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Trump Card (2020)
Olgreybush -5 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

when real people talk about trump they say great things. when idiots talk about trump they spew lies beyond imagine truly despicable people!


random000 7 points 1 month ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Violation of rules 4, 5 & 8.
Insulting, offensive & hateful.

Easy (2016)
The Unbelievable Story of Carl Beech (2020)
Saucer-People 4 points 1 month ago.

Very interesting UK documentary on Carl Beech, the man who launched a multi-million pound police inquiry into his allegations of a ruling class child abuse ring and multiple murders carried out by the alleged group in the 1970s.
It illustrates perfectly that as a society we base truth less on facts and more on who has the most compelling narrative - this leaves us both vulnerable to big fat fibbers like Carl Beech and equally disbelieving of other narratives simply because they don’t fit within the prevailing consensus reality.
In the case of both the investigative journalists who promoted his story and the police who believed his every word, it would have made more sense to have assigned other journalists and police from the start to test the objectivity of Carl Beech’s story while others took it at ‘face value’ and simply recorded what he said - the fact that at the start no-one checked his reported injuries or computer history is shocking and I can’t help but believe that it was his status as a middle class professional that generated unquestioning belief and had he been from a working class background things would have turned out very differently.

random000 1 points 1 month ago.

Spot on. Your commentary here is very valid for other events too, such as the murder of Jimi Hendrix & the COINTELPRO-MHCHAOS management of media & public perception during that time. Had the same thing happened to a white 8 year old girl of wealthy parents, things would’ve played out very differently.

Thank you for this thoughtful review & your personal insights into this particular case. The light shed here, shines elsewhere.


Medea (1970)
Alien 2 points 1 month ago.

WOW! The late, great Maria Callas starring as Medea? This is amazing!

random000 1 points 1 month ago*.

Very. Pasolini is a good person to have on one’s resume.
Maria’s own autobiography:

Stay happy :)

The Witches (2020)
SweetMamaJoy67 7 points 1 month ago.

When I heard they had decided to remake this film, why I have no idea, since the first one isn’t even considered to be a classic as yet, but I figured, what the heck, I’ll see how different they decided to make it, since most remakes are usually changed by the director and screen writer in ways, that it’s either more exciting or better special effects. Well, what I found was bad casting and worse yet, bad acting. I’ve watched Ann Hathaway in many different films, but she was downright awful in this one. Her Euro accent was so bad, I skimmed past her just to get to something else. Even the cat was better than she was. The change of who the two main characters was expected, since most remakes are switching races, giving the characters other locations. First one was from Poland I think, while this one was from south U.S. east coast. Once a film is made from a book, it’s not easy to replace the authors characters, as he or she pictured them when creating them. When someone wants to change it, to modernize it, they use their visions. I don’t always agree with their changes, as I definitely do not agree on what they did in this one. I’ve always visioned the main characters as they were in the first film from his book, and now, keeping an open mind, as I did for Cinderella, I was completely disappointed. Others might see it differently, but for me, I’ll always love Angelica Houston as the Grand Witch.

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Stonemouth (2015)
Bam65 1 points 1 month ago.

more links please

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they don’t read these comments.
make requests here:

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
Alien 3 points 1 month ago.

“I like parades without missiles in them. I’ll take Bullwinkle to a tank any day.”

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
Alien 2 points 1 month ago.

Yakov Smirnoff

random000 2 points 1 month ago*.

I love Smirnoff. Unless one is old enough to be have been alive in the early 80’s, then the probability that anyone’s heard of him is very low & it’s just not on the same level as someone like George Burns.

The Russian Hebrew, Eugene Mirman is a more contemporary & unifying example of a funny fellow who’s widely recognized in this rather short list.

“What a country!”

The Secret Garden (2020)
random000 1 points 1 month ago*.

This is the 11th film version of the 1911 story. The 1st version was 1919, then followed by another in 1949 with the blockbuster child stars of the time Margaret O’Brien & Dean Stockwell (who most might know now from several other projects like Quantum Leap & Battlestar Galactica). Subsequent versions were done in 1975- which was a 7 part mini-series presented by BBC-one, 1987, 1993 with Kate Maberly, 1999, a sequel done in 2000, two in 2010 & then another in 2017.

Rather than watch the same one over & over, just watch all 11. Not unlike the 30 or more versions of Alice In Wonderland. Just start with Hepworth’s original 1903, then work your way up from there.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
wildcatman420 0 points 1 month ago.

