.
Movie: Mariana 627 ( 2018 )
A lone technician aboard a remote listening post finally gets a chance to leave his station and make the long journey home. But before he can, he must first train an interfacing AI system to run the facility in his absence.
Movie: Destroyer of Worlds ( 2018 )
Arty, a precocious teenager must reluctantly leave his life in 1954 behind when his father makes the most devastating discovery to date: Leap Theory.
Movie: Balance ( 2003 )
A group of fishermen on a precariously balanced platform fight over a trunk.
Movie: Interlude ( 2015 )
An inventor on the brink of fulfilling his life's work finally faces the truth behind the machine he is building.
Movie: After Her ( 2018 )
One night, a teenager girl, trapped in the low expectations of a small town, disappears without a trace. Years later, her friend returns to their childhood home and finds himself being beckoned back into those woods -the last place Hailey was seen alive.
Movie: Nano ( 2017 )
In the near future, nanotechnology administered into the bloodstream can sync with computer apps to augment the human genome. A new law mandating and regulating this once elective procedure meets resistance from hacktivists who are conspiring to thwart the impending roll-out of "Nano version 2.0."
Movie: Jameson ( 2018 )
A man's peaceful life is disrupted when three dangerous travelers lay siege to his secluded cabin in the woods.
Movie: Window Dressing ( 2019 )
Movie: Faster Than Light ( 2017 )
A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
Movie: Wendy ( 2017 )
It's Halloween. Wendy doesn't have a costume and her Mom won't get out of bed. Wendy has to rely on her own ingenuity and the help of her imaginary friends to create a costume for her first night of trick-or-treating.
Movie: Box 616 ( 2019 )
After his father's death, Malcolm inherits a bank vault that couldn't be opened for 70 years.
Movie: The Man Who Sold the World ( 2006 )
The story of Max: a man who becomes embroiled in time and space and the many dimensions of man's mind and his place within his own universe.
Movie: Once Upon a Time: The Horseman Cometh ( 2019 )
When Regina confronts an old foe to obtain something that could end Snow White, the deal doesn't go as smoothly as she hoped. Now in over her head, Regina finds herself in a face off that could leave her headless.
Movie: Last of You ( 2013 )
In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recollections of his late wife. When it's time to move to a safer place and leave the memories behind, he holds on to the remnants of the past and refuses to face reality.
Movie: Rise ( 2016 )
A dystopian future, where man's attempt to create artificial intelligence has spun wildly out of control, leading to a war between man and machine.
Movie: Terminally Happy ( 2016 )
In order to remember, you first need to forget.
Movie: Trick ( 2019 )
A group of teenagers hold a seance in attempts to prove or disprove an urban legend about children that went missing on Halloween night.
Movie: Knock ( 2014 )
One Halloween night Murielle is dared to knock on the door of an abandoned mine, now something has chased her home. Is she the victim of a Halloween prank or has the legendary witch come to steal her soul?
Movie: Chromophobia ( 2019 )
"chromoPHOBIA" is a psychological horror short film based on a story by renowned dark fiction writer Brian Evenson. Clinical psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Haver begins caring for a mysterious new patient on the quiet ward of a psychiatric hospital. After learning the patient is an artist, she encourages him to draw as a form of therapy. Dr. Haver becomes fascinated as day after day the mysterious man draws the same exact image over and over. An unexpected difference in one of the drawings makes her realize that her patient may possess a curious gift. Dr. Haver's fascination turns to obsession as she is drawn into a world where the lines of art and reality become blurred and she is forced to confront her own darkness.
Movie: Isolated ( 2015 )
Waking up after a car crash, a man is faced with a vicious threat he has to escape from.
Movie: Populace ( 2015 )
Mankind is reluctant to take responsibility for ravaging the planet. Populace imagines a world where the solution is to impose a strict genetic caste system, a eugenics policy that keeps numbers below the tipping point and protects the greater good. Clones are manufactured to carry out this work. Must we give away our freedoms to protect the earth from mankind?
Movie: Explorers ( 2017 )
Explorers is a idealistic look at the future of space travel, seen from the perspective of those who dare to venture into the unknown.
Movie: Sense8: Creating the World (TV Short 2015) ( 2015 )
Go behind the scenes and around the world with the "Sense8" cast and crew in this in-depth look at how the hit series is made.
Movie: Payload ( 2011 )
A family of scavengers. A corrupt spaceport. A callous matriarch. A home in the shadow of a space elevator. After a brutal attack on his father, Simon Carter must sacrifice everything to save his family.
Movie: Silk ( 2014 )
After acquiring a jar of rare silk from the vast desert expanse of Afghanistan, a CIA field operative becomes impregnated by the desert spider hidden inside, and later gives birth to a brood of hungry spiderlings that eat her alive.
