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A playlist of the classic Cartoons (and TV shows) from the likes of Warner Brothers, Hanna Barberra etc, etc. The cartoons I loved watching as a kid on Saturday mornings and during the afternoons after school.

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Movie: Buckaroo Bugs ( 1944 )
Bugs is the Masked Marauder, a carrot thief whom Brooklyn's Red Hot Ryder must try to bring to justice.
Movie: Pancho's Hideaway ( 1964 )
A hot-tempered bandit, Pancho Vanilla, robs a Mexican bank and rushes to his hideout to count the loot. Speedy Gonzales, Mexico's fastest mouse, follows Pancho there, intending to return the money to the bank. He challenges Pancho to a duel and then speeds past him again and again, bringing every cent of the money back to the bank and causing a flustered and enraged Pancho to shoot himself in the feet.
Movie: Fast and Furry-ous ( 1949 )
In their first appearance in a Warner Bros. cartoon, the Coyote (Carnivorous vulgaris) and The Road Runner (Accelerati incredibulis) launch their neverending series of chases through the desert, and The Coyote begins his relationship with the Acme Corporation in his quest for the perfect Road Runner-catching device.
Movie: The Hasty Hare ( 1952 )
A fey little Martian, with his green dog-soldier, K-9, arrive on Earth with instructions to bring back an Earth creature. He chooses Bugs Bunny.
Movie: The Old Grey Hare ( 1944 )
Elmer Fudd is taken far into the future (past 1990) and Bugs thinks back to when they first met as little babies.
Movie: Haredevil Hare ( 1948 )
Bugs is tricked into being the first rabbit shot into space. When he lands on the moon he finds Commander X-2 (later known as Marvin Martian) set to blow up planet Earth.
Movie: Claws for Alarm ( 1954 )
Porky Pig doesn't realize that the old hotel where he and Sylvester are spending the night is really part of a ghost town. It's only Sylvester who sees the band of murderous mice trying to do them in, while Porky chalks his fears up to insanity.
Movie: The Great Piggy Bank Robbery ( 1946 )
After reading his favorite Dick Tracy comic, Daffy Duck has a surreal dream in which he is Duck Twacy, a private eye on the trail of an army of horrifyingly grotesque villains who stole every piggy bank in town, including his own.
Movie: The Scarlet Pumpernickel ( 1950 )
Daffy Duck pitches to J.L. Warner a starring role with himself in a ridiculously over the top swashbuckler film.
Movie: Robin Hood Daffy ( 1958 )
Daffy attempts to convince Porky, as Friar Tuck, that he really is Robin Hood.
Movie: Feed the Kitty ( 1952 )
A bulldog, charmed by a kitten, tries to keep her hidden from his human guardian.
Movie: Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! ( 1931 )
A streetcar conductor has adventures with a would-be passenger hippo, a cow blocking the tracks, and a runaway train while he, his passengers, and some hobos sing the title song.
Movie: Duck! Rabbit, Duck! ( 1953 )
The final installment of the "Hunting Trilogy" once again has Elmer out hunting, while Bugs and Daffy try to con him into shooting the other.
Movie: Rabbit Seasoning ( 1952 )
Daffy Duck tricks Elmer Fudd into believing it's rabbit season; but Bugs Bunny uses a female disguise and faulty pronouns to fight back.
Movie: Duck Amuck ( 1953 )
The short-tempered Daffy Duck must improvise madly as the backgrounds, his costumes, the soundtrack, even his physical form, shifts and changes at the whim of the animator.
Movie: Buccaneer Bunny ( 1948 )
Pirate Yosemite Sam chases Bugs all over the ship to find out where the buried treasure is.
Movie: Birdy and the Beast ( 1944 )
Tweety is set upon by a fat, jowly cat, who winds up with, among other things, a dozen eggs and a gallon of gasoline in his mouth instead of the little bird.
Movie: Baton Bunny ( 1959 )
Bugs conducts the Warner Brothers Symphony in Franz von Suppé's "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna" while reacting to a bothersome fly.
