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Mr. Moto is a fictional Japanese secret agent created by the American author John P. Marquand. He appeared in six novels by Marquand published between 1935 and 1957. Marquand initially created the character for the Saturday Evening Post, which was seeking stories with an Asian hero after the death of Charlie Chan’s creator Earl Derr Biggers.
In various other media, Mr. Moto has been portrayed as an international detective. These include eight motion pictures starring Peter Lorre between 1937 and 1939, 23 radio shows starring James Monks broadcast in 1951, a 1965 film starring Henry Silva, and a 2003 comic book produced by Moonstone Books, later reprinted as Welcome Back, Mr. Moto.

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Movie: Think Fast, Mr. Moto ( 1937 )
On a freighter going from San Francisco to Shanghai Mr. Moto solves mysteries caused by a gang of smugglers.
Movie: Thank You, Mr. Moto ( 1937 )
Seven maps, when found and put together, reveal the location of the treasures of Genghis Khan.
Movie: Mr. Moto's Gamble ( 1938 )
When the #1 heavyweight contender is mysteriously poisoned during a bout, Moto knows that identifying the gambler who placed large bets against him is the key to solving the murder.
Movie: Mr. Moto Takes a Chance ( 1938 )
In the jungle near Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Mr. Moto poses as an ineffectual archaeologist and a venerable holy man with mystical powers to help foil two insurgencies against the government.
Movie: Mysterious Mr. Moto ( 1938 )
Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil's Island so he can help his cellmate escape and thereby get the goods on a gang of international killers.
Movie: Mr. Moto's Last Warning ( 1939 )
Moto thwarts a ruthless band of international agents who try to foment an international incident by mining the entrance to the Suez Canal and blaming the British.
Movie: Mr. Moto in Danger Island ( 1939 )
The U.S. government asks Mr. Moto to go to Puerto Rico to investigate diamond smuggling after an earlier investigator is murdered.
Movie: Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation ( 1939 )
Disguised as an Austrian archaeologist, Moto helps unearth the priceless crown of the legendary Queen of Sheba and sans disguise defends it from a variety of thugs and criminals.
Movie: The Return of Mr. Moto ( 1965 )
Mr. Moto goes undercover to find out who has been blowing up oil wells and trying to gain total control of all the oil leases from a petroleum-rich Middle Eastern country.
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