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Invasion (2021) S1 E3
joeinwb 2 points 2 hours ago.

Afraid my thoughts are like most on this site. Bad writing and very boring. I was really looking forward to watching this. Had high hopes. What a let down.

No Time to Die (2021)
joeinwb 3 points 22 days ago.

The quality of the video was good enough but the sound was a bit difficult to make everything out. Movie is very over rated. I have seen much better bond movies i am sorry to say. Found it to long and boring. Disappointing.

Love Island (2015) S7 E28
Black Widow (2021)
joeinwb 0 points 3 months ago.

Shame. Should have been so much better.

The Tomorrow War (2021)
joeinwb 1 points 3 months ago.

Disappointing. Pratt is not a great actor and the plot and writing are not very good.

The Ice Road (2021)
joeinwb 1 points 3 months ago.

Boring, so so boring. Liam Neeson seems to take any roll.

The Ultimate Fighter (2005) S29 E3
joeinwb 1 points 4 months ago.

very boring fight and very boring fighters. This seasons blows.

A Quiet Place Part II (2021)
joeinwb 4 points 4 months ago*.

unfortunately, not near as good as the first one. Could have been much better

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
marll 1 points 6 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

That was pretty much the worst film I have ever seen.
Apppalling. Like a parade of cut scenes from a video game. This is a film that exists only to make money. It is almost totally bereft of any artistic qualities. In the same way that Alien v Predator destroyed the Alien canon, so does this for King Kong. A Citizen Kane in comparison. Making Kong speak was the worst and most pathetic moment one in which you realise this film is just risible garbage. Kong and Godzilla become buddies at the end. I thought they were going to go off to a movie together. THe battles took place on toy sets. No regard again for the logic that each bout would kill thousands of people. The Hollow Earth stuff was pathetic.
Absolute grabage heap.

joeinwb 2 points 6 months ago*.

Thank god some people have taste in this world. Was getting scared with all the good reviews.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
peternorth 4 points 7 months ago.

I agree. I saw all 3 when they first came out in the theater, the first film blew me away as a kid, never seen anything like it before. Everyone was bonkers over it. Empire was pretty good too, but it didn’t feel complete like the first film, which of course it wasn’t. ROTJ was my least favorite of the original trilogy. I’ve really tried to give the new films a chance, saw the 2nd trilogy in the theater, but it felt like I was watching cartoons. I just couldn’t develop any feelings for any of the characters. The computer effects were so unrealistic I couldn’t suspend my disbelief. The physics just aren’t right. And modern Hollywood chase scenes have just become filler, they drag films down. Another thing that bugs me is the changes Lucas made to the original trilogy. George Lucas, the guy I remember in the late 1980’s who publicly and legally FOUGHT to stop the colorization of old B/W films claiming it destroyed art, hypocritically alters HIS films to the point that literally changes the characters. And Han DID shoot first! If he doesn’t, he loses that dimension of bad-guy-turns-good-guy for love.

joeinwb 2 points 7 months ago*.

You are obviously a very smart person. And for the record, George Lucas is no great movie maker. His last 3 star wars films were like watching c span in space. People think Disney destroyed star wars, no, they made more garbage films of star wars, but Lucas made 3 of some of the worst movies, let alone star wars, of all time. Star Wars was junk long before Disney got ahold of them.

Monster Hunter (2020)
joeinwb 3 points 8 months ago.

This movie sucked and was a big disappointment. unless you have nothing to do, no , just clean your house, more interesting.

The Mandalorian (2019) S2 E8
joeinwb 2 points 10 months ago.

Not sure why, but I cried at the end. Seeing the Luke character treated good maybe.

Monster Hunter (2020)
joeinwb 1 points 10 months ago.

very stupid movie. do not waste your time. No clue why this was even made. Best to just watch something on YouTube.

Robin Hood (2018)
joeinwb 1 points 11 months ago.

One of the worst movies of all time. Do not waste you time.

Crown Vic (2019)
joeinwb 1 points 11 months ago.

