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Movie: Stagecoach ( 1939 )
A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo and learn something about each other in the process.
Movie: Winds of the Wasteland ( 1936 )
The arrival of the telegraph put Pony Express riders like John Blair and his pal Smoky out of work. A race will decide whether they or stageline owner Drake get the government mail contract.
Movie: Apache ( 1954 )
Refusing to let himself be re-settled on a Florida reservation, Massai, an Apache warrior, escapes his captors and returns to his homeland to become a peaceful farmer.
Movie: Showdown at Boot Hill ( 1958 )
A deputy marshal kills a murderer in a town that loved him, and when no one is willing to identify him, he can't collect any reward.
Movie: Revenge of the Virgins ( 1959 )
When white settlers start to move in on their sacred grounds, a tribe of female Indians vow to do anything they can to stop them.
Movie: Jesse James ( 1939 )
After railroad agents forcibly evict the James family from their family farm, Jesse and Frank turn to banditry for revenge.
Movie: The Return of Frank James ( 1940 )
Frank James continues to avoid arrest in order to take revenge on the Ford brothers for their murder of his brother Jesse.
Movie: Wild Bill Hickok Rides ( 1942 )
In 1870s Montana, Wild Bill Hickok fights against injustices brought upon the settlers by a crooked land-developer aided by a dishonest sheriff and illegal land-grabbers.
Movie: Raiders of San Joaquin ( 1943 )
An outlaw gang is stealing land under the pretense that they are getting it for a railway.
Movie: My Darling Clementine ( 1947 )
The Earps battle the Clantons at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.
Movie: Four Faces West ( 1949 )
In New Mexico, a cowpoke forces a banker at gunpoint to give him a loan without collateral, in exchange for an IOU but the marshal and his posse chase after him.
Movie: Broken Arrow ( 1950 )
Tom Jeffords tries to make peace between settlers and Apaches in Arizona territory.
Movie: Utah Blaine ( 1957 )
Gunslinger Utah Blaine rescues rancher Joe Neal from lynching by vigilante land-grabbers and runs afoul of vigilante leader Russ Nevers' interests.
Movie: How the West Was Won ( 1962 )
A family saga covering several decades of Westward expansion in the nineteenth century - including the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and the building of the railroads.
Movie: Stagecoach ( 1966 )
On the stagecoach to Cheyenne, a mixed group of passengers must work together to survive the arduous journey and the Indian attacks.
Movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ( 1969 )
Wyoming, early 1900s. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid are the leaders of a band of outlaws. After a train robbery goes wrong they find themselves on the run with a posse hard on their heels. Their solution - escape to Bolivia.
Movie: Once Upon a Time in the West ( 1968 )
A mysterious stranger with a harmonica joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad.
Movie: True Grit ( 1969 )
A drunken, hard-nosed U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger help a stubborn teenager track down her father's murderer in Indian territory.
Movie: Blue Steel ( 1934 )
U.S. marshal John Carruthers observes a robbery and Sheriff Jake thinks he may be the culprit. Meanwhile the town's leading citizen is planning to rob everybody blind.
Movie: Westward Ho ( 1935 )
As a youngster John Wyatt saw his parents killed and his brother kidnapped. On a wagon train heading West he meets his brother who is now a spy for the gang which originally did the dirty work. He and his brother both fall for Mary Gordon.
Movie: The Lawless Nineties ( 1936 )
Federal agent John Tipton heads for Wyoming to supervise the vote on whether to join the Union. One group of locals is using dynamite to terrorize the populace and a local newspaper editor is killed.
Movie: King of the Pecos ( 1936 )
Texas cattle baron Stiles killed John Clayborn's parents ten years earlier. Now a lawyer, Clayborn tries legally to break up Stiles' water monopoly and rustling operation. When that fails he must use force.
Movie: Fort Apache ( 1948 )
At Fort Apache, an honorable and veteran war captain finds conflict when his regime is placed under the command of a young, glory hungry lieutenant colonel with no respect for the local Indian tribe.
Movie: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon ( 1949 )
Captain Nathan Brittles, on the eve of retirement, takes out a last patrol to stop an impending massive Indian attack. Encumbered by women who must be evacuated, Brittles finds his mission imperiled.
Movie: The Texan ( 1930 )
An outlaw, the Llano Kid is the scourge of south Texas and a Bible quoting lawman named Thacker. The kid joins a con man in a plot to deceive a wealthy old woman that he's her long-lost son and heir. Traveling to Mexico, move into the luxurious hacienda, but the Kid soon grows to love the woman and the beautiful neighbor Consuelo. He turns on his partner and the lawman from Texas is still on his trail.