Movie: Back Alley Oproar ( 1948 )
Sylvester sings opera and popular tunes while standing on a back alley fence; Elmer, who wants to sleep, tries to thwart him.
Movie: A Broken Leghorn ( 1959 )
On Old MacDonald's farm, an egg hatches in slow-witted hen Miss Prissy's nest, and out of the shell comes a baby rooster. Fearing he will be replaced by the kid rooster and sent to be slaughtered, Foghorn Leghorn plots to do away with the little tyke.
Movie: A Bird in a Guilty Cage ( 1952 )
Sylvester Cat spots Tweety Bird in a display window of an after-hours department store and sneaks inside through a mail server chute. Tweety flees Sylvester by hiding in a hat pile and a doll house, evades the shots from a rifle Sylvester uses, and escapes in a vacuum tube. Tweety sends a dynamite stick through another tube, and Sylvester swallows it, thinking it is Tweety. The dynamite blows up inside Sylvester after the cat leaves the store and walks down the street.
Movie: Nuts and Volts ( 1964 )
Sylvester Cat turns to automation in hopes it will help him catch the fastest mouse in Mexico, Speedy Gonzales. He builds a robot to chase Speedy around their house, but Speedy outsmarts Sylvester's new mechanical stooge, reducing it to a heap of scrap metal.
Movie: A-Haunting We Will Go ( 1966 )
Daffy Duck's nephew is convinced he has seen a witch while trick-or-treating at an old house. So, Daffy goes to the house to investigate. Meanwhile, Witch Hazel has decided to take a vacation and uses drugged cheese to turn Speedy Gonzales into her look-alike to mind the house while she's gone. Daffy arrives, meets Speedy in Witch Hazel form, and is invited inside by Speedy for tea.
Movie: A Hare Grows in Manhattan ( 1947 )
Bugs Bunny relates his early life in the Manhattan tenements and spotlights his encounter with a gang of canine toughs.
Movie: The Mouse-Merized Cat ( 1946 )
Babbit hypnotizies Catsello, despite his efforts to resist, into believing he's Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and 'Jimmy Durante', then a chicken, and finally a dog, who he sics on the cat. The cat hypnotizes him back. Finally, Catstello hypnotizes both of them into cowboy and horse, leaving him alone to enjoy the deli they live in.
Movie: Strangled Eggs ( 1961 )
Foghorn Leghorn courts Miss Prissy when a foundling is left on her doorstep. It is Henery the Chicken Hawk. Prissy decides to keep little Henery even though he has a natural appetite for poultry, particularly Foghorn's arm. So, Foghorn decides to do away with the little Hawk while Prissy isn't looking.
Movie: Bad Ol' Putty Tat ( 1949 )
Sylvester the Cat makes every attempt to snatch or lure Tweety from his birdhouse.
Movie: All a Bir-r-r-d ( 1950 )
Sylvester Cat, Tweety Bird, and a bulldog are passengers on a train. Sylvester's attempts to catch Tweety are thwarted by the bulldog and a conscientious conductor.
Movie: Tweet Tweet Tweety ( 1951 )
Sylvester Cat leaves a trailer in a National Forest Camping Ground to go bird hunting and discovers an egg in a nest. Sylvester decides to sit on the egg to hatch it, and when it hatches, out crawls Tweety Bird! Sylvester chases Tweety into a geyser and down a river in a boat toward a waterfall.
Movie: Gift Wrapped ( 1952 )
Sylvester gets a rubber mouse for Christmas, but he much prefers Granny's gift: a new Tweety Bird.
Movie: Room and Bird ( 1951 )
Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird are pets of tenants in the Spinsters Arms Hotel, where pets aren't allowed. As they try to keep out of sight of the landlord, Sylvester discovers Tweety and chases him in and out of the hotel rooms.
