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60 Minutes (1968) S53 E9
JoMoCo -15 points 12 days ago.

Everyone is aware that the election was stolen. Some just won’t admit it. Some can’t. It would be an admission of guilt. Barrack Obama is continuing his mission of destroying America. He said that was his goal , when elected. “I’m going to fundamentally change America”. And he did. President Trump ALMOST had time to repair his damage. Democrats should run out of other people’s money in four years, and another Republican can fix things again. Except for maybe Libya. Obama did such a number on THEM, that I don’t know if they will EVER get straight.

publicOnline 12 points 12 days ago.

What everyone is aware of is that Joe Biden won fair and square with 306 electoral votes. The longer Trump remains a sore loser and delays the peaceful transition of power the more in danger he puts us, both wrt Covid (250 000 Americans dead) and wrt our adversaries!
Any incoming POTUS needs the Presidential daily briefs, secure phones and such!

Greenland (2020)
Radojica 4 points 1 month ago.

When cn we expect better version of the movie, any ideas? :)

publicOnline 2 points 27 days ago.

Soon I hope! Can’t wait to watch a clean version of this movie.

The Queen's Gambit (2020)
publicOnline 3 points 1 month ago.

One of the best mini-series this fall on netflix! I binged watched it in a day.

American Selfie: One Nation Shoots Itself (2020)
publicOnline 1 points 1 month ago.

Alex Pelosi does it again! She’s one of the most talented documentary makers of this generation.

The Way I See It (2020)
publicOnline 2 points 1 month ago.

A must watch for anyone interested in photojournalism. Lots of humor too!

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)
tamerat1 4 points 1 month ago.

Great script writing by Aaron Sorkin as usual. never dumbs it down or drag it down to make a point. loved it. It would been great if I could say look how far we come.

publicOnline 3 points 1 month ago.

Thank you for your comment: it prompted me to watch this wonderful movie. I’m a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s work.

This Was America (2020)
publicOnline 3 points 1 month ago.

Good movie. It can happen here.

Totally Under Control (2020)
publicOnline 2 points 1 month ago.

I don’t want to include spoilers so suffice it to say part 1 is disturbing, but part 2 had me floored at times. Bungled indeed!

Real Time with Bill Maher (2003) S18 E29
publicOnline 1 points 1 month ago.

My breath of fresh air in this insane world. Thanks Bill!

2067 (2020)
publicOnline 1 points 1 month ago.

An easy watch which incorporates all the classic dilemmas of time travel. A solid 4/5

A Call to Spy (2020)
publicOnline 1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Great movie about unsung heroines of WW2

neXt (2020) S1 E1
publicOnline 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Good pilot. Promising if the AI doesn’t get too out there.

Are All Men Pedophiles? (2013)
publicOnline 6 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Interesting documentary about the various types of pedophilia and the societal norms over time and geography. I was skeptical at first, and watched mostly because I was idle but I’m glad I did. It doesn’t answer all questions though e.g. are there many women pedophiles?
One statistic blew my mind: 40% of all convicted of child pornography are children!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014) S7 E25
expresso 4 points 1 month ago.

Link #4 clipwatching is in sync for me

publicOnline 1 points 1 month ago.

Thanks! #4 worked fine while the other I tried (#24) was unwatchable.

The Rachel Maddow Show (2008)
publicOnline 1 points 1 month ago.

Many thanks to all those who allow me to watch this from overseas each night!

Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump (2020)
publicOnline 13 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

A thought provoking watch, which tries to answer “where is the line between an unusual leader and a plainly dangerous one”. Draws parallels from psychiatry, history, sociology, biology. The many interviews are fascinating.

The Comey Rule (2020)
mikebcarguy 5 points 2 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)
“A Global Independent News Hour”
They don’t accept money from corporations, and Amy Goodman’s parents were Quakers. (And she just wants everyone to hear the truth about issues that actually effect their lives.)

publicOnline 4 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Great suggestion in our era of the 24/7 news cycle and bitter partisanship. Amy Goodman manages to cover topics no other network bothers to cover, like what’s happening in the rest of the world :)
PBS is often decent as well.

The Comey Rule (2020)
publicOnline 8 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I was skeptical at first given how recent those events were, but am pleasantly surprised by the actors: 1st class!
And it seems Comey’s firing took place decades ago, given the number of scandals that have taken place since in the Trump administration. Our country’s exhausted. But even if you have Trump-fatigue this one is worth watching. Or rather, especially if you have Trump-fatigue, this one is worth watching, to remember that it’s not normal and that there are better days ahead.
I don’t want to spoil the ending but don’t miss the text at the end of episode 2. Our institutions matter!

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