Foxworthy, not Dunham, coined “You might be a redneck if”.

random000 1 points 1 month ago.

You are utterly correct. I’ve got my Jeffs mixed-up. Dunham is the ventriloquist & Foxworthy is the former IBM guy that turned comic & coined the “you might be a redneck if” bit.

Pardon my error.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
somniloquist 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Larry the Cable Guy is still working. Go watch some Jeff Dunham. You’ll be fine.

random000 11 points 1 month ago*.

New here, so I don’t know anyone really other than a tiny fraction of folk. Don’t know Somn, for example. But I do know the train of thought is not that anyone’s a redneck. The train of thought is that based on your hateful closed-minded point of view, that if you view comedy that agrees with you, then perhaps these two particular people are likely to agree with your perspective; not that you’re a redneck. There are plenty of liberal rednecks too by the way. Plenty.

…it’s no insult to Dunham or anyone who likes him… not really… It’s just a matter of pointing someone in the direction of people with whom they might most likely agree with… and why not? Isn’t that what you want? An echo chamber of agreement?

So while you ponder that, why don’t you point out a single instance in history where an Israeli rounded up millions of russians or germans & arbitrarily put them to death based on a political, racial or religious dogmatic hatred? You can also add to that very short list, one single russian comedian who’s known & beloved worldwide for their humor, like say… Jerry Lewis, The 3 Stooges, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, Brad Garrett, Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfreid, Jeff Ross, Jeff Garlin, Marty Feldman, Carol Kane, Kevin Pollack, Gene Wilder, Laraine Newman, The Marx Brothers- Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Marc Maron, TJ Miller, Jack Benny, Morgan Murphy, etc. etc. etc.

Like all those with a brain disorder, you only chimed in to be negative, to insult, to expose your own racism & hatred for your fellow human beings. No one personally attacked you. This is a comedy film, made by & starring a very real human being who’s full of flaws. Some of those flaws may be his own political beliefs. But this isn’t a review of him, but a single film he made. If it enrages you that he exists & makes films, then don’t watch them. Watch what you like & say positive things about those things. But if you have racial hatred for other human beings, take a breathe & step away. There’s no shame in being silent.

As Mark Twain said:

"It is better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth & remove all doubt."
Kathy Smith: Weight Loss Workout (1990)
random000 1 points 1 month ago.

Actually it’s very appropriate. This site hosts everything that’s filmed, no matter what it is. Instructional, educational, documentary, shorts, things that don’t fit in neatly to a predefined box since they are neither broadcast tv show nor cinematic film. Basically, if it can be found on IMDB, then whatever is available here is extremely & necessarily… appropriate.

Life to Afterlife: Death and Back (2020)
random000 1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Amusing. The 1st fail, is of course with the psychopathic bloodthirsty genocidal cult at the top of the list with a huge body count associated with it for killing anyone who disagrees with it, xtianity. Stunningly full of pathetic b.s. & murder streak that has a higher body count than all the wars, plagues & acts of political genocide combined. Enough to make Hitler & Stalin blush then hide under a rock.

Freaks (2019)
random000 3 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

You worked with the legendary Bruce Dern, who plays Mr. Snowcone. What was it like working with him? Did you learn anything from Dern about the craft of acting?

Lexy Kolker: Yes, Bruce is such a legendary actor and what I learned is that you can take freedoms and deviate from the script if it feels right. Bruce would have a general idea of the scene and come in and just have a conversation, so all of my scenes were really mostly improv. It was funny, the first day I would wait for him to say his lines so I could say mine, but he would always change it up, so I learned to just answer what came to mind and have a real conversation and I think it made our scenes very authentic and genuine.

Darcey & Stacey (2020)
random000 1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

OMG WTF another Jerry Springer spin-off.

The Putin Interviews (2017)
random000 4 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I’d like to know how it’s “refreshing” that an ego-maniacal psychopath talks to regular people when he himself is actually also a regular person, but operates on the delusion that he isn’t, and that he’s better than regular people.

While I’m sure that any “explanation” will be entertaining, it will never be forthright, truthful or based in a non-indoctrinated preprogrammed farce of reality since anyone who makes the false assumption that they are fit to lead anyone for any reason has a severe criminal brain disorder with a litany of psychosis from the DSM.

To quote Proudhon: “Anyone who lays hands on me to govern me is a usurper & a tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.” Anyone.