Movie: It's Hummer Time ( 1950 )
A cat chases a hummingbird and repeatedly stumbles onto the property of a sleepy bulldog, who punishes the cat for each interruption of his slumber.
Movie: Satan's Waitin' ( 1954 )
Sylvester's carnivorious pursuit of Tweety Bird continues, chasing the canary onto the ledge of a tall building. He plummets to the sidewalk below, losing one of his nine "lives"; the spirit descends into Hell, where the puddy tat meets up with a Satanic bulldog. There, the bulldog encourages Sylvester to risk his remaining eight "lives" chasing the bird in the most dangerous of situations. Sylvester loses his second "life" when crushed beneath a steamroller; his third frightened after realizing he chased Tweety into a carnival tunnel (that had a lion's mouth opening); "lives" four through seven while on a shooting gallery; and his eighth just after grabbing the bird on a speeding roller coaster car. The Satanic bulldog reappears and demands Sylvester "go get him"; the puddy tat resists temptation and takes refuge in a seemingly safe bank vault. Sylvester soon regrets his move.
Movie: The Sheepish Wolf ( 1942 )
First appearance of Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf.
Movie: Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century ( 1953 )
Space hero Daffy battles Marvin the Martian for control of Planet X.
TV Show: The Jetsons ( 1962 )
The Jetsons was Hanna-Barbera's Space Age counterpart to The Flintstones, a half-hour family sitcom projecting contemporary American culture and lifestyle into another time period. The Jetsons live in a futuristic utopia in the year 2062 of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions.
Movie: Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare ( 1964 )
Bug and the Tasmanian Devil at the doctor's office.
Movie: The Iceman Ducketh ( 1964 )
When Daffy hears that the Klondike trading post is paying good money for furs, Bugs' pelt becomes endangered.
Movie: False Hare ( 1964 )
Big Bad Wolf and his nephew use a club for rabbits, Club del Conejo, to try to catch Bugs.
Movie: Mad as a Mars Hare ( 1963 )
Marvin Martian is monitoring through his telescope a rocket launch on Earth. The rocket heads straight for him and lands on Mars. The only occupant is Bugs Bunny, lured into Cape Canaveral by a carrot and sent to Mars as an expendable "astro-rabbit". Bugs is to claim Mars in the name of the Earth, but Marvin won't allow an Earth creature to contaminate his atmosphere. He trains a time-projector gun on Bugs and reverts the bunny to a Neanderthal Rabbit, who crushes Marvin with one hand.
Movie: The Unmentionables ( 1963 )
In a spoof of TV's "Untouchables" Rocky and Mugsy chase "Elegant Ness" (Bugs) through the ACME cereal company.
Movie: The Million Hare ( 1963 )
As Daffy continuously watches Bugs television, when "Beat Your Buddy" (Daffy's all-time favorite), in order, the two contestants mentioned are Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. Daffy immediately left Bugs' home to head to the station, but has numerous accidents. As Bugs gets to the building first, Daffy used a secret-weapon, to him and get to the top floor, from outside and injures both Bugs and Daffy. As soon as they are able, they head to the station a second time and Daffy is the winner. Seeing the big wooden million box, Daffy freely gave it to Bugs, before being informed the big wooden box contained 1,000,000 little paper boxes, that a brand new new one-dollar bill is inside each box, with a value of $1,000,000. Daffy then regretted giving it away, started braying like a donkey, in embarrassment, as it concludes.
Movie: Hare-Breadth Hurry ( 1963 )
When Bugs takes the Roadrunner's place in a cartoon, the Bugs/Coyote roles and rules become confused.
Movie: Prince Violent ( 1961 )
Bugs Bunny defends a castle from the Viking invader, Sam the Terrible.
Movie: The Abominable Snow Rabbit ( 1961 )
Bugs and Daffy run into the abominable snowman in the Himalayas.
Movie: Lighter Than Hare ( 1960 )
Outer space invader Yosemite Sam wants to capture typical earth creature Bugs.