Don’t waste your time, there must be something else better to watch then this

First Dates (2013) S15 E7
joeinwb 1 points 11 months ago.

this is a repeat of much older shows

Below Deck (2013) S8 E1
Freaks (2019)
joeinwb 2 points 11 months ago.

good concept but not a good movie

The Empty Man (2020)
joeinwb 2 points 1 year ago.

actually not to bad. Watched the whole thing so i guess it kept my attention.

The New Mutants (2020)
joeinwb 7 points 1 year ago.

this movie sucked. complete waste of time, almost fell asleep several times.

Unhinged (2020)
joeinwb 5 points 1 year ago.

kept my attention, i would say exciting, good for a one time watch

The Blackout (2019)
joeinwb -1 points 1 year ago.

Can’t understand why people are saying good things about this movie. Boring, confusing. Don’t waste your time.

The Signal (2014)
joeinwb 1 points 1 year ago.

Worth a watch. Parts can move slow, but i enjoyed it.

Birds of Prey (2020)
joeinwb 2 points 1 year ago.

I only made it about 20 minutes. So stupid, so boring. Hard to care about anyone in the film. Even worse than i expected.

Spies in Disguise (2019)
joeinwb 0 points 1 year ago.

Enjoyed it very much, way more than i expected to. Fun for kids and grownups

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)
joeinwb 0 points 1 year ago.

waiting for a good copy because the movie itself sucks

Seberg (2019)
octoberswill 3 points 1 year ago.

actually no…but if you are all in to delusion and ignorance, shine on you crazy diamond. Bigots deal in monoliths. Saying black is beautiful is not anti white. Feeding impoverished black children is not anti white. Watch dogging the corrupt LAPD is not anti white. Just like saying Black Lives Matter is not saying White Lives don’t Matter. It’s pointing out injustice and trying to help a struggling community. And only the willfully ignorant would think The New Black Panthers are and extension of The Black Panthers..which by the way…no longer exist. You clearly lack intellectual curiosity so I don’t expect you will investigate the truth…so enjoy the bliss of ignorance average joe.

joeinwb -5 points 1 year ago.

of course the black panthers still exist, they have web sites with a manifesto. You can’t seem to talk without being degrading and rude. You just keep insulting me like you think you know me. Black lives matter is also no better than the KKK. I am quesing by the way you talk your full of hate and think your well informed. Sad.

Seberg (2019)
octoberswill 1 points 1 year ago.

also…I believe you might be thinking of the New Black Panthers…no affiliation…maybe do a little homework before you think you know things…also the New Black Panthers are assholes…I was talking about the black panthers referenced in this movie….so….ya know….try harder….but do go on.

joeinwb -9 points 1 year ago.

black panthers, new black panthers, really the same thing. Violent, anti white thugs.

Seberg (2019)
octoberswill 1 points 1 year ago.

other than them killing cops in self defense everything you said was wrong…also…look up the lynchings of the KKK in the 1910’s through 1950’s…they did not encourage killings of whites only defending themselves against white aggressions…you love your propaganda I can see that…but a little education would show you they allowed all races to participate in their party…the majority of Black Panthers were women…and they gave free meals and grocery bags everyday, helped with rent and utilities for those who couldn’t make ends meet and funded a free medical clinic FOR ALL…you see the KKK doing that?

joeinwb -7 points 1 year ago.

You can see videos of them justifying the killing of whites on youTube today if you cared to look for them, they talk about how they may have to start killing white babies. It is you that is full of shit. Even today, the black panthers are a listed and known hate group. Your the one with the propaganda.

Seberg (2019)
Alien 4 points 1 year ago*.

There is something seriously wrong with you, lady.

joeinwb -7 points 1 year ago*.

The black panthers is a known black supremacist hate group. They are responsible for killing police officers and encouraging the killings of whites. Worse than the KKK as far as i am concerned.

Dracula (2020)
joeinwb 1 points 1 year ago.

