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Born Kong-sang Chan on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong, Chan commenced his movie career in the early 1970’s. To date, he has starred in over 140 films, at least 110 in China, before expanding to the US market in the mid 1990’s.

Chan is best known for making jaw-dropping action films loaded with amazing stunt work, combined with slapstick humor.

Here is a modest list of some of my favorite Jackie Chan Films.

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Movie: Police Woman ( 1973 )
Ho Mei Fong is a young woman in trouble, running from a gang of criminals with something of importance hidden in her purse. She dies in Chien Chen's taxi while trying to escape, but not before hiding the purse. Chien Chen is now involved whether he likes it or not, along with Ho Mei's sister, who turns out to be an undercover Hong Kong policewoman. They must solve the mystery of the missing purse and what it contained, while being pursued by the criminals and their hired thugs (led by Jackie Chan).
Movie: Shaolin Wooden Men ( 1976 )
After witnessing the murder of his father, Little Mute trains in Shaolin Temple for revenge and is taught by various teachers, one of which is clandestine.
Movie: To Kill with Intrigue ( 1977 )
After the execution of his family by a gang, Lei Shao-feng is spared by its afflicting leader who stands in the way of him becoming reunited with his love, as does a traitorous friend, who takes advantage of their predicament.
Movie: Magnificent Bodyguards ( 1978 )
A local Kung Fu expert is hired to form a team of guards to escort an dying man to a doctor. In order that they reach the doctor in time, they must pass through the "Stormy Hills", which are plagued by bandits, savages, evil monks, and more.
Movie: The Young Master ( 1980 )
After failing his fellow students in a Lion Dance competition, Dragon (Jackie Chan) is sent away from his school in disgrace, on the condition that he must find his errant brother. Much martial arts mayhem and mistaken-identity silliness ensue.
Movie: Drunken Master ( 1978 )
Wong Fei-Hung (Jackie Chan) is a mischievous, yet righteous young man, but after a series of incidents, his frustrated father has him disciplined by Beggar So (Siu Tin Yuen), a Master of drunken martial arts.
Movie: Battle Creek Brawl ( 1980 )
A young Asian-American martial artist is forced to participate in a brutal formal street-fighting competition.
Movie: Project A ( 1983 )
Fighting against pirates at the turn of the 20th century, the Hong Kong navy are failing miserably. It's up to Sergeant Lung (Jackie Chan) to take matters into his own hands.
Movie: Project A 2 ( 1987 )
Dragon is now transferred to be the police head of Sai Wan district, and has to contend with a gangster kingpin, anti-Manchu revolutionaries, some runaway pirates, Manchu Loyalists and a corrupt Police Superintendent.
Movie: Wheels on Meals ( 1984 )
Two Chinese friends, who operate a food truck in Barcelona, Spain, use their martial arts expertise to help their private investigator friend protect the pickpocket Sylvia, who's been targeted by a ruthless gang.
Movie: The Protector ( 1985 )
Two New York City cops, Billy Wong and Danny Garoni, head to Hong Kong after the daughter of a rich businessman is kidnapped by the drug lord, Mr. Ko.
Movie: Police Story ( 1985 )
A virtuous Hong Kong Police Officer must clear his good name when the drug lord he is after frames him for the murder of a dirty cop.
Movie: Police Story 2 ( 1988 )
The Hong Kong supercop must stop a group of blackmailing bombers, while the villains of Police Story (1985) are out for revenge.
Movie: Police Story 4: First Strike ( 1996 )
This installment of Chan's Police Story film franchise has our hero trying to locate a missing nuclear warhead.
Movie: Police Story 3: Super Cop ( 1992 )
A Hong Kong detective teams up with his female Red Chinese counterpart to stop a Chinese drug czar.
Movie: Police Story: Lockdown ( 2013 )
A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
Movie: New Police Story ( 2004 )
A hero cop accidentally leads his team into a trap from which he is the only survivor. Drowning his guilt in booze, he is eventually assigned a new younger partner who turns out to have his own secrets.
Movie: Armour of God ( 1986 )
Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) and his bumbling sidekick are sent on a quest through Europe to find a mysterious treasure held by a shadowy organization of monks.
Movie: Crime Story ( 1993 )
A Special Agent is assigned to protect a wealthy business magnate. However, when the businessman is kidnapped in a daring ambush, he teams up with a seasoned detective to crack the case. But soon he discovers the case isn't that simple.
Movie: The Legend of Drunken Master ( 1994 )
A young martial artist is caught between respecting his pacifist father's wishes or stopping a group of disrespectful foreigners from stealing precious artifacts.
Movie: Armour of God 2: Operation Condor ( 1991 )