Movie: From Hare to Heir ( 1960 )
Sam, the Duke of Yosemite, will inherit one million pounds if he can keep his temper in check. Thing is, he has to endure Bugs Bunny as his house guest.
Movie: Rabbit's Feat ( 1960 )
Wile E. is stalking Bugs this time, but with no more success than he has against the roadrunner.
Movie: People Are Bunny ( 1959 )
Daffy Duck manages to get Bugs into a TV studio in order to win the thousand dollar bounty.
Movie: Bonanza Bunny ( 1959 )
Bugs fights with Blacque Jacque Shellacque over Klondike gold.
Movie: Hare-Abian Nights ( 1959 )
Bugs entertains the Sultan with tales from his cartoons: "Bully for Bugs", "Sahara Hare" and "Water, Water Every Hare".
Movie: Ali Baba Bunny ( 1957 )
Bugs and Daffy tunnel to Baghdad where they find caves full of treasure and a guard named Hassan who wants only to "chop" them.
Movie: Bedevilled Rabbit ( 1957 )
Bugs Bunny is parachuted by airplane in a carrot crate down to Tasmania, where he, of course, meets the Tasmanian Devil.
Movie: To Hare Is Human ( 1956 )
Wile E. Coyote consults a "Univac Electric Brain (Do It Yourself)" in his efforts to catch Bugs.
Movie: Barbary-Coast Bunny ( 1956 )
When Nasty Canasta cheats Bugs out of his gold, the rabbit retaliates by playing a naive hayseed whose effortless and unrelenting winning bankrupts Canasta's new casino.
Movie: Half-Fare Hare ( 1956 )
Bugs Bunny boards the Chattanooga Choo Choo and finds Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, from "The Honeymooners" TV show. Ralph and Ed are starving, and when they set eyes on Bugs, they yell, "It's foooooood!"
Movie: Napoleon Bunny-Part ( 1956 )
Bugs takes a wrong turn off the Hollywood freeway and tunnels into the headquarters of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Movie: Rabbitson Crusoe ( 1956 )
Crusoe, played by Yosemite Sam, has been living off coconuts for 20 years when Bugs washes up on his island.
Movie: Broom-Stick Bunny ( 1956 )
Witch Hazel's claim to be the ugliest witch of all is threatened by a Halloween witch who turns out to be Bugs trick-or-treating.
Movie: Bugs' Bonnets ( 1956 )
A psychological study of the behavioral effects of headgear as Bugs and Elmer continually switch personas depending on which hats they wear.
Movie: Knight-Mare Hare ( 1955 )
An apple falls on Bugs' head, transporting him back to King Arthur's England.
Movie: Roman Legion-Hare ( 1955 )
The Coliseum, Emperor Nero want to threw a victim to the lions, but finds out that they run out of victims. then he order Yosemite Sam to fetch one for him. after noticing Bugs Bunny he tries to make him the victim.
Movie: Devil May Hare ( 1954 )
Bugs Bunny finds the Tasmanian Devil in his encyclopedia just as the animal threatens to devour him.
Movie: Sahara Hare ( 1955 )
Riff-Raff (Yosemite) Sam, riding a camel that won't whoa, chases Bugs into a French Foreign-Legion post.
Movie: No Parking Hare ( 1954 )
A construction worker wants to blast Bugs out of his rabbit hole so he can build a freeway.
Movie: Bewitched Bunny ( 1954 )
Disguised as a truant officer, Bugs attempts to rescue Hansel and Gretel from Witch Hazel, who plans to cook him for her dinner.
Movie: Bugs and Thugs ( 1954 )
When Bugs calls a cab he doesn't know it's the getaway car for a couple of bankrobbers (he does know the capital of Nevada).
