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A Tribute to Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon

Walter Matthau (/ˈmæθaʊ/) born Walter John Matthow; October 1, 1920 – July 1, 2000) was an iconic American actor nominated for an Academy Award three times, winning once. He starred in at least 54 films.
Jack Lemmon, born John Uhler Lemmon III (February 8, 1925 – June 27, 2001), was also an iconic American actor and musician who was nominated for an Academy Award eight times, winning twice. He starred in over 60 films.

Obviously, each of these actors were legends in their own right. However, when they worked together, their chemistry created movie magic never seen before nor since.

They showed how well they worked together in the 1971 film Kotch, the only movie that Lemmon ever directed; Matthau was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his performance.

This Playlist is dedicated to one of Hollywood’s most popular comedic duos.

note: Clicking on each actor’s respective names, will display their individual filmographies.

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Movie: The Fortune Cookie ( 1966 )
A crooked lawyer persuades his brother-in-law to feign a serious injury.
Movie: The Odd Couple ( 1968 )
Two friends try sharing an apartment, but their ideas of housekeeping and lifestyles are as different as night and day.
Movie: Kotch ( 1971 )
Wanting to avoid settling in a nursing home, Joseph Kotcher, a retired salesman, is obliged to leave his son's family. He embarks on a road trip during which he strikes up a friendship with a pregnant teenager and begins to understand the true meaning of life as he helps the girl give birth to her child.
Movie: The Front Page ( 1974 )
As a tabloid newspaper editor tries to prevent his top reporter from retiring, an escaped death row convict shows up at the office trying to convey his innocence.
Movie: Buddy Buddy ( 1981 )
During a high profile Mafia testimony case in California's Riverside County, a hired killer checks-in a hotel room near the courthouse while his next door depressed neighbor wants to commit suicide due to marital problems.
Movie: JFK ( 1991 )
New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story.
Movie: Grumpy Old Men ( 1993 )
A lifelong feud between two neighbors since childhood only gets worse when a new female neighbor moves across the street.
Movie: Grumpier Old Men ( 1995 )
John and Max resolve to save their beloved bait shop from turning into an Italian restaurant, just as its new female owner catches Max's attention.
Movie: The Grass Harp ( 1996 )
After his mother's death, Collin Fenwick goes to live with his father's cousins, the wealthy, avaricious, and controlling Verena Talbo, and her compliant, earthy sister Dolly. When a city slicker comes to town and convinces Verena to market Dolly's locally-famous tonic, Dolly finally gets some backbone, refuses to divulge the formula, and heads for a tree house with Collin and Catherine, the loyal maid. Verena, who has most of the town in her pocket, sics the law on the renegades. Dolly, Catherine, and Collin find a supporter in a retired judge, Charlie Cool, who's attracted to Dolly. Will Verena's venom win out? And what about that city slicker?
Movie: Out to Sea ( 1997 )
A failed gambler, intent on meeting a rich widow, tricks his widowed brother-in-law into boarding a cruise ship as dance hosts.
Movie: The Odd Couple II ( 1998 )
Oscar and Felix take a road trip to their son and daughter's wedding.
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