Movie: The Last of the Mohicans ( 1936 )
As Alice and Cora Munro attempt to find their father, a British officer in the French and Indian War, they are set upon by French soldiers and their cohorts, Huron tribesmen led by the evil Magua. Fighting to rescue the women are Chingachgook and his son Uncas, the last of the Mohican tribe, and their white ally, the frontiersman Natty Bumppo, known as Hawkeye.
Movie: Red River Range ( 1938 )
Very organized cattle rustlers are operating with portable slaughterhouses and refrigerator vans. The governor asks the Three Mesquiteers to go undercover to investigate.
Movie: Northwest Passage ( 1940 )
Langdon Towne and Hunk Marriner join Major Rogers' Rangers as they wipe out an Indian village. They set out for Fort Wentworth, but when they arrive they find no soldiers and none of the supplies they expected.
Movie: The Story of a Great Enemy ( 1940 )
The army's effort to capture Apache chief Geronimo, who is leading a band of warriors on a rampage of raiding and murder, is hampered by a feud between two officers--who are father and son.
Movie: Kit Carson ( 1940 )
Indian fighter, trapper and frontier scout Kit Carson leads a wagon train of settlers from Fort Bridger, along the Oregon Trail through Shoshone territory, to California which plans to secede from Mexico.
Movie: Western Union ( 1941 )
When Edward Creighton leads the construction of the Western Union to unite East with West, he hires a Western reformed outlaw and a tenderfoot Eastern surveyor.
Movie: Border Vigilantes ( 1941 )
A town bedeviled with outlaws sends for Hoppy, Lucky and California after their own vigilante committee fails to solve the towns problems. Hoppy discovers that the bad guys are led by the town boss, and so are the vigilantes.
Movie: Pirates on Horseback ( 1941 )
Hoppy, Lucky and California search for a mine owned by Trudy Pendleton after it was taken from her by the swindling gambler Ace Gibson. They find the mine and Hoppy fights Gibson over it.
Movie: The Shepherd of the Hills ( 1941 )
A mysterious stranger arrives in the Missouri hills and befriends a young backwoods girl. Much to the dislike of her moonshiner fiancé who has vowed to find and kill his own father.
Movie: Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die ( 1942 )
Wyatt Earp cleans up Tombstone and faces the Clanton gang at the O.K. Corral.
Movie: From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth ( 1912 )
An account of the life of Jesus Christ, based on the books of the New Testament: After Jesus' birth is foretold to his parents, he is born in Bethlehem, and is visited by shepherds and wise men. After a stay in Egypt to avoid King Herod, his family settles in Nazareth. After years of preparation, Jesus gathers together a group of disciples, and then begins to speak publicly and to perform miracles, inspiring hope in many of his listeners, but also arousing some dangerous opposition.
Movie: A Brave Little Woman ( 1912 )
Daniel Lyttell is very ill, but Doctor Bozel assures Clara that the crisis is over and that her husband will eventually get well. In the dead of the night, a burglar enters the Lyttell home. His silent footsteps reach the ear of the sick man. Clara, too, hears mysterious noises. She pacifies Daniel and tells him to rest and sleep. Softly she steals out of the room to investigate and soon discovers the burglar. Quickly rushes to the telephone, but finds that the wires have been cut. For a moment she hesitates and fears, fears for her husband. Goes to his bedside and rejoices to find him asleep. Hastily dons a wrap and envelops her head in a black veil, leaves the room and busies herself rummaging in the drawers of a desk. The burglar comes upon her but is unable to intimidate the brave little woman. Clara tells him she, too, is a thief; only she came to steal very important letters. When the man attempts to go into the bedroom for his "haul," she commands him to stay where he is. She knows the house well and can go about it without making a break. Clara proposes to get the valuable for him. He agrees, but inwardly decides to watch her every move. Feverishly Clara goes to her dresser and draws forth all her jewels. The patient grows restless and she soothes and caresses him till he's quiet again, then she glides silently out of the room in search of the burglar. The midnight visitor, however, is not a bad sort. He has seen, and the woman's brave deed brings back to him that spark of manhood long since departed. He refuses to accept her sacrifice, and vanishes into the night ashamed of himself and determined to lead a better life. Clara returns to her husband's side and hugs him for very joy.
Movie: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( 1912 )
Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.
Movie: The Mender of Nets ( 1912 )
A young woman who works mending fishermen's nets is engaged to be married. But her fiancé has an old love who refuses to let him go. Further, his former girlfriend has a brother who is willing to use violence to protect his sister's honor.
Movie: Iola's Promise ( 1912 )
Iola, the little Indian girl, is held captive by a gang of cutthroats, from whose clutches and abuse she is rescued by Jack Harper, a prospector. She is truly grateful to Jack, for she regards him as something different from the white people she has seen. Jack's sweetheart and her father are parties of a wagon-train headed for this place, and as luck has been against him, he is somewhat gloomy. Iola learns the reason, and promises to help him find gold. He is amused at this and says "Will you?" "Yes." "Cross your heart?" This cross-your-heart action mystifies the little Indian. She thinks it is a sort of tribe insignia and tells her people that "Crossheart" people are all right. Iola surely pays her debt of gratitude, not only in finding gold, but in giving her life to protect Jack's sweetheart from her own people, who are embittered against all whites.