Movie: Bully for Bugs ( 1953 )
Bugs Bunny once again making that "wrong turn at Albuquerque" burrows into a bullring, where a magnificent bull is making short work of a toreador. The bull bucks Bugs out of the arena, prompting the bunny to declare "Of course you realize, this means war!" The deft Bugs' arsenal comes plenty packed, as he uses anvils, well-placed face slaps and the bull's horns as a slingshot. The bull fights back, using his horns as a shotgun barrel. The bull's comeback is short-lived; just after Bugs makes out his will, he lures the bull out of the arena, just in time to set up a rube-like device that leads to the bull's defeat.
Movie: 14 Carrot Rabbit ( 1952 )
Bugs goes a little crazy whenever he's standing close to gold, and the trait intrigues claim-jumping Klondike miner Chillicothe (Yosemite) Sam.
Movie: Water, Water Every Hare ( 1952 )
A sudden rainstorm floods Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole and puts him in the path of an Evil Scientist and of Rudolph, a beast that is covered in orange fur and shod in sneakers.
Movie: Oily Hare ( 1952 )
A Texas oilman fights Bugs over property rights to his rabbit hole.
Movie: Big Top Bunny ( 1951 )
An acrobatic bear at Colonel Korny's World Famous Circus finds an unwanted partner in Bugs Bunny.
Movie: Rabbit Hood ( 1949 )
When Bugs tries to take a carrot from the King's field in Sherwood Forest he's caught in the act by the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Movie: Mutiny on the Bunny ( 1950 )
Shanghai Sam needs a new crew for his ship. Bugs signs on but rebels at the captain's cruelty.
Movie: Big House Bunny ( 1950 )
Sing Song guard (Yosemite) Sam Shultz mistakes Bugs for a prisoner when he tunnels up inside the jail.
Movie: Hurdy-Gurdy Hare ( 1950 )
Hurdy gurdy operator Bugs must get rid of his Chimp when the ape steals the take from him. The replacement ape is is a Gorrilla.
Movie: Bunny Hugged ( 1951 )
This adventure takes Bugs into the world of professional wrestling.
Movie: Rabbit of Seville ( 1950 )
Bugs and Elmer supply new lyrics to Rossini's opera.
Movie: The Windblown Hare ( 1949 )
Bugs buys the homes of the three little pigs and the wolf starts blowing them down. Of course you know "this means war."
Movie: Hair-Raising Hare ( 1946 )
A sneaker-wearing, hairy monster chases Bugs through a castle belonging to an evil scientist.
Movie: A-Lad-in His Lamp ( 1948 )
Bugs Bunny finds and rubs Aladdin's lamp and decides to follow the genie to Baghdad, where they battle Mad Man Hassan.
Movie: Rebel Rabbit ( 1949 )
The signs indicate current bounty prices: $50 for a fox, $75 for a bear, only 2 cents for a rabbit. Bugs is insulted.
Movie: Hare Remover ( 1946 )
Elmer Fudd is a mad scientist who wants to turn Bugs Bunny into a fiend. Bugs tricks this ersatz Dr. Jekyll into drinking his own mixture; later, each thinks the other has changed into a bear.
Movie: Baseball Bugs ( 1946 )
Bugs plays every defensive position against the Gashouse Gorillas.
Movie: Acrobatty Bunny ( 1946 )
When the circus arrives they put the lion's cage right over Bugs' rabbit hole.
TV Show: The Perils of Penelope Pitstop ( 1969 )
Syvester Sneekly is the legal guardian of female race car driver Penelope Pitstop. He disguises himself as The Hooded Claw for the purpose of killing her so he can get her wealth. The Ant Hill Mod (Cyide, Softly, Zippy, Pockets, Dum Dum, Yak Yak and Snoozy) always save her.
Movie: Hare Force ( 1944 )
Granny lets Bugs Bunny come in from the cold, but her dog Sylvester will have none of it.
Movie: Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears ( 1944 )
The bears tempt Goldilocks with carrot soup, the scent of which brings Bugs on the scene. Bugs romances Mama bear and she becomes infatuated with him.
Movie: Bugsy and Mugsy ( 1957 )
Bugs Bunny finds that gangsters Rocky and Mugsy have chosen his new abode, a condemned building, as their hideout. Bugs manipulates them into attacking each other to prove that crime doesn't pay.
