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Movies That Will Make You Cry

Here is a Shared List of Movies
that will make you sniffle,
bring a tear to your eye,
or even bawl like a baby.

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something to be added to this list,
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I will endeavor to consider
your candidate for inclusion.

Thank You!

Note. These Movies are BYOT.
(bring your own tissues)

Creator: RoboPhone
Posted: 2 years ago

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TV Show: I Know My First Name is Steven ( 1989 )
This is the true story of a little boy lost - and found. And of the horrors that happened in between. Seven-year-old Steven Stayner was taken on his way home from school by a degenerate who convinced the boy his parents had abandoned him. Subjected to years of lies and sexual abuse, Steven was numbed into submission. Then, when Steven was 14, his abductor brought home five-year-old Timmy - and Steven found the courage to escape with the child, whose tragic future he could foresee only too well. Could he find his real family? And, if he did, could they ever be a family again? I Know My First Name is Steven will break your heart, then heal it.
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