Jackie is hired to help the UN find Nazi gold hidden in Sahara. He's accompanied from Spain by 2 (later 3) cute women. As there are others wanting the gold, lots of kung fu fighting and comedy follows.
Movie: City Hunter ( 1993 )
A self-indulgent private investigator winds up on a cruise ship full of rich patrons, gorgeous women, murderous terrorists, and scarce food.
Movie: Thunderbolt ( 1995 )
In order to release his kidnapped sister, sports car mechanic Chan Foh To (Jackie Chan) has to beat a supercriminal street racer.
Movie: Rumble in the Bronx ( 1995 )
A young man visiting and helping his uncle in New York City finds himself forced to fight a street gang and the mob with his martial art skills.
Movie: Mr. Nice Guy ( 1997 )
A Chinese chef accidentally gets involved with a news reporter who filmed a drug bust that went awry, and is now being chased by gangs who are trying to get the video tape.
Movie: Cine sunt? ( 1998 )
A Secret Agent loses his memory after falling from a crashing helicopter. He is then chased by several other agency operatives, but he has no idea why.
Movie: Rush Hour 2 ( 2001 )
Carter and Lee head to Hong Kong for a vacation, but become embroiled in a counterfeit money scam.
Movie: Rush Hour ( 1998 )
A loyal and dedicated Hong Kong Inspector teams up with a reckless and loudmouthed L.A.P.D. detective to rescue the Chinese Consul's kidnapped daughter, while trying to arrest a dangerous crime lord along the way.
Movie: Rush Hour 3 ( 2007 )
After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads' secret leaders.
Movie: Shanghai Noon ( 2000 )
A Chinese man travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped Princess. After teaming up with a train robber, the unlikely duo takes on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt boss.
Movie: The Twin Dragons ( 1992 )
Identical twins are separated at birth, one becoming a streetwise mechanic, and the other an acclaimed classical concert conductor. Finally meeting in adulthood, they each become mistaken for the other and entangled in each other's world.
Movie: Shanghai Knights ( 2003 )
When a Chinese rebel murders Chon's estranged father and escapes to England, Chon and Roy make their way to London with revenge on their minds.
Movie: The Accidental Spy ( 2001 )
At a Hong Kong shopping center, Buck Yuen's (Jackie Chan's) intuition warns him. He saves a robbery's loot and gets on television, ends up in Istanbul via South Korea, and accidentally becomes a spy. Fortunately, he knows Kung Fu.
Movie: The Tuxedo ( 2002 )
A hapless chauffeur must take a comatose Secret Agent's place using his special gadget-laden tuxedo.
Movie: The Medallion ( 2003 )
A Hong Kong detective suffers a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion and is transformed into an immortal warrior with superhuman powers.
Movie: Around the World in 80 Days ( 2004 )
To win a bet, an eccentric British inventor beside his Chinese valet and an aspiring French artist, embarks on a trip full of adventures and dangers around the world in exactly eighty days.
Movie: The Myth ( 2005 )
Archeologist Jack keeps having reoccurring dreams of a past life, where he is the great General Meng Yi, who is sworn to protect a Korean Princess named Ok-Soo. Jack decides to go investigate everything with his friend William.
Movie: Rob-B-Hood ( 2006 )
Thongs and Octopus accept a job from their landlord: kidnap a baby. Soon, the baby awakens strong paternal feelings in the two crooks, leading to complications when it comes to handing him over to his possibly crazy gang boss grandfather.
Movie: The Forbidden Kingdom ( 2008 )
A discovery made by a kung fu obsessed American teen sends him on an adventure to China, where he joins up with a band of martial arts warriors in order to free the imprisoned Monkey King.
Movie: The Spy Next Door ( 2010 )
Former C.I.A. spy Bob Ho takes on his toughest assignment to date: looking after his girlfriend's three kids, who haven't exactly warmed to their mom's beau.
Movie: Little Big Soldier ( 2010 )
An old soldier kidnaps a young General of an enemy state and takes him on a long journey to collect the reward.
Movie: 1911 ( 2011 )
A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty.
Movie: The Foreigner ( 2017 )
A humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. A cat-and-mouse conflict ensues with a government official, whose past may hold clues to the killers' identities.
Movie: Skiptrace ( 2016 )
A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.
Movie: Bleeding Steel ( 2017 )
A Special Forces Agent is assigned to protect a scientist and his creation from a sinister gang.
Movie: Kung Fu Yoga ( 2017 )
Two professors team up to locate a lost treasure and embark on an adventure that takes them from a Tibetan ice cave to Dubai, and to a mountain temple in India.
Movie: Vanguard ( 2020 )
Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world's deadliest mercenary organization.
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