Putin is a criminal. That he gives interviews freely only demonstrates his arrogance & megalomaniacal assertion that he can operate with impunity. If Stone is doing anything, he’s attempting to show something to The West to penetrate it’s own closed-minded reality bubble, and he’s using his own celebrity to gain access- not particularly to Putin, but to his own Occidental establishment. Criminal’s of Putin’s nature are easily manipulated via ego-stroking & flattery, so he surely figures that he’s “enlightening” the little people beneath him, and while he supposed his own countrymen are beneath him since he presumes to be their tyrant, he certainly supposed anyone in The West is even further beneath himself. He’s no different than any other brain damaged tramp from the political class.

Funny thing is, he thinks he is. But like all politicians, the thing that makes him dangerous is that he believes his own B.S.

So there’s nothing new under the sun here. It’s just more kool-aide for the Great Unwashed to drink in order to maintain a status quo while this criminal basks in his own self-celebrating celebrity. Stone may think he’s doing a service to The West, and he may think he’s clever in doing so, but this changes nothing for this hemisphere in terms of P.R. It’s all puffery to preserve sheer madness. Nothing more, nothing less.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)
random000 0 points 1 month ago.

“I get emails from a raccoon; So nothing sounds crazy anymore.”- Black Widow

Brightburn (2019)
random000 0 points 1 month ago.

While I’m sure that most involved appreciated the work & needed the paycheck, the money spent making this unnecessary thing, that ran 90 minutes too long, would’ve been better spent being donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They could’ve done that with the money. Instead, they did this. We were not entertained or amused.

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles (2020)
tomchapman 0 points 1 month ago.

It would be great to have links for this, especially mixdrop.

random000 3 points 1 month ago.

comments made here are ineffective. requests made here are:

Once Bitten (1985)
random000 3 points 1 month ago.

Make your request here & it will be taken seriously:

The Addams Family (2019)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Oh. I suppose it’s just fine for a family watch. I’ve got lots of kids & grandkids who are very familiar with Charles Addams work, and they like the original stuff best.

For me, I really don’t think the redesigning of someone else’s characters was necessary or called for, but I did like the casting for the voices. Nick Kroll was the best Fester since Coogan hands down. Nailed the vocal personality. Theron was a surprise. Her voice work caught me off guard in a good way especially since there’s never been a good casting of Morticia since Carolyn Jones. But Theron’s voice work was spot on. I also liked the usage of Martin Short & Catherine O’Hara as Morticia’s parents. Midler as Gomez’s mom well done too, as was Janey as that sicko weird normal broad.

But here’s a quote from some interviewer that sums up my basic take away of this flick:::

“The Addams Family’s starry voice cast and eye-catching animation aren’t enough to outweigh its saccharine handling of the delightfully dark source material.”

That matters. And it apparently matters to my kids too. The basic message of this flick is that in the long run, being an assimilated clone is pretty rotten stain to have one’s psyche as well as society. Homogenization sucks ballz. Variety is the spice of life. That’s the overall message of the story. The Addams Family epitomizes individuality & is good material to make commentary on the poison toxicity of assimilated homogenized sameness as opposed to the ultimate will of the individual against group hive-mind insect think.

My kids turned out great, the grandkids are doing fine too because they understand messages like this. But they’re also hip enough to get that this flick could’ve been better, which is why everytime we watch this one, they always want to see the original material immediately afterward. It’s just better done & more fun.

Other than that, the soundtrack is a missed opportunity. They could’ve been as thoughtful as Tartino with the music, but instead went with a bunch of crap that’s inappropriate & doesn’t fit in The Addams Family soundscape. Two selections however stood out… Garfunkle & Oats (Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci) “Easy to be Happy” was covered. Good for them on those residuals & licensing. Also a cover of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood them. Then of course, “Green Tomatoes” was a very cool thing they threw in also. They even paid homage to the original Addams Family theme song with lots of respect, which the kids appreciated.

Wednesday’s noose braids were nice (ala “April Fools Day”). Thing was a lefty, not a righty. The octopus from the original comic came back, but with a different name. Gomez pays tribute to Monty Python’s “Holy Hand Grenade”, & the kids pay homage to Kubrick’s The Shining with certain references, also The Evil Dead, Amityville Horror, Invasion of The Body Snatchers, Frankenstein, Johnny Carson & Warner Brothers Looney Toons. For that matter, the animators also pay tribute to the original Charles Addams cartoon in several ways peppered all throughout the flick. They also pay tribute to Addams himself by setting the story in his New Jersey hometown & putting CHAS 1938 on the license plate of the car… Chas being his nickname & 1938 being when The Addams Family began. As per usual, Fester falls in love with the female bad guy.

