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Best True Crime Shows

The best true crime tv shows and documentaries I’ve seen - and I’ve watched a LOT of true crime. They’re not necessarily in any order.

This list includes current and cancelled shows and documentary series… if you’re looking for something suspenseful and interesting that you can really get caught up in, you’ll definitely find it here.

Always looking for more shows to watch, so feel free to message me with comments and suggestions.

If anyone wants links to episodes, shoot me a request

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Movie: Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills ( 1996 )
A horrific triple child murder leads to an indictment and trial of three nonconformist boys based on questionable evidence.
Movie: The Staircase II: The Last Chance ( 2013 )
Explosive developments - implicating both the forensics laboratory of the police department of North Carolina, and Duane Deaver, its chief - recently saw the convicted subject of 'The Staircase', Michael Peterson, released from jail after serving eight years of a life sentence, pending a retrial.
Movie: Who Took Johnny ( 2014 )
WHO TOOK JOHNNY is an examination into an infamous thirty-year-old cold case: the disappearance of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, the first missing child to appear on a milk carton. The film focuses on the heartbreaking story of Johnny's mother, Noreen, and her relentless quest for the truth about what happened on the tragic September morning in Des Moines when Johnny never returned from his paper route. Along the way there have been mysterious sightings, strange clues, bizarre revelations, and a confrontation with a person who claims to have helped abduct Johnny. Steeped in intrigue and conspiracy theories, WHO TOOK JOHNNY explores eyewitness accounts, compelling evidence, and emotional discoveries spanning three decades of the most spellbinding missing person's case in U.S. history
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