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Faith Under Fire (2020)
koredez 1 points 10 hours ago.

Great movie! Good to know faith based and family oriented film is still made.

Our New President (2018)
koredez -2 points 1 day ago.

If you think Russia had anything to do with electing Trump while ignoring what Obama did to the working class of America then you have no understanding of America.

Romulus (2020)
koredez 0 points 7 days ago.

Only 3 episodes in and am having a hard time understanding where Romulus fits into the narrative. Other then that, going pretty good and feels epic.

Finding Noah (2015)
Krakken 0 points 10 months ago.

looking for what never actually happened! cult brainwashing at its best!

koredez -4 points 13 days ago.

Looking for movies or shows to bash because of your disdain for things you disagree with is not only a cultish act but the sign of a bigot. You ought to feel ashamed for bashing things instead of simply passing by and not opening the link. How narrow minded and childish is it to be so pedantic.

The Right Stuff (2020)
koredez -4 points 1 month ago.

WTF takes a gritty, anti-nostalgic look at…

One can’t not take a nostalgic look at a historical achievement and have some sense of pride, to remove the nostalgia is to remove the reason to retell the story. This simple beginning statement of the show smacks of anti-Americanism and leftist white washing of history.

Well after watching the first episode and checking the IMDB reviews, my initial assessment was 100% accurate. This is a plan not to retell a great American story but to erase history for more millennial nonsense.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020)
sanbro5 2 points 1 month ago.

Two episodes in and everybody is an expert. Too funny. The show has possibilities and I will watch and see.

koredez 2 points 1 month ago.

Funny enough everyone is an expert on on what they do or don’t like. It’s called human emotions. Just because you like it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone does because people’s tastes are eclectic.

The Comey Rule (2020)
koredez 4 points 1 month ago.

All you need to know about how biased this show is and the actual ongoing proof of the corruption of this man is found here.


Deadly Journeys of the Apostles (2015)
Negan 0 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Churches are non-profit, but their preachers are not. NO preacher should have millions of [insert currency], mansions, expensive cars, private jets etc. It’s just a money-making racket, and preachers like Osteen and Copeland are raking in the money whilst many of their sheeple are living in almost-poverty.

koredez 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Don’t forget the Catholic church and the Mosques and Jewish Temples though.

I agree with you, those aren’t true Christian churches, they preach prosperity gospel which is anathema to Jesus’s teachings. Luckily most churches aren’t like this and do a lot of good for their communities such as providing food and shelter accommodation’s.

Deadly Journeys of the Apostles (2015)
veritech 0 points 1 month ago.

if money is the root of all evil why do they ask for it at every church?

koredez 2 points 1 month ago*.

First off the actual quote is:

The “Love” of money is the root of all evil.

Second, because they are a non-profit organization and have bills to pay such as rent, utilities, salaries and goodwill causes.

Weakest Link (2020)
koredez 2 points 1 month ago.

Way too many pop culture references in a trivia show. Not as good as the original but if you can get around the fact that and that the entirety of the contestants were from the E or W coast and only represents 1 side of America with a over represented racial makeup then it’s worth a watch.

The Comey Rule (2020)
koredez -2 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

More lefty fantasy that we already know is untrue. Current evidence points to the entire Obama admin doing to Trump what they accused him of doing. Future generations will learn of the untold damage the Obama administration did to this country and as we today we’re still reeling from his radical agenda.

Agents of Chaos (2020)
koredez 4 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

So all this talk from the left about Russian interference but crickets about Chinese open bribes, influence and cronyism when it defends the left in America.

Greyhound (2020)
guerito 5 points 4 months ago.

After watching Tom Hanks [melty-face/school of bland] contrived expression of disgust towards the Gervais Golden Globe twattery, I can never watch him in a film without throwing the nearest innocent child through any open/closed window. Absolute douche of a human.

koredez 1 points 4 months ago.

And now he’s ran off to Greece to escape his inevitable fate.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (2015)
koredez 3 points 4 months ago.

One must be funny to be considered comedy.

Tucker Carlson Tonight (2016)
Themoo 12 points 4 months ago.

‪It was just discovered that the lead writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight, who hosts the top rated cable news show in modern television history, is a full fledged white supremacist.‬

‪Not hyperbole.‬
‪His name is Blake Neff.‬

And he has used an online pseudonym for years in which he has been explicitly racist and advanced white supremacist ideas.

In a recent article, Blake Neff said, “Anything Tucker Carlson is reading off the teleprompter, the first draft was written by me.”

It’s the top show on cable news.

And it has been written by a white supremacist

koredez -1 points 4 months ago.

So what, he’s been fired and nothing he has written that Tucker has iterated onair has been racist. People are entitled to an opinion and a life to lead.

Tucker Carlson Tonight (2016)
koredez 5 points 4 months ago.

All ya’ll Richard MADcow crybabies can go on back over to your POS show and worship liberalism there.

The Rachel Maddow Show (2008)
koredez 6 points 4 months ago.

This is a parody show right? I mean somone can’t be this stupid and ignorant of the facts can they?

Becoming (2020)
koredez -4 points 6 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Becoming? Becoming what, Michael Robinson, born a guy and still has a penis. A leftist commie, anti-American traitor.

Upload (2020)
koredez -7 points 6 months ago.

Terrible SJW leftist propaganda.

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