Fav line from the movie for me: “You don’t understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me”… paying tribute to, of all things, “Watchmen”.

Ridiculousness (2011)
csstormin 1 points 1 month ago.

Where the season 11 links?

random000 3 points 1 month ago.

For this site, this is where you make your request:

The First 48: Without a Trace (2016)
After the First 48 (2008)
Cadillac Man (1990)
random000 2 points 1 month ago.

Well done, sort of salty film with Robin dealing with a nutty Tim Robbins & various complications with Lori Petty (Tank Girl) Annabella Sciorra (What Dreams May Come) & of course, the lovely Fran Drescher. Rather fun.

A Nice Girl Like You (2020)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Based on a book called Pornology… this is just… awful. Formulaic. Bad not on purpose. Only watchable if everything else has failed you. Only moment of note is the very brief “pornophobic” sequence at the end of the beginning.

Other than that, the very beautiful Skye Marshall (yep, that’s her real name) from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a brief part; So does the equally pretty Jackie Cruz from Good Girls & Orange Is the New Black- who seems to have a comedic flair. It also has Mindy Cohn from Facts of Life.

These are of note since this film could be a nice stepping stone for them to get more substantial parts in better projects in the future.

Nowhere (1997)
random000 4 points 1 month ago.

Totally a cult classic starring Christina Applegate, Heather Graham, Rose McGowan, Mena Suvari, Traci Lords, Rachel Tru, Jordan Ladd (Cheryl Ladd’s daughter) & Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers.

Fun to watch with other Applegate films like Wonderland, Employee of the Month, Grand Theft Parsons, View From The Top, The Sweetest Thing, Going The Distance, Vacation, Hall Pass, Anchorman, etc.

Also very fun to pair with stuff like Doom Generation, Buffalo 66, Something Wild, Inland Empire, Club Dread, Choke, London, Memory Lane, Tideland, Normal, Brand Upon The Brain, La Antena, The Pillow Book, The Forbidden Room, Careful, etc….

Black Moon (1975)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

A genuine classic. Stewart is great, but Cathryn Harrison is over-the-top in this surreal tale. She could pass for Laura Wiggins’ (Shameless-US) twin sister very easily, even though she’s old enough to be her grandmother. High strangeness, this film. Not for everyone, but for those that it’s for, a whole lot of fun.

The Curious Life and Death of... (2020)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

While I appreciate what can be seen as the intent of this series & also the particular cases covered - which are admittedly nicely chosen - the presentation is rank amateur below collegiate level & about 50 years out of date; including “sets”, cheesy unwanted awful background “music” that’s just… bleh… and also rehearsed bits that are really unnecessary made by folk who really don’t belong on camera. The info they wish to convey in these bits can be conveyed in far more effective means than the manner they chosen.

The primary presenter may be knowledgeable in her work, but she’s not camera-friendly & should be retained as a consultant who may be interviewed from time to time, but not as a central personality. Some folk, like myself for example, simply don’t belong on camera, especially when untrained amateurs for the vocation.

The subjects chosen to be highlighted drew me in, but the shows poor production just has me cringing while laughing. I’d like to think people have grown up & gotten beyond this sort of hokey awful amateur presentation, but I’m also reminded at the schlock that’s been on for a long time that people apparently love, so I’m faced with the reality that, no, people are pretty immature, ignorant & just go along, especially those who have the disorder of being crime obsessed.

Chalk this up as a good idea that was poorly executed for it’s 1st season & if it doesn’t embarrass the network showing it, throw the entire staff out, get a new one who takes their job seriously about presenting informative & interesting stuff. If the will is there, they won’t ruin a total freebee with how they mishandled this 1st season. Because they did ruin something that’s otherwise pretty hard to ruin.

Banana Split (2018)
random000 2 points 1 month ago.

Hannah Marks (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) co-wrote & stars in this. For what it is & considering the age of the person who wrote it, it’s a rather good indy film for this transitional age group (post high school, pre-uni).

Lexx (1997)
random000 3 points 1 month ago.

All time favorite with Xenia Seeberg, Patricia Zentilli & of course Eva, then Brian. For it’s time & budget… it was pretty creative, having it’s share of comedy & total absurdity. There’s still never been anything else like it 2 decades later.

Easy (2016)
Social Animals (2018)
Westworld (2016)
random000 3 points 1 month ago.

