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Good Early Drama Movies 1922
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Movie: The Bad Sister ( 1931 )
Marianne falls in love with a con artist who has a hidden agenda.
Movie: Dancers in the Dark ( 1932 )
A bandleader tries to romance a dancer by sending her boyfriend, a musician, out of town. However, things get complicated when he finds out that a gangster has designs on her too.
Movie: Virtue ( 1932 )
A relationship gradually develops between a savvy New York street girl and a good-hearted cab driver--who first meet when she stiffs him for the fare--but other matters keep getting in their way, including financial problems and a murder.
Movie: The Velvet Trap ( 1966 )
Put upon greasy spoon waitress Julie gets raped by her drunken short order cook boss. After managing to escape, Julie hooks up with regular patron Brad Collins and heads off to Las Vegas for an impromptu wedding. However, Brad leaves Julie high and dry in a cheap motel the very next morning after coercing her into posing for a few nude photos. But that's just the start of poor Julie's woes.
Movie: The Incident ( 1968 )
Late one night, two young toughs hold hostage the passengers in one car of a New York subway train.
Movie: Imitation of Life ( 1934 )
A struggling widow and her daughter take in a black housekeeper and her fair-skinned daughter; the two women start a successful business, but face familial, identity, and racial issues along the way.
Movie: Public Stenographer ( 1934 )
The wisecracking and attractive public stenographer Ann McNair spends much of her time fending off the touchy hands of her employers, but the handsome James "Jimmy" Martin Jr. learns to play it cool if he's going to play for keeps. But is he playing for keeps? As Ann at long last drops her hard-boiled veneer she gets more involved with Jimmy and with a scam that could lead to ruin.
Movie: Strange Cargo ( 1940 )
Convicts escaping from Devil's Island come under the influence of a strange Christ-like figure.
Movie: The Wicked Lady ( 1946 )
A noblewoman begins to lead a dangerous double life in order to alleviate her boredom.
Movie: A Streetcar Named Desire ( 1951 )
Disturbed Blanche DuBois moves in with her sister in New Orleans and is tormented by her brutish brother-in-law while her reality crumbles around her.
Movie: The Bad and the Beautiful ( 1953 )
An unscrupulous movie producer uses an actress, a director and a writer to achieve success.
Movie: Shop Spoiled ( 1954 )
One day in the lives and loves of the staff in a large department store.
Movie: No Down Payment ( 1957 )
The marital difficulties of four couples living in a southern California housing development become intertwined. Among the unhappy couples are ne'er-do-well Jerry Flagg and his long-suffering wife Isabelle, flirtatious Leola Boone and her sadistic husband Troy, hard working Herman Kreitzer and his understanding wife Betty, and newlyweds Jean and David Martin.
Movie: The Five Pennies ( 1959 )
Loring "Red" Nichols is a cornet-playing country boy who goes to New York in the 1920s full of musical ambition and principles. He gets a job playing in Wil Paradise's band, but quits to pursue his dream of playing Dixieland jazz. He forms the "Five Pennies" which features his wife, Bobbie, as vocalist. At the peak of his fame, Red and Bobbie's daughter, Dorothy, develops polio. Red quits the music business to move to Los Angeles where the climate is better for Dorothy. As Dorothy becomes a young teen, she learns of her father's musical past, and he is persuaded to open a small nightclub which is failing until some noted names from his past come to help out.
Movie: Imitation of Life ( 1959 )
An aspiring actress befriends a black widow, but trouble arises when the latter is rejected by her daughter, who tries to pass for white.
Movie: Bus Riley's Back in Town ( 1965 )
A young sailor returns home to discover his girl has married an older, wealthy man.
Movie: The Silver Horde ( 1930 )
A salmon fisherman has to choose between a bad girl and a society doll.
Movie: Notorious But Nice ( 1933 )
Movie: White Woman ( 1933 )
A nightclub singer marries the rich owner of a rubber plantation. When she returns with him to his estate in Malaysia, she finds out that he is cruel, vicious and insanely jealous. She and the plantation's overseer develop a mutual attraction, but are terrified at what will happen if her husband finds out.
