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Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)
kwei 3 points 7 days ago.

I have raised my kids on bill and ted and i must say this was a most excellent addition to their other movies. I am sooo very not disappointed!

Mulan (2020)
kwei 2 points 7 days ago.

a movie that you should watch if you keep in mind to not compare it to the animation mulan. once you stop comparing that you can actually get some good laughs and giggles from this

Archive (2020)
kwei 4 points 7 days ago.

Great movie to watch and has a few nice twists in here.

Fatman (2020)
kwei 1 points 7 days ago.

WOW i have got to say this is my new holiday movie. Its actually refreshing to finally have something new and not regurgitation of past movies. This is really a need to watch. my family and I really loved this one

Nobody (2021)
kwei 2 points 7 days ago.

I actually enjoyed this movie. It gave me the feel if the movie falling down and john wick had a kid this would be it. a definite watch is recommended.

Mortal Kombat (2021)
kwei 1 points 7 days ago.

This was soo much better than other mortal kombat movies I have watched I am actually shocked. There hasn’t been that many good movies produced over the past few years. This is a a good watch.

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