If you’re looking for various qualities of viewing based upon your own network tolerance, bandwidth limitations or whatever, I’ve noticed that postings of this series have a very high quality on the asparat with an average file size of over a gigabyte apiece, while dood is about 450 megs apiece & mixdrop about 550 megs apiece. The other links don’t play nicely with my setup, so I can’t comment on those. Anyway, thanks to whomever uploads these because it’s nice to have file size choices for individual considerations.

Todd Glass: Talks About Stuff (2012)
random000 3 points 1 month ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Just a couple of days ago, there were links to this, but now there’s not. No idea why. But Glass’s comedy is pretty fast & off-beat. Not political, but personal & social without being as incendiary as others like Stanhope or freaky as Atell or angry as Burr. But he’s that type of quick-draw road comic that’s got good chops & lotsa laughs. It’s well worth anyone’s time to find this show & watch it if you’re a comedy addict that needs the medicine of laughter in your life.

Todd Glass: Act Happy (2018)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Glass is indeed rapid fire, but this tour he’s pretty off-beat, traveling with a pretty good little odd band that serves as an opener, closer, sounding board & sometimes prop for his bits.

Death and the Maiden (1995)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Classic. Masterpiece. Anyone who thinks they can remake this & improve upon it is delusional & needs to get over themselves. The film is made. Come up with your own original ideas.

Pete Holmes: Nice Try, the Devil! (2013)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Pete is similar to a young John Ritter with his enthusiasm, delivery, body language & facial expressions. He’s a seasoned road comic with a quick wit, isn’t political & is rather silly. He’s underrated & totally hilarious. Cash your happy checks with Pete. time and checks well spent. There were links for this a few days ago. No idea what happened to them, but this show is well worth searching for.

Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds (2016)
random000 3 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I like Pete Holmes because he’s silly. He’s not political. He’s full of the funny. It’s often randomly funny, but also has some funny stories too.

He also reminds me of a young John Ritter with his facial expressions, mannerisms & body language. That’s not a bad thing to be reminded of.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020) S1 E1
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Van Halen Live Without a Net (1986)
Julianna 3 points 1 month ago.

1979: (June 9): Texxas Music Festival, Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas (General Admission - $15.00)

* Boston
* Heart
* Van Halen
* Sammy Hagar
* Nazareth
* Blue Öyster Cult

This is where I saw them for the first and sadly the last time. It was freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

random000 3 points 1 month ago.

I was at that same festival. We called it The Texxas Jam. It was held every year (for I don’t know how long— several years, maybe 11) along with it’s sister festival Rocklahoma in Oklahoma. I went to all of those. The last one was 1987, also at the Cotton Bowl around the corner from where I lived, and had VH, Boston, Aerosmith & Metallica on their 1st tour after Cliff Burton was killed. I’ll never forget that year since I passed out from the heat down on the field. They passed my body back 40 rows & I woke up by a water cooler, everyone concerned I had died. I remember all the band there that day were not too happy with Metallica since most people showed up to see them & bought all their shirts, even the crappy bootleg shirts out in the parking lot. Music was changing at that time, so it was out with the old & in with the new. I still have one of my shirts from that day. It says “10th annual Texxas Jam on the front & Monsters of Rock on the front, with the VH logo at the top. Eddie didn’t invent the guitar or the techniques he used, but he popularized finger tapping & whammy bar usage & spawned countless imitators. That’s important for music. Music needs its own avatars that come to inspire others to want to pursue that path. Eddie did that. A lot of kids picked up a guitar just because of him. Before him, it was Ace Frehley of KISS & Jimi Hendrix that made kids want to be like them. Eddie himself even badly wanted to be in KISS after Ace was gone- and it was Gene who told him that if he joined KISS, he’d have to be the KISS guitarist, and not his own person. So Gene encouraged him to remain in his own band that bore his own name so he could be his own person & not just another KISS guitarist. That was a good moment for Eddie.

Tank Girl (1995)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Classic punk rawk nerd Riot Grrl cinema. Big fun. This isn’t meant to be Shakespeare or even Kubrick, you understand. This is low-budget Big Fun, so it’s not going to be anyone’s opus since it’s not meant to be. It’s a contemporary comic book film adaptation with a huge cult following & is frequently listed in top-10 superhero films of all time by a variety of sources. The rights to the film have even been optioned from MGM by Margot Robbie for a future reboot of this cult classic.