Movie: Internes Can't Take Money ( 1937 )
In his first film, young Dr. Kildare helps a female ex-con find her child.
Movie: Confession ( 1937 )
Aging down on her luck cabaret singer murders a respectable composer. On trial she slowly gives in and explains her crime. They had a complicated history.
Movie: Darling ( 1965 )
Beautiful, but amoral, model Diana Scott (Julie Christie) sleeps her way to the top of the London fashion scene at the height of the Swinging Sixties.
Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame ( 1939 )
In 15th-century France, a gypsy girl is framed for murder by the infatuated Chief Justice, and only the deformed bellringer of Notre Dame Cathedral can save her.
Movie: Heaven Can Wait ( 1943 )
An old roué arrives in Hades to review his life with Satan, who will rule on his eligibility to enter the Underworld.
Movie: Letter from an Unknown Woman ( 1948 )
A pianist about to flee from a duel receives a letter from a woman he cannot remember, who may hold the key to his downfall.
Movie: The Forbidden Street ( 1949 )
A rich woman in Victorian England marries a poor artist from the wrong side of the track, and finds herself the victim of a blackmailing plot.
Movie: Freaks ( 1932 )
A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.
Movie: A Bill of Divorcement ( 1932 )
A man, Hilary Fairfield returns home after fifteen years in a mental asylum. However, he finds things are not the way they were when he left.
Movie: The Power and the Glory ( 1933 )
A man's life is retold just after his funeral. Beginning as a track walker, Tom Garner rose through all sorts of railroad jobs to head the company. In the meantime he lost touch with his family. When he saw what was happening it was already too late.
Movie: Anthony Adverse ( 1936 )
In 18th-century Italy, an orphan's debt to the man who raised him threatens to separate him forever from the woman he loves.
Movie: Dodsworth ( 1936 )
A retired auto manufacturer and his wife take a long-planned European vacation only to find that they want very different things from life.
Movie: Camille ( 1937 )
A Parisian courtesan must choose between the young man who loves her and the callous baron who wants her, even as her own health begins to fail.
Movie: Wuthering Heights ( 1939 )
A servant in the house of Wuthering Heights tells a traveller the unfortunate tale of lovers Cathy and Heathcliff.
Movie: The Old Maid ( 1939 )
The arrival of an ex-lover on a young woman's wedding day sets in motion a chain of events which will alter her and her cousin's lives forever.
Movie: 21 Days Together ( 1940 )
After Larry Darrent accidentally kills his lover's blackmailing husband, someone else is arrested for the crime. Larry and Wanda have just three weeks together before the trial and if the man is found guilty then Larry will give himself up and prevent an innocent man going to the gallows.
Movie: Of Mice and Men ( 1940 )
A mentally disabled giant and his level headed guardian find work at a sadistic cowboy's ranch in depression era America.
Movie: The Mortal Storm ( 1940 )
The Roth family leads a quiet life in a small village in the German Alps during the early 1930s. When the Nazis come to power, the family is divided and Martin Brietner, a family friend is caught up in the turmoil.
Movie: The Great Lie ( 1941 )
After a newlywed's husband apparently dies in a plane crash, she discovers that her rival for his affections is now pregnant with his child.
Movie: The Little Foxes ( 1941 )
The ruthless, moneyed Hubbard clan lives in, and poisons, their part of the deep South at the turn of the twentieth century.
Movie: In This Our Life ( 1942 )
The day before her wedding, a pampered young woman absconds with her sister's husband; in retaliation, her sister begins seeing the woman's former fiancé.
Movie: The Magnificent Ambersons ( 1942 )
The spoiled young heir to the decaying Amberson fortune comes between his widowed mother and the man she has always loved.
Movie: Now, Voyager ( 1942 )
A frumpy spinster blossoms under therapy and becomes an elegant, independent woman.
Movie: The Powers Girl ( 1943 )
Two sisters living in New York City aspiring to become high-profile models.
