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The River (2012)
txblueslady 0 points 6 days ago.

Wish they had kept going with this one it was actually a really good show.

Spell (2020)
txblueslady -1 points 21 days ago.

The story line would have been interesting if they had done a better job with casting. The wrong actors for the wrong parts.

Alone (2020)
txblueslady 9 points 2 months ago.

Edge of my seat yelling directions (she didn’t do anything I told her to do) the whole movie…

Greyhound (2020)
txblueslady 1 points 2 months ago.

Very touching movie, it puts you right in the middle of the action and keeps you there.. Tom Hanks always a favorite

Night Into Day (2020)
txblueslady 1 points 3 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

More like a what every relationship looks like minus nuclear fall out..It wasnt Super fabulous but it was easy to follow, and actually very sweet.

The Platform (2019)
txblueslady 0 points 8 months ago.

I actually waited on that movie … I had hoped for more substance … In the end it just showed that humanity is beyond salvation

The Domestics (2018)
JennyFromBlockD 3 points 10 months ago.

Criminally underrated on this site.
This was great.
Mad Max type film, and it was done VERY well.
Really nothing to complain about, being that it was done on a small budget; everything from the acting to the special effects to the plot lines were totally top notch.

If you like post apocalyptic type movies; you will love this.

txblueslady 2 points 10 months ago.

I agree .. Excellent post apocalyptic movie ..

Servant (2019) S1 E10
txblueslady 2 points 10 months ago.

I like how just as you start grasping what the hell is going on, the rug is pulled out from underneath you…. Once again left with more questions than answers and right on the edge of figuring it out…

The Devil's Advocate (1997)
txblueslady 1 points 10 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

One of my favorites ..The morphing wall is awesome..

The Outsider (2020) S1 E1
txblueslady 5 points 10 months ago.

Im hooked.. Engaging; makes you want to watch the next one…

Love (2015)
txblueslady -1 points 10 months ago.

Super sexy highly erotic…

Servant (2019) S1 E8
txblueslady -1 points 10 months ago.

omg … Just get on with it … Way to much dragging this out..

Vikings (2013) S6 E5
txblueslady 0 points 11 months ago.

I hate it when they end an episode right in the middle of an action sequence.. Got to keep them waiting…

Servant (2019) S1 E5
txblueslady -1 points 11 months ago.

I agree with the previos comment.. Its kind of dragging out, Im guessing to establish mental instability but it makes it a slow burn..

I See You (2019)
txblueslady -1 points 11 months ago.

Great plot twist … Really good movie

The Circle (2017)
txblueslady -1 points 11 months ago.

couldnt get through the first 15 minutes, the camera was all over the place and distorted view made me nauseous.

Rabid (2019)
txblueslady 1 points 11 months ago.

actually good … Surreal and mind-bending

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