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septimas -2 points 2 years ago.

A psychological thriller and drama where all the thrill is psychological with not much risk for the protagonists. Very slow burn. Not sure if worth the time with all the shows out there to watch.

tonydcomposer 3 points 13 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Like what exactly? Spoilt for choice doesn’t seem like a very good reason for ditching a show that had great potential and delivered in every episode. And why do I get the feeling “slow-burn” is meant as a criticism? In this day and age, it’s a complement. 90% of the many shows you speak of follow a slap-and-dash all-action-not-much-thought type approach. This is actually a breath of fresh air. It’s reflective of the subject matter - organised, methodical. And I have to question whether you’ve seen passed the first few episodes - there is great risk to the protagonists. It’s not the life-threatening tabloid melodrama we’re all used to - it’s far more insipid; genuine; believable. And for that, it is 100% worth the meagre amount of time it was given compared to far lesser shows of a similar vein. 5/5. No question.

tonydcomposer 1 points 13 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Came to this straight after ‘In The Dark’. There was a playlist titled “Whodoneit binges” and I thought perfect! This was at the top and after following all the JCS and associated Youtube criminal psychology channels this seemed exactly what I needed next. If I’m going to compare I wished ‘ITD’ was more like this - slow-paced, methodical, nuanced, gritty, clever, genuine, and I have to wonder why that comparatively subpar melodrama is still running while this impressive piece filmic literature has been axed (don’t pardon the pun). I can only imagine it was the ratings and public pressure that resulted in it’s discontinuation and if so, that’s sad. I don’t expect everyone to like what I like, but I do wish there were more shows like this run to their full potential. Vince Gilligan must’ve fought tooth and nail to keep Breaking Bad from being shutdown after the second season. This show had that same potential.

In the Dark (2019)
tonydcomposer 1 points 13 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

S3, E3: “Murphy experiences being truly alone in an unfamiliar place and begins to realize how helpless she is without her friends.” It’s worth wading through all the lazy writing and formulaic dialogue to get to the impact of this one genuinely honest and well-executed episode - the only episode that had the substance every other 2D rendition lacked. If every episode looked more like this, I’d have great respect for the creator and the team. Vince Gilligan does it. David Fincher does it. Don’t get me wrong, the subject and overall plot are solid. Sadly, they had one good episode in them (perhaps two - including the first) that managed to reveal something beautiful and genuine in a corner of the human condition many know little about. For most of the time, though, they played it safe and rode the cache of a blind self-sabotaging protagonist who, despite the gut wrenching sympathy evoked in the one powerful episode I’ve mentioned, just becomes really annoying.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)
tonydcomposer 1 points 5 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Definitely one of the worst Marvel/DC comic films ever. That dance scene is cringe-tastic - so cringey you’re sickeningly entertained by it’s cringy-ness!

In the Dark (2019) S3 E3
tonydcomposer 1 points 5 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Based on the premise I was hoping this episode would make all those previous worth it. And wow! What an episode. If “in the dark” has been building up to anything it’s this - what a devastatingly beautiful character apex - Murphy is faced with herself both through her own virtues and vices, some as a direct result, some totally and disappointingly unprovoked. I am in again. If the rest of this season can be as gritty and raw as this, not trying to be clever (often not being so) and just stating the mesmorising and natural truth of Murphy’s fate, then it’ll all be worth it. Let’s see.

Better Than Sex (2000)
tonydcomposer 2 points 6 days ago*.

Had the privilege of meeting Jonathan Teplitzky way back at a masterclass in Sydney. What a champ and such an achievement to set a film virtually in one location. Learnt a lot from this iconic aussie writer.

In the Dark (2019) S3 E1
PonderThis 0 points 7 days ago.

I’m 31 minutes into the 1st episode of season 3 and I’ve had enough! Not sure if I want to continue on or not! Murphy was getting on my nerves in season 2. I’ll head back over to Midsomer Murders and settle in with a nice hot cuppa tea and relish the calmness of Tom & Ben……

tonydcomposer 3 points 6 days ago*.

thank you! yes! so irritating. i actually want to see them all meet an untimely demise - they’ve all done or suggested such stupid things i want to see what their creator really thinks of them. Some of the woven subplots have been solid till this point.

In the Dark (2019) S2 E10
tonydcomposer 1 points 7 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Suspension of disbelief in this show is off the charts and I don’t mean that as a compliment! [eye roll]

In the Dark (2019) S2 E2
tonydcomposer 1 points 8 days ago*.

ok show so far but hands down the worst part are the occasionally farcical attempts at conjuring virtually non-existent conflict. Come off as melodramatic at best.

Wrath of Man (2021)
tonydcomposer 1 points 1 month ago.

Poor acting. See ya!

Angel Has Fallen (2019)
tonydcomposer 1 points 1 month ago*.

“Here’s to Moe.” Yeah well here’s to another generic cardboard cut-out piece of poop - NEXT!

Forged in Fire (2015) S4 E19
tonydcomposer 1 points 2 months ago*.

They’ve surrounded the most dull cliche-spittin’ southerner in the United States of ‘murker with a trio of hilarious international entertainers I know whom I certainly don’t want to win.

Forged in Fire (2015) S3 E7
tonydcomposer 0 points 2 months ago.

Well, I guess the fable is true…

Forged in Fire (2015) S3 E3
tonydcomposer 0 points 2 months ago.

“Accident prone”?! More like f#@*in’ idiot! And he wonders why he keeps hurting himself.

Forged in Fire (2015) S3 E1
tonydcomposer 0 points 2 months ago.

What an epic epic sword! Amazing! I thought the Claymore was a thing of myths and fairytales, but this dude proved today it’s a thing of legends. Crazy blade!

Forged in Fire (2015) S2 E5
tonydcomposer 0 points 2 months ago.

“[I work for people who] have more money than sense.” Well they employ you … 😂👍🏻

Forged in Fire (2015) S2 E3
tonydcomposer 0 points 2 months ago.

Such weird dudes in this episode…

The Discovery (2017)
muhammed wally 4 points 1 year ago.

If this movie doesn’t blow your mind, there may be a significant amount of grey matter shrinkage. Imagine the greatest mysteries, solved. De ja vu, free will, predestination, reincarnation, the multiverse, holographic reality, quantum mechanics and….. the afterlife; all demystified. This work of fiction neatly ties loose ends from distant antiquity to cutting edge theoretical physics. It is now my go to conceptual explanation for life, the universe and everything, almost!

tonydcomposer 3 points 3 months ago.

I’m interested in the film but it has somewhat of a low rating on IMDB. Where did it miss the mark? The answer could well be a critique on society or at least IMDB users…

Awoken (2019)
tonydcomposer 1 points 3 months ago*.

IMDB rating is wrong. At this very moment Awoken is rated at 5.2. And so it should be. Dreary script, listless acting, non-existent plot, and for a film that was intended to make me fear sleep, it was so boring all I wanted to do was fall asleep - which I did, several times, and that was the best part of the film.

This was fiction at it’s best. Knowing a significant amount about FFI myself, I have to say this was a horrifyingly crude account of what symptoms actually looks like, even in extreme cases. Shame. The facts of the disease are more than enough to execute Phillips’ intentions far more effectively. What made unique horror films brilliant like SAW are their raw believability. This was barely melodrama.

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