Movie: Alaska Highway ( 1943 )
Pop Ormsby wins the contract from the Army Engineer Corps for the construction of the Alaska Highway connecting Alaska to Canada. The elder of his two sons, Woody Ormseby, decides he had rather fight with bullets than bulldozers but is assigned by the Army to work on the project. Woody and his younger brother Steve are both rivals for the affection of Ann Caswell, the daughter of Road Engineer Blair Caswell.
Movie: Pittsburgh ( 1942 )
Charles 'Pittsburgh' Markham rides roughshod over his friends, his lovers, and his ideals in his trek toward financial success in the Pittsburgh steel industry, only to find himself deserted and lonely at the top. When his crash comes, he finds that fate has dealt him a second chance.
Movie: The Man from Kangaroo ( 1922 )
John Harland is a former boxer turned reverend posted to the town of Kangaroo. He falls in love with Muriel, an orphaned heiress, and discovers that her guardian Martin Giles is embezzling ...
Movie: The Sawmill ( 1922 )
A bumbling sawmill employee tries to win the hand of the owner's daughter while staying out of the clutches of the mill's bullying foreman.
Movie: Nice and Friendly ( 1922 )
There is no real plot in this little short, who was made only as a wedding present for Lord and Lady Mountbatten. The main plot line is that Lady Mountbatten has a valuable pearl necklace, ...
Movie: Foolish Wives ( 1922 )
A con artist masquerades a Russian nobility and attempts to seduce the wife of an American diplomat.
Movie: Blue Blazes ( 1922 )
Movie: Sky High ( 1922 )
A government agent investigates a ring that is smuggling Chinese aliens across the border from Mexico. His investigation takes him to the Grand Canyon. He finds a dazed girl wandering around who has become separated from her companions and is lost. He and the girl are soon found by her companions - the smuggling ring!
Movie: Saturday Night ( 1922 )
Though betrothed to fellow socialite Richard, Iris weds her chauffeur Tom leaving Richard to marry the family laundress' daughter Shamrock. Class differences lead to divorces and remarriages.
Movie: Destiny ( 1922 )
As a young couple stops and rests in a small village inn, the man is abducted by Death and is sequestered behind a huge doorless, windowless wall. The woman finds a mystic entrance and is met by Death, who tells her three separate stories set in exotic locales, all involving circumstances similar to hers. In each story, a woman, trying to save her lover from his ultimate tragic fate, fails. The young lady realizes the meaning of the tales and takes the only step she can to reunite herself with her lover.
Movie: The Man with the Twisted Lip ( 1922 )
Nellie St. Clair becomes distraught over the disappearance of Neville, her respectable, middle-class husband last seen in the second story window of a seedy waterfront dive and seeks out Holmes and Watson for help. When Holmes and the police arrive, they find a filthy beggar, not St. Clair, in the building which also serves as an opium den. The missing man's clothes are found in the room along with his son's broken toy and a bloody fingerprint on the window sill. Holmes initially suspects foul play especially after St. Clair's coat, weighted down with with copper coins, is found on a nearby riverbank. However, after the Great Detective interviews the beggar in his cell, he is able to solve the case and reunite Mrs. St. Clair with her husband.
Movie: Moran of the Lady Letty ( 1922 )
Wealthy young man Ramon Laredo is abducted and put into service aboard a ship commanded by a none-too-scrupulous smuggler. When the ship encounters the foundering "Lady Letty," some of the Letty's crew is brought aboard, including Letty 'Moran' Sternerson, feisty daughter of the Letty's captain. Moran and Ramon have little use for each other, but when trouble erupts and the smuggler Captain Kitchell turns his evil eye on Moran, it is Ramon who comes to her rescue.
Movie: The Seventh Day ( 1922 )
A group of New York society folk on a yachting excursion are forced to put into a New England fishing village for repairs. The engaged couple Reggie and Patricia are taken with the quaint town and its quainter ways, but also with two locals, Betty Alden and her brother John. Patricia begins to fall for John while her fiancé takes a seemingly unworthy liking to Betty. The new infatuations lead to disharmony.
Movie: Smilin' Through ( 1922 )
Movie: Trapped by the Mormons ( 1922 )
Mormons capture women for their wives in this silent anti-Mormon propaganda film featuring the original organ music.