Movie: The Sunbeam ( 1912 )
Set in a tenement boarding house, a lonely confirmed bachelor occupies a room across the hall from a dour spinster. Children run amok in the hallways playing pranks. Believing the bachelor perpetrated one particular prank, the spinster woman enters his room to confront him. She is followed by a neighbor child. Meanwhile, the other children have stolen a scarlet fever quarantine sign and posted it on the bachelor's door. The police, unaware that the quarentine sign is a prank, enforce the confinement. But aided by the sweet disposition of the toddler quarantined with them, the icy relations between spinster and bachelor begin to thaw, . . .
Movie: Falling Leaves ( 1912 )
Trixie Thompson concludes that the only way she could save her sister from dying of the "white plague" is by preventing the autumn leaves from falling. Little Trixie knows all this because she had heard her elders say that those troubled with weak lungs usually begin to suffer and probably die when the leaves begin to fall. Winifred, Trixie's older sister, is on the verge of contracting tuberculosis. Tlie little girl loves her sister too much to let her die, so one night she steals into the garden in her "nightie" and fastens the fallen leaves with twine and hangs them up on the trees. Trixie keeps a rigid vigil for months and all the leaves that fall in the garden are replaced on the trees. While Trixie busied herself with this metaphorical occupation, Dr. Earl Headley. a young lung specialist, discovers a serum which cures consumption. He is called in by the Thompsons and Winifred is soon brought back to health. The doctor not only restores her lungs but takes her heart. Little Trixie then permits the leaves to fall.
Movie: The Girl and Her Trust ( 1912 )
Some tramps assault the telegraph office trying to rob $2000 delivered by train. The telegraphist girl, trying to help, telegraphs the next station and then the men are captured.
Movie: The Female of the Species ( 1912 )
Four survivors from an abandoned mining town - a married couple, the wife's sister, and a younger woman - are making a desperate trip to safety across the desert. The wife suspects the ...
Movie: Won by a Fish ( 1912 )
Papa ( Dell Henderson ) becomes so miserable over his bad luck as a fisherman, it causes him to reject Harry ( Edward Dillon ), his daughter's ( Mary Pickford ) sweetheart, who tease him about it. The next day he starts out with the hope of better luck, and the young couple sees a chance of getting back at him. Their scheme succeeds to such an extent, that Papa is forced to accept Harry as his future son-in-law.
Movie: Children Who Labor ( 1912 )
A foreigner who does not understand the ways of this country, applies for work at a mill, but is sent away with the intimation that if has a child at home there will be work for it, but none for himself. We then travel in vision to New York to the home of a wealthy mill owner, to whom an appeal is being made to use his influence against child labor. He indicates that he can do nothing about it, and resents the insinuation that his own child might be one of the unfortunate except for her birth and his protection. His wife shows her interest in the project. We turn to the mill again and find that the foreigner, pushed by his poverty and unable get work himself, finally yields and puts his daughter to work, as the family must have bread. The next thing we see is that Hanscomb, the rich mill owner, has sent his wife and child on a journey, and the little one, getting off the train in a spirit of mischief, is left behind in a small town, which happens to be the same one in which the foreigner, aforementioned, and his family live. The child is found by them, and as they cannot understand each other, his kindly wife takes her home and shares her poor cottage with her. Of course Hanscomb and his wife are frantic and put detectives to work on the case, but without success. Meanwhile things go badly with the foreigner, and he feels that it is necessary to put the stranger to work with his own child. Hanscomb buys the mill and so unconsciously becomes the employer of his own child. Going to look over the new property, he enters the mill just as his own child has fainted and is cared for by her little companion, and so he misses her. She is carried past her own mother at the gate, and Mrs. Hanscomb, touched by the incident, though not knowing, of course, who the strange child is, gets her address and in the evening is there with the footman with a basket of food for the little sufferer. Of course there is a reunion. Mr. Hanscomb is sent for and finds that his little daughter has learned a lesson that he has not as yet. She refuses to be taken away by herself and insists that all the other little children be set free from their slavery. He is unable to refuse her request and the film story closes with the better conditions put into effect, though we are reminded at the end that the condition called "Child Labor" still exists and demands our attention.
Movie: Her Indian Hero ( 1912 )
The Chief's son, Silver Water, returns from college and is met at the station by the tribe. The Indians make merry to celebrate his homecoming. Hal Benton, an easterner, rides on to ask his...
Movie: The Woman Always Pays ( 1912 )
At a tramcar in Copenhagen the piano teacher Magda Vang meets the young man Knud Svane, who falls in love with her. She is invited to spend the summer with him and his parents at the ...