Movie: Agent 327: Operation Barbershop ( 2017 )
Agent 327 is investigating a clue that leads him to a shady barbershop in Amsterdam. Little does he know that he is being tailed by mercenary Boris Kloris.
Movie: Twinkle ( 2020 )
Movie: Wrong Number ( 2018 )
A woman has a foreboding dream.
Movie: Lost Memories ( 2012 )
A beautiful couple, a city over-saturated by holograms and digital stream. A Polaroid camera. Tomorrow will never be the same.
Movie: Consurgo ( 2018 )
When the need to be something other than what we are becomes too much to bare, sometimes we choose the extreme solution to our problem. The result can change us forever, but leave us with conflicted feelings that are still too much to bare.
Movie: Level ( 2017 )
Trapped inside a never-ending nightmare, a cat and mouse game plays out between a man and a hellish beast lurking in the shadows.
Movie: Iteration 1 ( 2016 )
Anna wakes up in a strange white room. She has 60 seconds to escape; when the timer hits zero she drops dead and reawakens in the same room, joined by a shadowy impression of her previous self. Every 60 seconds this cycle repeats and through each iteration Anna must think ahead and learn from her mistakes to solve a series of puzzles and escape this dystopian maze.
Movie: Lunatique ( 2016 )
Lunatique is a sci-fi shortfilm about a lonely woman who fights daily for survival in a post apocalyptic world.
Movie: Missing Halloween ( 2015 )
A boy meets with his best friend to celebrate Halloween, making trick-or-treat.
Movie: Restart ( 2005 )
It's April the 1st and Sylvia has made a fatal error. Abandoned by her boyfriend she sets out to the streets of Prague to win his love back. Overcoming one obstacle after another she heads toward a final collision. This day she'd rather start all over again.
Movie: The Smiling Man ( 2015 )
A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.
Movie: Coatmaker ( 2018 )
When a tailor closes up shop for the night, he quickly discovers that he is not alone.
Movie: Make Do or Mend ( 2018 )
With death never more than a misstep away, two hunters must decide whether to embrace the inevitable or fight against their fate.
Movie: Extra-Ordinary Amy ( 2018 )
A young girl struggles with the loss of her parents in a freak accident as she learns to embrace what she truly loves, dancing, and its chilling consequences.
Movie: The Devil's Hand ( 2018 )
Solomon Khan finds himself playing a desperate game of poker with highest stakes imaginable: his soul. An act of charity and the arrival of a stranger offer him a chance at redemption.
Movie: Crave ( 2018 )
A man deals with a horrifying addiction.
Movie: Teeth ( 2015 )
That which is neglected, is lost.
Movie: Special Day ( 2018 )
On the night of her 18th birthday, Emily's family gather together to reveal a secret to her - a secret that will shape the rest of her life.
Movie: Skintight ( 2018 )
Set in a small Texas town, a young Black woman becomes the prey of a cult built on a secret that is skin-deep, with a Southern virtuous figure at its forefront.
Movie: Asian Girls ( 2018 )
CHAN is a Chinese factory worker who lives alone. Every night, she suffers from horrific nightmares involving the woman in the apartment next door. ASIAN GIRLS is one of three short films financed by the Create NSW GENERATOR: Emerging Filmmakers Fund (GEFF).
Movie: Souls of Totality ( 2018 )
Set during the Great American Eclipse, this is a story about the sacrifices we make for love and the intensity of a looming moment that can change everything.
Movie: Are We Good Parents? ( 2018 )
When Lauren and Bill's 14-year-old daughter says she's going to her first dance with her classmate Ryan, they question their preconceived notions of her sexuality and their openness as parents.
Movie: Live ( 2018 )
An online 'livecaster' with a dangerous brand has a crisis of conscience over her volatile career choice in a future world where jobs are limited and conflict is currency.
Movie: The Devil's Hand ( 2014 )
When young girls start to go missing within a religious cult, older followers fear a long-told prophecy while the younger members suspect abusive elders are killing them off.
Movie: Brentwood Strangler ( 2017 )
It's the Christmas season in Los Angeles; a lonely woman goes on a blind date unbeknownst to her that her date is an active and notorious serial killer, The Brentwood Strangler.
Movie: Kept ( 2017 )
Scientists have discovered a way to record dreams, and those with ulterior motives waste no time exploiting those whose dreams are the most powerful.
Movie: Rue: The Short Film ( 2017 )
Enraged by an unseemly love affair between best friend and teacher, a student carelessly awakens a wraith that feeds on its victim's most shameful regrets.
Movie: Oscar's Bell ( 2018 )
Duncan and his dog Oscar have gone on their weekly camping trip into the wilderness together. However, when Duncan looks out into the woods, something else looks back.
