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We recently released a new feature, Watch Party. If you have any suggestions/questions/criticism etc leave them here

Posted 1 month ago
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Cool start!
Dev and I just watched The latest Simpsons Episode, Manger Things:
party 1
party 2
party start
party sample
As you can see, we would be able to chat privately with all joiners while watching the episode.
The Host of The Party has control of the Playback: Play, Pause, Rewind and Seek!
During playback, I was even able to use the PIP (PictureInPicture) feature of my Firefox Browser, which allowed me access to even more Browsing abilities during the Show.
Once finished, The Party Host simply clicks the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner to End the Party.
It’s awesome!
Tell Your Friends!
There’s also a Quick Link on the Side Bar, just under Your Member Profile,
that reads Watch Parties
It’s a great way to Ioin the Party!

Posted 1 month ago *
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This new watch party feature is a really cool! I’m so excited to be able to use this! Thank you so much!

Dev_team, you put in so much time and effort to keep this site the best! You not only work hard to, “keep the lights on,” metaphorically speaking. You also, somehow, manage to keep adding cool new features for all of us spoiled Primewire’ians! ☺😆 This website is far and above, light-years better than any other. The long and the short…. I greatly appreciate all that you do- many, MANY thank yous! ❤❤❤

Posted 1 month ago *
Merrigan Able
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📺📽Watch Parties💯👍!

Posted 1 month ago


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