Movie: The Brave Hunter ( 1912 )
At the Hunting Lodge there arrives a great braggadocio who boasts that he, while in Africa, only went in quest of big game, showing a lot of skins as trophies of his expeditions. Out he starts, accoutered in the most approved fashion, to add to his already extensive collection by bringing back some more embryonic floor rugs, and he came near getting them, or rather, they came near getting him.
Movie: One Is Business, the Other Crime ( 1912 )
Griffith intercuts between the lives of two couples married on the same day. One couple is rich, the other is poor. Time passes, and in desperation over joblessness, the poor husband attempts to burgle a home, only to be captured a gunpoint by the mistress of the house. It is the home of the rich couple. While holding the poor intruder at gunpoint, the rich wife accidently discovers evidence implicating her own husband in a bribery scheme . . .
Movie: The Eternal Mother ( 1912 )
John and Mary divorce their spouses to marry each other. Mary dies after giving birth and the baby is taken in by John's first wife, Martha. She refuses all contact with John until many ...
Movie: For His Son ( 1912 )
A father, anxious for his son's financial well being, develops a special soda pop called Dopokoke which is laced with cocaine. Dopokoke is advertised as relief "for that tired feeling." The drink is a success, but the son becomes addicted to it, much to his father's regret. Loosely based on the allegations that the Coca-Cola company and other soft drink manufacturers laced their soda with dope.
Movie: Billy's Stratagem ( 1912 )
While their mother is away from home, Billy and his sister are set upon by marauding Indians, who trap them in their cabin. Billy rigs a keg of gunpowder and tricks the Indians into entering the cabin, while he and his sister escape.
Movie: Under Burning Skies ( 1912 )
Joe would have been happily married to Emily if he could have kept his promise to give up drink. But seemingly it was impossible, and when drunk he became so reckless and dangerous that he had received the name of "The Bad Man of San Fernand." A young man from across the desert meets Emily, and before long she consents to marry him. Joe hears of this, and, his mind inflamed by liquor, he sends a message to the new sweetheart that he will shoot him on sight. Emily fearful that Joe might carry out his threat, marries the young man at once and they start across the desert for home and safety. Joe hearing of this, vengefully follows. On the desert the ripping of their water sack has left the young couple without a supply of water, and when Joe overtakes them they are on the verge of dying from thirst. Gloating over his chance for revenge, he refuses their appeals for water and leaves them to die. He cannot, however, forget little Emily's heartrending appeals, and, his better self awakening to a realization of what he has done, he returns.
Movie: The Lesser Evil ( 1912 )
As per appointment, the girl goes to meet her sweetheart outside an old shack. This spot is selected as being the most sequestered. Unknown to anyone, this shack is used by a gang of smugglers for the reception of contraband goods for shipment. This gang is just preparing to take away a cargo when the girl arrives. Not finding her sweetheart there, and hearing voices, she imagines he is inside the shack, and enters. The gang becomes panic-stricken at the entrance of an outsider. It is not long before they realize the importance of the situation, and as she has discovered their secret, they dare not leave her behind. Carrying her aboard their ship they sail away, just as the girl's sweetheart, who was late on account of the stopping of his watch, arrives at the place of meeting, and helplessly witnesses their departure. The young man rushing off, gets the Harbor Officers to attempt a rescue. In the meantime, the girl is in great peril on the ship, as the captain, who has locked her in his cabin, defends her from the onslaught of his drunken, mutinous crew. Finally, his ammunition being reduced to one cartridge, she begs that it be turned upon her, choosing death rather than falling into their hands. Good fortune, however, ordains that the rescue party shall deliver her from her peril.