Episode 1 was great. Looking forward to the rest.

The Lighthouse (2019)
joeinwb -5 points 1 year ago.

agreed, this movie is garbage. Cant understand the good reviews. and yes, why do people on here say your stupid if you dont like a movie, sometimes movies are just crap.

Ad Astra (2019)
firedove10 0 points 1 year ago.

Then maybe this movie was too intellectual for you? I don’t know what you were expecting with this film, but I’m sorry you’re disappointed. Most people who’ve seen this film thought it was wonderful and thoughtful; it got audience on the edge of our seats at times and got us thinking and wondering what was going to happen next. While some, were somehow expecting something else with this film and were disappointed in it’s slow performance. Again, a slow, hardcore science fiction film is NOT for everybody. Cheers.

joeinwb -3 points 1 year ago.

Classic. Don’t like a movie and you must be to dumb to understand it. That is a stupid response.

Ad Astra (2019)
firedove10 1 points 1 year ago.

It thought the movie was wonderful. Unlike Joeinwb, who’s caught up in his opinions, this film was a work of art. Not all good films are fast-paced; in-fact some of the best films in history are hours long.

joeinwb -6 points 1 year ago.

many people agree with me, this movie was to slow and boring. Very little actually happened.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)
joeinwb 3 points 1 year ago.

I can’t figure out what the plot is. Not sure what their goal is. Stopped watching about 3/4 the way through.

Ad Astra (2019)
TheTruth 9 points 1 year ago.

I was going to skip this one because of a lot of negative comments about it, but I’m glad I didn’t. This is definitely a work of art, more of a space philosophy movie theme if you’re into movies that make you think and reflect on life. I will say that this was 10x more interesting than “Arrival” which I tried watching 2 times and never could finish it. The slow pace works for this film, I can’t say that for “Arrival”

joeinwb -13 points 1 year ago.

This movie was garbage, you dont know what your talking about.

Ad Astra (2019)
joeinwb -7 points 1 year ago.

This is a terrible movie that should have never been made. I love sifi and was very let down by this pile of garbage. Don’t waste your time with this one.

The War of the Worlds (2019) S1 E3
joeinwb -3 points 1 year ago.

This is not episod 3 it is episode 2. Don’t think we will see episode 3

The Irishman (2019)
joeinwb -5 points 1 year ago.

I give up, i can’t make it till the end. Slowest and boringest movie of all time. I can’t understand all the fuss about this movie. 3.5 hours of slow moving elderly men yaking all day. I gave up after a couple of hours and really nothing exciting happened.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019)
joeinwb -5 points 1 year ago*.

Can’t really say i enjoyed it. Found it boring and confusing. I had to watch it because of all the fuss. Don’t recommend.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
joeinwb -1 points 1 year ago.

This is the only truly good movie of the star wars franchise. Rogue one is pretty good also. The rest are garbage

Line of Duty (2019)
joeinwb -4 points 1 year ago.

boring, very very boring

Love Island Australia (2018) S2 E29
joeinwb -2 points 1 year ago.

not nearly as interesting as last years season

War of the Worlds (2019)
joeinwb 8 points 1 year ago. (Contains Spoilers)

disappointing. ending was a big let down, im done.

Castle Rock (2018) S1 E7
joeinwb 0 points 2 years ago.

great episode

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)
joeinwb -8 points 2 years ago.

Well now we know why linda Hamilton has not been in any other movies, she cant act. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 and that is being generous. Hamilton almost destroyed the movie for me.

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)
joeinwb -7 points 2 years ago.

not the best one but worth the watch if your into the Terminator

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)
joeinwb -4 points 2 years ago.

I didn’t like the first two and i didnt like this one either. Poor writing and acting. Very simple story with no depth.

Kick-Ass (2010)
joeinwb -2 points 2 years ago.

great movie. The beginning is a little slow but then it takes off on a pretty wild ride.

Judy (2019)
joeinwb 0 points 2 years ago.

Overall very good. Slow in some places but worth the watch.

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