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Good Early Western Romance Movies
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Movie: The Big Trail ( 1930 )
Breck Coleman leads hundreds of settlers in covered wagons from the Mississippi River to their destiny out West.
Movie: Montana Moon ( 1930 )
While returning to Montana from a fling in New York, wealthy Joan Prescott leaves the train, intending to return to the big city. She runs into handsome cowboy Larry and gets engaged. On their wedding night she does a sultry dance with Jeff which ends with a prolonged kiss. Larry slugs Jeff. Angry Joan entrains for New York, but train robbers kidnap her. The leader of the pretend-bandits is Larry.
Movie: I Take This Woman ( 1931 )
A wealthy New York socialite falls for and marries a cowboy while out West. Her father disinherits her, and after trying to make a go of it as a cowboy's wife, they agree to divorce and she returns back east to her family. However, she soon changes her mind and determines to get her husband back.
Movie: The Outlaw ( 1946 )
Western legends Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid are played against each other over the law and the attentions of vivacious country vixen Rio McDonald.
Movie: The Plainsman ( 1936 )
Wild Bill Hickok attempts to stop an Indian uprising that was started by white gun-runners.
Movie: Barbary Coast ( 1935 )
Mary Rutledge arrives from the east, finds her fiance dead, and goes to work at the roulette wheel of Louis Charnalis' Bella Donna, a rowdy gambling house in San Francisco in the 1850s.
Movie: Drums Along the Mohawk ( 1939 )
Newlyweds Gil and Lana Martin try to establish a farm in the Mohawk Valley but are menaced by Indians and Tories as the Revolutionary War begins.
Movie: North West Mounted Police ( 1940 )
In 1885, a Texas Ranger travels to Canada to arrest a trapper who's wanted for murder and who's stirring up the Natives in a rebellion against the Canadian government.
Movie: Boom Town ( 1940 )
Two buddies who rise from fly-by-night wildcatters to oil tycoons over a twenty year period both love the same woman.
Movie: The Great Man's Lady ( 1942 )
A 100-year-old pioneer woman tells her story in flashbacks.
Movie: The Spoilers ( 1942 )
In Nome, Alaska, miner Roy Glennister and his partner Dextry, financed by saloon entertainer Cherry Malotte, fight to save their gold claim from crooked commissioner Alexander McNamara.
Movie: The Lawless Breed ( 1953 )
After being released from prison, former gun-fighter John Wesley Hardin hopes to have his autobiography published in order to rehabilitate his tarnished reputation.
Movie: California ( 1947 )
Epic account of how California became a state, featuring a wagon train, the Gold Rush, a wicked saloon queen, and an evil profiteer.
Movie: Garden of Evil ( 1954 )
A trio of American adventurers marooned in rural Mexico are recruited by a beautiful woman to rescue her husband trapped in a cave in Apache territory.
Movie: Rachel and the Stranger ( 1948 )
A widowed farmer takes an indentured servant as his new wife, but the arrival of his old friend threatens their burgeoning relationship.
Movie: Unconquered ( 1947 )
Intrepid frontiersman Chris Holden foils the political and personal ambitions of renegade Martin Garth in the Ohio Valley following the French and Indian War.
Movie: Tulsa ( 1949 )
In Tulsa, when a rancher dies during a feud with a major oil company, his daughter, driven by revenge, starts digging for oil herself.
Movie: Of Human Hearts ( 1938 )
Ethan Wilkins is a poor and honest man who ministers to the human soul, while his son Jason yearns to be a doctor, helping people in the earthly realm.
Movie: Rawhide ( 1951 )
A stagecoach stop employee and a stranded woman traveller find themselves at the mercy of four desperate outlaws intent on robbing the next day's gold shipment.
Movie: Those Redheads from Seattle ( 1953 )
A woman takes her four beautiful daughters to Dawson City Yukon during the Gold Rush to find their fortune.
Movie: The Fighting Kentuckian ( 1949 )
In 1818 Alabama, French settlers are pitted against greedy land-grabber Blake Randolph but Kentucky militiaman John Breen, who's smitten with French gal Fleurette De Marchand, comes to the settlers' aid.
Movie: The Misfits ( 1961 )
A divorcée falls for an over-the-hill cowboy who is struggling to maintain his romantically independent lifestyle.
Movie: The Comancheros ( 1961 )
Texas Ranger Jake Cutter arrests gambler Paul Regret, but soon finds himself teamed with his prisoner in an undercover effort to defeat a band of renegade arms merchants and thieves known as Comancheros.
Movie: McLintock! ( 1963 )
Wealthy rancher G.W. McLintock uses his power and influence in the territory to keep the peace between farmers, ranchers, land-grabbers, Indians and corrupt government officials.
Movie: 100 Rifles ( 1969 )
In 1912 Sonora, Mexico, native revolutionary Yaqui Joe robs a bank to buy arms for his oppressed people, but finds himself sought by an American lawman and the Mexican Army.
Movie: Fighting Caravans ( 1931 )
A young frontier scout helps guide a freight wagon train across the country, fighting off Indians and evil traders, while his two crusty companions try and save him from falling in love.
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