Movie: The Post Telegrapher ( 1912 )
Interesting scenes are shown of the parade grounds and of Bob Evans, one of the post telegraphers, at work. The following message comes over the wire: "Sioux Indians holding war dance. Fear outbreak. Protect wagon trains and settlements. White, Indiana commissioner." A scouting party is immediately sent out, Evans being detailed therewith. The Indians, however, have already started on a mission of death and destruction. Settlers are wiped out and their cabins burned. They meet a Tartar in old man Hart, who barricades the doors and sells the lives of himself and his family at great cost to the redskins. The approach of the soldiers is reported by means of smoke signals by Indians hidden on hilltops, and the savages lay a clever ambush into which the soldiers fall. At the first volley Evans is tumbled from his saddle. The soldiers wheel round and dash back, but they are surrounded by "the circle of death," which narrows down like the coil of a python, until the few survivors, making the last desperate stand, are dispatched. Meantime, Evans has regained consciousness. He makes for the telegraph line, and stumbling and falling, reaches his goal. Racked with pain, and weak from loss of blood, he manages to reach the top of the pole, and taps the wire, connecting his pocket instrument. His sweetheart, Eva Reynolds, the daughter of an officer is talking to the fort operator when this message clicks in: "Ambushed in Rocky Gulch. Many killed. Cannot bold out longer. Rush help. Evans." Sharply the Colonel gives his commands. The bugler calls "Boots and Saddles," and in a few moments the troopers are rushing at break-neck speed to the aid of their comrades. Anguished for the safety of her lover. Eva cannot bear the suspense, and, donning a soldier's uniform she mounts a horse and follows the troop. When they reach the battle ground they find the ground strewn with dead horses and men, but evidence of the terrific struggle which took place. Without stopping to bury the dead the soldiers follow the trail of the Indians, bent on vengeance. Eva dismounts and looks for Bob. Not finding him, she remounts and circles around. Lying senseless at the telegraph post she discovers Bob, and reviving him, she lifts him to her horse's back, and, mounting behind him, gallops back to the fort. The Indians have reached their camp, and the sentinels report the coming of the troops. A council of war is held, and a bold strategic plan decided upon. Head-dresses and blankets are mounted on sticks, which are thrust into the ground about the tepees. Making a detour, the Indians gallop madly toward the stockade, where the emigrants and settlers have taken refuge, under the protection of the small garrison left there. The soldiers fall into the trap. With a telescope, the Colonel sees the dummies and, believing them to be Indians holding a council, advances upon the camp. The chagrin of the soldiers increases their anger, as they realize they have been tricked, after making a fruitless charge into the deserted camp, and, suspecting the plan of the Indians they start back on the long ride to the fort. Knowing that the time to accomplish their purpose is limited, the Indians hurl themselves at the stockade with indescribable fury. Inside, every hand that can hold a gun is sending leaden messengers of death into the Indian ranks. Getting up from the hospital cot, Bob joins the defenders, and, forgetful of his painful wounds, plunges into the fray. Soon the Indians begin jumping over the top of the stockade, and terrific hand to hand combats take place. Bob grapples with a huge buck, but in his weakened state is overpowered, and as the Indian, throttling him with his left hand, raises his right with a deadly tomahawk in it, Eva leaps upon him and plunges a knife into his heart. As the tired horses thunder along, the troopers hear the shots and savage yells, and, conjecturing what is occurring at the stockade their mounts are not spared, but plunging the spurs into their flanks the soldiers swoop down on the Indians. With rage and resentment in their hearts they fight like demons, and the flashing sabers soon mark the end of the contest. The end of the film shows a sunset scene, with the lowering of the flag, with Bob and Eva thanking Providence for their deliverance.
Movie: The Old Actor ( 1912 )
An elderly actor who lives with his wife and daughter is dismissed from his acting job because he is considered to old. On his way home from the theatre he panics at the thought of telling his family the bad news and decides to disguise himself as a beggar. His daughter's beau accidentally gives him a five dollar gold piece, thinking that it was a smaller coin. A chase ensues with a policeman the daughter and her beau in hot pursuit. When caught he is recognized by his shocked daughter, but is quickly forgiven by all. Meanwhile the actor hired to replace him has already been fired and a messenger is dispatched to rehire the Old Actor to the delight of his wife, daughter and fellow actors.
Movie: Saved from the Titanic ( 1912 )
A young woman tells her parents and fiance (in flashback) about the recent sinking of the Titanic and her experiences as a passenger during the disaster. Her intended marriage now faces a new hazard because her fiance is a sailor and her parents have just been reminded of the dangers of the sea.
Movie: Oliver Twist ( 1912 )
An orphan in early 19th century England escapes the poorhouse only to fall among a gang of pickpockets in London.
Movie: A Cave Man Wooing ( 1912 )
George, a somewhat "unathletic" young man, falls for Clarice, a healthy, athletically inclined young woman. Unfortunately for George, however, a strapping, musclebound stud is also after ...
Movie: A Beast at Bay ( 1912 )
A young, and fickle girl ( Mary Pickford ) dumps her admiring boyfriend ( Edwin August ) because she views him as a coward. Meanwhile a ruthless convict ( Alfred Paget ) has escaped and takes the girl as his hostage. After a harrowing automobile and train chase, the ex-boyfriend rescues the girl and he immediately becomes her hero, which she seals with a kiss.
Movie: Lena and the Geese ( 1912 )
Movie: Cupid Through Padlocks ( 1912 )
Old Bob Langfall guarded two pretty daughters carefully. When Jim and Charley Bradley met them by accident, old Bob showed them the butt of his gun and bade them adieu. But Jim and Charley had a widowed mother, and old Bob was a widower.