Movie: Sleepworking ( 2013 )
In the near future a young woman becomes a sleepworker: her body is programmed to do menial labour while she is asleep. However, she starts to suffer disturbing side effects and embarks upon a dangerous journey to uncover what sleepworkers are really being made to do while unconscious.
Movie: CXL ( 2016 )
A 140 year old woman, sustained by a mobile life support chair, must come to terms with the reality of death.
Movie: The Gate ( 2016 )
Superhero and master of Pencak Silat, Cassie Weston, uses her abilities to fight her arch rival and save her sister's soul.
Movie: Glow ( 2013 )
A suspicious threesome checked into Vern's old desert motel three nights ago. One of them sits outside in their car day and night while the other two haven't left the room. The motel lights intermittently flicker and the electric meter spins out of control. With his patience unraveled Vern is determined to figure out what the hell is going on.
Movie: Why Can't They All Be Like Johnny Depp? ( 2014 )
While Cindy dreams of Johnny Depp as the perfect man, she discovers her true soul mate is closer than she thinks.
Movie: Corrections ( 2017 )
Corrections is the story of Cyrus, a parole technician in a next-generation prison, who becomes obsessed with Alice, a beautiful and sociopathic inmate who the system seems unable to reform.
Movie: Frost Bite ( 2019 )
Movie: La Noria ( 2018 )
A young boy who loves to draw and build ferris wheels encounters strange creatures that turn his life upside down.
Movie: Beautiful Dreamer ( 2016 )
A dying mother travels at near-light speed, bending time to watch her baby daughter grow up.
Movie: Final Offer ( 2018 )
A down-on-his-luck lawyer awakes to find he's been enlisted to negotiate on behalf of the human race.
Movie: Envoy ( 2014 )
A young boy discovers a deadly alien creature and winds up entangled in a top secret government operation.
Movie: The Bells ( 2018 )
Movie: Rust In Peace ( 2018 )
An abandoned robot awakes alone in a junkyard. He travels home, to his creator's ranch, to learn if the love he feels is returned.
Movie: Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate ( 2018 )
Rumors of a fanatical cult called The Project at Eden's Gate lure three vloggers to remote Hope County, Montana. Following leads of missing locals and other strange events, the three infiltrate the cult. Shocked by what they uncover, they risk everything to warn the world.
Movie: Kiss the Devil in the Dark ( 2016 )
Marcus, a powerful sorcerer who is desperate to save his dying wife, makes a deal with the demon Dagon to save her soul. Dagon, however, has more in mind for Marcus than just a simple exchanging of souls. With seemingly no other choice, Marcus accepts, thus catapulting him into a series of events that will reveal to all involved the very meaning of betrayal.
Movie: Creatures of Whitechapel ( 2016 )
A twisted new take on the Frankenstein legend - and the madness that surrounds it.
Movie: Model Family ( 2016 )
Movie: They Watch ( 2016 )
In an alternate future, an idealistic teen fights to expose the secrets of a corrupt system, unaware that someone is always watching.
Movie: Mother ( 2020 )
Ten years after the horrific events at the Bates Motel, Norman wakes up inside a mental asylum with no memory of how he got there. Now, in order to get out, Norman must confront his worst nightmare, his mother.
Movie: Locksmiths ( 2015 )
Two robbers unknowingly break into the home of a murderer who is in the process of hiding his latest victim.
Movie: Tick ( 2018 )
In a post-pandemic society, a vampire in hiding is forced to make a stand when confronted with the oppressive regime who kidnapped and enslaved her family.
Movie: A Love Story ( 2016 )
Two creatures fall in love, weaving a colourful world together. but when darkness threatens to consume one of them, the other must fight to stay together, or risk being torn apart.
Movie: B.E. ( 2019 )
A man matches with two women who share a profile on a dating app.
Movie: The Neighbors' Window ( 2019 )
It tells the story of a middle aged woman with small children whose life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-somethings move in across the street.
Movie: Hansel & Gretel ( 2007 )
Based on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel is a dark and stylized, black and white, German Expressionistic silent picture featuring detailed design and an eerie musical score.
Movie: My First Time ( 2018 )
Tonight Maggie is "doing it" for the first time. She meets Kobi, a guy cute enough for the purpose. They head for his apartment, Where Kobi will discover what Maggie's real intentions are.
Movie: Uncorked ( 2019 )
Movie: The Garden ( 2016 )
In the Garden, humans get converted into A.I. constructs to survive. But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.
Movie: Secret Chord ( 2019 )
In a world controlled by a powerful elite, a struggling musician has to fight for survival using his talent.
Movie: World War ( 2017 )
Movie: Outpost ( 2020 )
When the final Citizen of Earth's interplanetary research and diplomacy program finally makes first contact, he's forced to not only protect humanity, but that which makes him human: love.
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