Movie: Chow Hound ( 1951 )
A perpetually-hungry dog has a great scheme going: planting a cat in different houses and bullying it out the food its "owners" give it. But he keeps getting hungrier and hungrier, and the cat keeps forgetting the gravy.
TV Show: The Flintstones ( 1960 )
Join the fun in the town of Bedrock with the this fabulously famous modern Stone-Age family. Mowing the lawn with a saw-toothed dinosaur, showering with water sprayed from a woolly mammoth's trunk and eating brontosaurus burgers are everyday events for the lovable Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their friends Barney and Betty Rubble. Living in prehistoric times has its drawbacks, but the Flintstones and their neighbors survive in style. So have a yabba-dabba-doo time with the The Flintstones.
Movie: Barbecue Brawl ( 1956 )
Spike is showing his son Tyke how to barbecue when his cooking is disrupted by a typical Tom-and-Jerry chase.
TV Show: Aquaman ( 1967 )
Set in the lost city of Atlantis, Aquaman is the hero from the deep who protects the sea against any foes who threaten the peaceful undersea life. Aided by his ward Aqualad, Aquaman fights for justice on the ocean floor while keeping close contact with friends on dry land. On September 14, 1968 the Aquaman animated series was combined with Superman and Batman, along with brand new episodes starring the Justice League of America- Flash (Barry Allen), Hawkman (Carter Hall/Katar Hol), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Atom (Ray Palmer), along with the Teen Titans (Aqualad, Kid-Flash, Robin, Speedy, and Wonder Girl.) Although Wonder Girl was among the Teen Titans, Wonder Woman was not involved in the show.
TV Show: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! ( 1969 )
Brainiac Velma, jock Fred, fashionista Daphne, hippie Shaggy, and Shaggy's highstrung, talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, climb into their green van, the Mystery Machine, and hit the road in search of weird phenomena to solve. And even when Scooby and the gang aren't actively searching for them, mysteries just have a way of falling into their laps. Ruh-roh!
TV Show: Josie and the Pussycats ( 1970 )
"Josie and the Pussycats" followed the adventures of an all-girl rock and roll group as they travelled the world playing gigs and along the way thwarted the weird diabolical plots of several megalomaniacs looking to rule the world.
TV Show: Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space ( 1972 )
A continuation cartoon of the popular Josie And The Pussycats, this series was about how the gang gets launched (accidentally) into space.
TV Show: Spider-Man ( 1967 )
First airing on the ABC television network in 1967, the series revolves around the scientific-minded teenager Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, develops amazing strength and spider-like powers. He decides to become a crime-fighting, costumed superhero; all the while dealing with his personal problems and the insecurities resulting from being a teenager.
TV Show: Jonny Quest ( 1964 )
The adventures of "Jonny Quest" and his father Dr. Benton Quest. Along for the adventure is the multi-faceted "Race" Bannon, the mystical Hadji, and Jonny's dog, the irrepressible Bandit. They solve mysteries and try to thwart the evil of Dr. Zin.
TV Show: Super Friends ( 1973 )
1973's Super Friends' premise was for Superman to team up with other DC Comics superheroes (Aquaman, Batman and Robin, and Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) with her magic lasso, telepathy and invisible jet) along with eager young hero trainees Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog for adventures. Their base of operation was called the Hall of Justice, where they responded to Trouble Alerts and information supplied by Col. Wilcox. Wendy demonstrated the brains, while Wonder Dog was similar to Hanna Barbera's Scooby Doo, and Marvin was enthusiastic but needed to learn the moral of each episode. The adventures were one hour long, and included occasional cameos by other heroes like Plastic Man and Flash (Barry Allen). Hanna Barbera artist Alex Toth did the character designs. This series was cancelled in 1975 after two seasons."Their mission: To fight Injustice. To right that which is wrong. And to serve all mankind!"
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