Movie: The School Teacher and the Waif ( 1912 )
Nora, a wild girl who lives with her alcoholic father, is forced to attend school. The untamed girl, who does not know how to socialize, is soon taunted by the other children. She warms towards the kind schoolteacher, as he befriends and encourages her, until she is told to wear the dunce cap at a spelling bee. She then angrily leaves the school and encounters a slick huckster. He convinces her they will run away and be married. Meanwhile, the schoolteacher, concerned over the waif's absence, goes looking for her. He encounters her at a crossroad, being spirited away by the cad. He calls the man's bluff by telling them he will get the minister to marry them at once. The huckster high-tails it out of town, leaving a rejected Nora. The caring schoolteacher, lovingly escorts her back to school.
Movie: The Portrait of Lady Anne ( 1912 )
The ghost of a selfish, inconsiderate woman must make up for her past transgressions by making sure that her descendant marries the man who is right for her.
Movie: An Indian Summer ( 1912 )
Movie: The Sands of Dee ( 1912 )
A young girl who lives by the sea with her parents, is the object of one fellows affection. One day she meets a wily artist painting on the beach, he seduces the young girl and gives her a ...
Movie: Queen Elizabeth ( 1912 )
Episodes from the life of Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533-1603), focusing on her ill-fated love affair with Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex.
Movie: The Narrow Road ( 1912 )
Two men are released from prison after having served their sentences. One is determined to go straight and stay out of trouble, but his fellow ex-con has other ideas, and his plans wind up spelling trouble for both of them.
Movie: The Inner Circle ( 1912 )
Movie: An Unseen Enemy ( 1912 )
The physician's death orphans his two adolescent daughters. Their older brother is able to convert some of the doctor's small estate to cash. But it is late in the day, and with the banks closed he stores the money in his father's household safe. The slatternly housekeeper, aware of the money, enlists a criminal acquaintance to crack the safe. She attempts to get into the adjacent room where the sisters tremble in fear, but finds that the door is locked. The drunken housekeeper menaces them by brandishing a gun through a hole in the wall. But the resourceful girls use the telephone to call their brother who has returned to town. He gets the message and organizes a rescue party.
Movie: Friends ( 1912 )
The orphan Dora is courted by two different gold miners.
Movie: The Water Nymph ( 1912 )
A young man is in love. His parents invite him to spend the day with them at the beach frolicking in the water. The girlfriend not yet having met his parents, the young man and his new love decide have a little fun at his father's expense by having the girlfriend vamp him at the beach, with him not knowing who she is. His father is generally a loving husband when he's under the lock and key of his wife, but a beautiful young woman in a bathing suit flirting with him at the beach may be too much for him to resist, especially as his wife has left him to his own devices. The son secretly watches on with glee as his father tries to woo his girlfriend.
Movie: So Near, Yet So Far ( 1912 )
A very pretty girl, is always surrounded by many male admirers, much to the dismay of one very shy fellow, who never can get a chance to speak with her. One day the girl visits a friend in ...
Movie: Custer's Last Fight ( 1912 )
Movie: The Confederate Ironclad ( 1912 )
Lieutenant Yancey's southern sweetheart, Rose, is jealous of Elinor, a northern girl, who is visiting her aunt Mary de Lane. This jealousy is excited by an invitation which Yancey receives from Mary to call and meet her niece. Yancey visits the de Lane home, and while walking along the river with Elinor, he shows her where the Confederate Ironclad is being constructed. Elinor, having strong Union sympathies, reveals the location of the Ironclad to the commander of the Federal gunboats. An attack is made on the Ironclad and Yancey rides to give warning. The Confederates are temporarily helpless as their power is exhausted. Yancey, knowing that a supply of ammunition is loaded on a train in another location, prepares to bring the needed powder to his compatriots. As the train is about to leave, a Federal scouting party rides up and opens fire. Rose and Yancey jump on the engine and make a wild dash to escape with the powder. Elinor, from a distance, sees the fight and sets fire to the bridge over which the train must pass. While riding over the bridge the last car catches fire. Yancey, who has been wounded, is left in the engine cab while Rose crawls over the loaded train and succeeds in cutting off the end car just in time to escape the explosion. The powder is delivered to the Ironclad in the nick of time, and a fierce battle wages between the Confederate vessel and the Union gunboats.
Movie: The Charge of the Light Brigade ( 1912 )
Retelling of the famous incident in the 1854 Crimean War when a British cavalry unit, because of a mix-up in orders, charged an almost impregnable Russian artillery position and was decimated.
Movie: The Painted Lady ( 1912 )
A lonely young woman lives with her strict father who forbids her to wear make-up. One day at an ice cream social, she meets a young man you seems interested in her. However, unknown to her, he is a burglar who is only interested in breaking into her father's house. One night she is awakened by a noise. Grabbing a pistol, she enters her father's downstairs office where she confronts a masked intruder . . .
Movie: The Land Beyond the Sunset ( 1912 )
Thanks to the Fresh Air Fund, a slum child escapes his drunken mother for a day's outing in the country. Upon arriving, he and the other children are told a story about a mythical land of no pain. Rather then return to the slum at day's end, the lad seeks to journey to that beautiful land beyond the sunset.