Movie: Sherlock Holmes ( 1922 )
A young Sherlock Holmes seeks to bring down the criminal mastermind Moriarty as he solves a crime involving a blackmailed prince.
Movie: Cops ( 1922 )
A series of mishaps manages to make a young man get chased by a big city's entire police force.
Movie: The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ( 1922 )
A man struggles to survive after being shipwrecked on a deserted island.
Movie: A Rag Doll Romance ( 1922 )
Movie: The Man from Beyond ( 1922 )
A man who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love.
Movie: Pay Day ( 1922 )
After a difficult day at work, a bricklayer tries to enjoy his pay day without his wife knowing.
Movie: The Man from Home ( 1922 )
An American heiress's fiancé saves a fisherman accused of stabbing his wife.
Movie: The Primitive Lover ( 1922 )
A free-spirited girl is caught between her love for her husband and her attraction to a handsome adventurer.
Movie: My Wife's Relations ( 1922 )
By accident, Buster and an intimidating woman end up married.
Movie: Beyond the Rocks ( 1922 )
A young woman marries an older millionaire and then falls in love with a handsome nobleman on her honeymoon.
Movie: The Trap ( 1922 )
A miner's happiness is destroyed when a rival steals his mine. He becomes obsessed with revenge, and plans a trap for the man who took his mine.
Movie: Beauty's Worth ( 1922 )
Prudence Cole is an unsophisticated Quaker girl being raised by her two aunts. Prudence is flirted with by snobbish Henry Garrison, who actually disdains the girl for her lack of worldliness and savoir faire. When Henry and his friends try to embarrass her at a posh resort, Prudence turns the tables on them.
Movie: Nosferatu ( 1922 )
Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter's wife.
Movie: A Pair of Kings ( 1922 )
Movie: The Devil's Foot ( 1922 )
A family is at their dining room table, sitting upright and dressed for dinner--except they're all dead. Sherlock Holmes must figure out how--and, more importantly, why--they were murdered.
Movie: Nanook of the North ( 1922 )
In this silent predecessor to the modern documentary, film-maker Robert J. Flaherty spends one year following the lives of Nanook and his family, Inuits living in the Arctic Circle.
Movie: The Dying Detective ( 1922 )
The great detective Sherlock Holmes, near death after having contracted a rare and usually fatal Asiatic disease, is determined to solve one last murder case before he passes on.
Movie: Pay Day ( 1922 )
Movie: The Blacksmith ( 1922 )
Buster Keaton shoes horses and repairs cars, with mixed results.
Movie: The Worldly Madonna ( 1922 )
Ms. Young portrays two roles. As Janet, a convent novitiate, she agrees to exchange places with her sister, Lucy, a cabaret dancer, who believes she has killed a man.
Movie: Little Red Riding Hood ( 1922 )
Mother is making donuts: She throws up a circle of dough, and a cat shoots a hole in it. Later, he fishes them out of the oil with a fishing line; he eats one, and loses all 9 lives. Mother puts together a basket for Red to take to granny. Red uses her cart, which is pushed by her little dog; the cart gets a flat tire, and she inflates a donut to replace it. A wolf (a human lothario) drives by in a flivver, and dashes off to grandma's house, where he finds a note saying she's gone to the movies. He shrinks his car and stashes it in his pocket, then waits for Red, who stopped to watch a dancing flower. Red arrives, and they go into the house, where he attempts to have his way with her. The dog rushes off and gets help from an airplane pilot, who uses a skyhook to remove the house and, ultimately, lift the wolf in his car and drop him in the lake.
Movie: The Four Musicians of Bremen ( 1922 )
Four animal musicians consisting of a Horse, Cat, Dog, & Rooster set out on their own quest to try to find some fame by playing their own music. Unfortunitly every where they go, trouble always occurs whether they are being chased by town folk, a sword fish, or being attacked by an army.
Movie: Heart's Haven ( 1922 )
Movie: Blood and Sand ( 1922 )
A toreador's familial and social life is threatened when he has an affair.