If you don’t get cheese or like it, that’s a matter of personal taste, but facts are facts & the fact is this film with a huge cult following isn’t going to go away. It’s in the same cinematic vein as The Rocky Horror Picture Show—- and to borrow a line from that cheesy dated film with a cult following of it’s own for those who don’t like Tank Girl — “I didn’t make him FOR YOU.”

That’s the thing with Tank Girl. It wasn’t made for everyone.

Lori Petty is the stand out actor in this, but there’s also Naomi Watts & Malcom McDowell. They’ve all been involved in better, more ambitious projects, but they’re fortunate to have been involved in this cult project.

This is a film that’s known for its soundtrack, having tracks from the legendary Riot Grrl band L7, Portishead, Iggy Pop, Devo, Joan Jett, Isaac Hayes, Richard Hell & Veruca Salt. For some of those artists, this film gave them exposure they never had, and for others, it rebooted their careers & gave them another chance. This is an important aspect of this film since it is the music community that 1st latched onto it & still keeps recognition of it going. The music fans of this film were the same people who were buying the comic books & are the same people that show up to the nerdy geek cons & cosplay events.

Like it or not, this film adaptation of Tank Girl has a rabid following & it isn’t going to fade away just because you want it to. It’s no Fellini. And it’s not meant to be. But if you like this kind of music & this kind of superhero or underground pulp comics, you’re going to have fun with Lori Petty, Naomi Watts & Malcom in this very fun CHEESY film.

Theo Von: No Offense (2016)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

not funny.
back to scooping fries for this one.

Christopher Titus: Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding (2004)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Classic Christopher Titus. His comedy is usually based 100% on his own very messed up dysfunctional life- especially his early comedy like this— which pretty much where his cancelled tv show left off. He’s very inoffensive, but he’s very insightful into human nature & self-examination. A very rare great story teller that knows effective narrative. He get’s highly personal in most of his routines, & in his self-revealing journeys there’s always a lot enlightenment, a lot of everyday stuff that’s highly relatable to anyone in our culture— but mostly, since he’s a comic—- a lot funny. This one is a total classic that a lot of his peers try to imitate—- But Chris is 100% all original since his material is autobiographical. He’s not the 1st & won’t be the last kind of comic that does bits like that—- but he’s certainly one of the most effective.

Christopher Titus: Amerigeddon (2019)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Chris has a very funny show quite a while back that was loosely based on his own life & was very funny. After it was cancelled, people seemed to have forgotten him & younger people probably don’t know who he is unless they’re comedy fanatics like me. But Titus is extremely funny. He’s one of the great comedic story tellers that knows how to weave a very clear narrative. But since he’s a comic, he knows how to get to the funny while pushing other buttons too.

He’s really great. He’s one of the few who can touch upon the political without he himself being political or offensive. He’s great at making fun of himself- putting himself in check before he puts anyone else in check.

All of his stand-up specials are worth seeking out, even though you might not find links for all them here. He’s immensely funny & very young in his spirit & energy, so young people will find him relatable & highly hilarious. His comedy brings you in & you feel like you know the guy. Everything he’s ever done is classic & is worth looking for.

Bryan Callen: Never Grow Up (2017)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Have given Bryan too many chances to just be a comic & make me laugh. Over the years, the laughs are too few & far in between. He seems like a nice guy & he can tell a story, but I don’t find him funny most of the time. He’s too into himself, has a wrong energy about him that I don’t jive with & apparently—- I’m not his target audience—- because his audience seems to be a very narrow, specific type of audience that I don’t relate to.

Bryan Callen: Complicated Apes (2019)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Bryan Callen is one of those comics that obviously works hard on his act & has provided a lot thought to his routines. And in spite of the fact that occasionally over the course of about quarter century he’s amused me a little bit, I keep waiting for him to be funny, relatable & grow as a person & a comic—- and he just doesn’t. Aside from small bits about his kids & dad, he hasn’t improved in any appreciable way for me & I ultimately find every special he does a waste of time that I can’t get back. I’m sure he’s a nice fellah- might even want him your corner in a bad situation- but he needs to get over himself & grow up. His stuff is too narcissistic for little ol’ me.

Instant Influencer with James Charles (2020)
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George Carlin: Jammin' in New York (1992)
random000 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

The master on top of his game shortly before his wife died. His comedy changed after that & became even more direct than it already was, and perhaps more cynical. A lot of the bits that separate his later career from his earlier or mid-point career are found in this performance & are often riffed on by other comics.

Miss you George. The world needs you now more than ever :)

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