Movie: The Musketeers of Pig Alley ( 1912 )
A young wife and her musician husband live in poverty in a New York City tenement. The husband's job requires him to go away for for a number of days. On his return, he is robbed by the neighborhood gangster. Sometime later, an unrelated mob shoot-out ensues. The husband happens upon the melee, recognizing the crook who robbed him. Can the husband retrieve his money?
Movie: The Adventures of Lieutenant Petrosino ( 1912 )
The story of Lt. Joseph Petrosino, an Italian-American New York City police detective, who was assigned to investigate the Sicilian Mafia, which was beginning to become a major problem in New York. He did such a good job that the city sent him to Sicily to gather information on the Sicily/New York Mafia connections. He was murdered in Palermo by Mafia gunmen. The 1960 film Pay or Die (1960) starring Ernest Borgnine was also based on his life.
Movie: The Little Girl Next Door ( 1912 )
Randall and Ruth Foster were little tots. The two children lived side by side on one of the fashionable streets in New York City. One day Helen and her parents were starting for the park when the little one suggested that they invite Ruth to go with them. The idea pleased them all, and as for Ruth, she was in an ecstasy of delight. She skipped down the steps into the Randall's automobile, and her father (a widower), watches as the machine whizzed off, realized more than ever the little treasure he possessed. At the park the two children got into a boat unobserved by their elders and drifted into the lake. In total ignorance of their peril they frolicked about the flimsy craft until it suddenly capsized and two little figures were hanging to the gunwale. Randall swam out to the boat. Even his love for his child made him hesitate to take her to the shore first until the little Ruth assured him she was safe, that she would stay on the boat until he returned. But when he returned, and with him her frightened father, the little form that they brought to land was still, the child bad slipped from the boat and drowned while he brought his own child to safety. The loss of his little girl made Foster almost frantic, and he became as vindictive an enemy to Randall as he had been a friend. A power in Wall Street, step by step he smashed the latter back in the merciless warfare of the street, until Randall, innocent of wrong though he was, stood on the brink of ruin. But when all hope was gone, when he had brought himself to looking upon a life of poverty with the resignation born of necessity, his daughter took the matter into her own hands and John Foster, wealthy financier and lonely man, learned the lesson of forgiveness.
Movie: The Mills of the Gods ( 1912 )
Movie: Cleopatra ( 1912 )
When she discovers that a slave named Pharon professes his love for her, Cleopatra makes a bargain with him: she will give him ten days of "love," at the end of which he is to commit suicide. He agrees, although the queen's handmaiden Iras, in love with the slave, isn't happy with the arrangement. Later when Cleopatra is seducing Marc Antony, her relationship with Pharon is used against her, but with little effect. She allies herself with Antony against Octavius, participates in a brief war, then meets her end rather than be subjected to Roman rule.
Movie: The Good for Nothing ( 1912 )
Having failed at literature in the city, Dick Evans returns home to take up farm work again. His father sneers at his wasted career, and his mother, Rosabel, and the minister are his only comforters. Rosabel is his sweetheart, and postmaster Jordan's daughter. Her father hears of Dick's return, and when Dick goes to see Rosabel he is shown the door. Dick later passes the office of the "Citizen," a newspaper. The plant is for sale cheap. Rev. John Brower lends Dick the money to buy the plant. To the surprise of his father and the postmaster, Dick becomes an editor. Dick "gets back" at his father and the postmaster. The latter wants another term, and Dick suggests in an editorial that what the town needs is another postmaster. Dick's father runs for Mayor. Dick decides to run against him. Dick has paid back his debt to the minister, and is ready to marry Rosabel. He makes his election sure by getting the trolley people to run an electric line into the town, instead of passing through a rival village. Then Dick goes to the minister with an advance copy of the "Citizen," and discloses his climax. Brower reads the editorial and approves with delight. Rosabel's father reads it and grabbing his hat, drags Rosabel to the Evans farmhouse. Dick's father is despondent because Dick is going to "beat him out" at the election, but Jordan shows him the paper and his gloom is turned to joy. Dick has resigned from the mayoralty campaign in favor of his father, and also has turned in favor of the present postmaster. And it is all over but the wedding ceremony.
Movie: Kings of the Forest ( 1912 )
Movie: Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress ( 1912 )
A new schoolteacher arrives at Snakeville and immediately all the marriageable men of the county come a-courtin'. The affair finally resolves about Jack Heyworth and Broncho Billy, but it is evident that the teacher is partial to Billy. Jack plots to get even and opportunity soon offers. The boys warn the schoolmistress not to go out at night but she tells them she is not afraid and shows them a small revolver which she carries with her. Just for fun the boys plan a hold-up to try the schoolma'am's nerve and Broncho Billy agrees to play the bandit. This is Jack's opportunity and when the hold-up occurs, he, stationed behind a bush, a few feet away, fires at Billy. The wounded man is carried to his shack and the schoolteacher is about to be arrested when she shows the sheriff that her gun had contained nothing but blanks and points out Heyworth as the man who shot Billy. Heyworth is ordered to clear out of the country and when Billy gets well school is closed a week earlier because of teacher's marriage to the hero of Snakeville.