Movie: Flesh and Blood ( 1922 )
A convict hiding in Chinatown assumes the identity of a cripple to track down a businessman who framed him 15 years previously. He discovers that his daughter has fallen in love with the businessman's son.
Movie: The Frozen North ( 1922 )
Buster plays a bumbling villain in this parody of melodrama.
Movie: Monte Cristo ( 1922 )
A film adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel. Edmond Dantes is falsely accused by those jealous of his good fortune, and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the notorious island prison, Chateau d'If. While imprisoned, he meets the Abbe Faria, a fellow prisoner whom everyone believes to be mad. The Abbe tells Edmond of a fantastic treasure hidden away on a tiny island, that only he knows the location of. After many years in prison, the old Abbe dies, and Edmond escapes disguised as the dead body. Now free, Edmond must find the treasure the Abbe told him of, so he can use the new-found wealth to exact revenge on those who have wronged him.
Movie: The Light in the Dark ( 1922 )
A young girl is struck and seriously injured by a wealthy society matron's car. The woman brings the girl back to her house. Later, a hardened thief is told by the girl of a goblet, that could be the Holy Grail, which has healing powers and could help her. The thief, touched by her predicament, sets out to steal the goblet and bring it to her.
Movie: Grandma's Boy ( 1922 )
Always the mama's boy, or in this case a grandma's boy, Sonny joins a posse after a tramp accused of robbery and murder. He is unable to conquer his cowardice until Grandma tells him of his grandfather, also a coward, who overcame his fears with the help of a magic amulet. With new courage (and the charm), Sonny captures the fugitive and becomes the hero of the day.
Movie: The Prisoner of Zenda ( 1922 )
When the king is drugged and abducted by his ambitious brother, a lookalike relative must take his place to keep the evil sibling off the throne.
Movie: Jack the Giant Killer ( 1922 )
Walt Disney's 7th and last retelling of an old British fairytale from the Laugh-O-Gram Studio. Jack is trying to impress Susie by showing her a story how he will win her heart.
Movie: Othello ( 1922 )
Based on Shakespeare's play: As Venice welcomes their victorious general, Othello the Moor, back to the city, some of them are waiting for Othello to choose his new lieutenant, while others are busy courting the popular Desdemona, the daughter of a Senator. Othello chooses the loyal Cassio as his lieutenant, arousing bitter jealousy in Iago, another soldier, who vows to scheme against his general. That same night, Othello elopes with Desdemona. Othello is soon sent to Cyprus to repel a Turkish invasion, and he arranges for Iago and his wife to bring Desdemona with them to Cyprus. When Iago's wife learns of a treasured handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona, this provides Iago with an idea that he hopes will destroy Othello by provoking him to jealousy.
Movie: 365 Days ( 1922 )
Movie: Häxan ( 1922 )
Fictionalized documentary showing the evolution of witchcraft, from its pagan roots to its confusion with hysteria in modern Europe.
Movie: Jack and the Beanstalk ( 1922 )
Movie: Manslaughter ( 1922 )
Society-girl thrill seeker Lydia causes the death of motorcycle policeman and is prosecuted by her fiancé Daniel who describes in lurid detail the downfall of Rome. While she's in prison she reforms and Daniel becomes a wasted alcoholic.
Movie: Dr. Mabuse the Gambler ( 1922 )
Arch-criminal Dr. Mabuse sets out to make a fortune and run Berlin. Detective Wenk sets out to stop him.
Movie: One Exciting Night ( 1922 )
A young orphan girl, courted by an unpleasant older wealthy man who has a hold over her adoptive mother, falls in love with a young stranger at a party. Odd noises begin to be heard as a group of bootleggers clandestinely try to get away with their hidden loot. One of them is killed and the young man is suspected of being the killer.
Movie: Fire Fighters ( 1922 )
The gang forms a fire department; they end up thwarting a bootlegger, but not before their pet animals get drunk on his moonshine.
Movie: The Electric House ( 1922 )
After being mistakenly certified as an electrical engineer, Buster is hired to wire a house.
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