Movie: The Invaders ( 1912 )
The U.S. Army and the Indians sign a peace treaty. However, a group of surveyors trespass on the Indians' land and violate the treaty. The army refuses to listen to the Indians' complaints, and the surveyors are killed by the Indians. A vicious Indian war ensues, culminating in an Indian attack on an army fort.
Movie: The New York Hat ( 1912 )
When Mrs. Harding dies, she leaves a mysterious letter to her pastor. The note tells how her cold, miserly husband worked her to death. She asks the pastor to administer a small trust which she has bequeathed her daughter so that the girl might enjoy some finery which her father has always denied her. The village milliner carries the latest hat styles from New York, one of which has caught the girl's fancy. The pastor, loyal to the dying mother's wishes, buys the young lady the hat. Soon gossip spreads through the village...
Movie: The Girl in the Arm-Chair ( 1912 )
Frank Watson was spending a month in New York when one day he receives a letter from his father requesting him to come home and also that a surprise awaits him on his return. This aroused Frank's curiosity, so immediately he made preparations to leave at once. One arriving home he went at once to the drawing room and there to his surprise he saw a very attractive girl sitting by the fire-place seeming to be perfectly at home with her surroundings. Frank coughs. The girl turns around and then nods to him but leaves the room at once. Just then his mother and father come in and greet him. At once Frank begins to question them about the girl. For an answer Frank's father walks to the desk and brings Frank a letter. There he learns that this girl is the daughter of his father's best friend who has just died and has made his father guardian. The girl's name is Peggy and she has been left a large fortune. Frank does not approve of this and begins to offer his objections. At the same time Peggy is seen coming down the stairs at the back of the room and accidentally overhears what Frank is saying. She then comes into the room and they are introduced. Six months later we find Frank in bad company. He has started gambling and has hard times settling all his debts. At present he owes $500 to a very miserly Jew who has Frank's promissory note to pay in a week's time. Poor Frank is almost a nervous wreck, for he has no means by which he can lift this debt. The day has come and we now see Frank nervously awaiting the Jew's arrival. The Jew is ushered in and at once starts business. He then learns that Frank is unable to pay and then swears that he will go to Frank's father for payment. Frank pleads not to tell his father. The Jew looks around the room in order to find some plan with which to force Frank to pay. Suddenly he notices a small safe in the desk marked EMERGENCY SAFE. He calls Frank's attention to it. After much arguing the Jew has persuaded Frank to get his payment from this safe with the hope of winning it back and then replace the money before the father finds it out. Frank takes the money, gets a receipt from the Jew and orders him out. Frank leaves the room at once. Suddenly we see Peggy getting up out of the large chair by the fireplace. She has accidentally overheard all that has passed between them without their knowledge and she realizes Frank's position at once. She decides to help Frank out of his trouble and starts to think of a plan. Later we see her coming into the drawing room all ready for a journey, carrying a suitcase in her hand. She puts a letter on the table for Frank's father and then leaves the house. The girl makes a splendid sacrifice to save Frank and later, in an impressive scene Frank admits his guilt and asks for forgiveness of the girl he has grown to love.
Movie: A Christmas Accident ( 1912 )
Well-to-do Mr. and Mrs. Gilton live next door to a large family that struggles to make ends meet. Despite their desire to be friendly, Mr. Gilton is frequently irritated by his neighbors, insisting that they stay out of his yard, and blaming them for anything that goes wrong. During the holiday season, the differences between the two families become even clearer. Mrs. Gilton wants to do something to help their neighbors, but Mr. Gilton will take a lot of convincing.
Movie: The Burglar's Dilemma ( 1912 )
In this latter day Cain and Abel story, a jealous brother strikes down his sibling just as a young burglar is about to enter the house. The jealous brother summons police, who then charge the young intruder with murder. How can the burglar prove his innocence?
Movie: The Star of Bethlehem ( 1912 )
Three wise men from the East follow a star to Bethlehem in search of the infant Jesus.
Movie: The Christmas Miracle ( 1912 )
A poor woman, with no money for Christmas presents, tucks her three children in for the night, on Christmas Eve. Later, a poor, old beggar comes to her door and she lets him in to rest and warm up. When he suddenly leaves, she follows him to the front door of a church, where she finds an abandoned baby. The woman takes the baby home to care for it, even though she has almost nothing. Her acts of kindness are repaid with a Christmas miracle.
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