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Rescue Me (2002)
Black Love (2017)
cabinboy 2 points 3 months ago.

diversity at it’s best lol

Gone (2017)
cabinboy 1 points 3 months ago.

I like Australian crime dramas so when I saw this, gave it a go. It is not Australian….typical USA made series, no character build, wam bam action thrown in, unbelievable plot, very predictable story line….very disappointed.

Rescue Me (2002) S1 E3
Gogglebox (2013)
danis257 1 points 5 months ago.

This show is hilarious and perfect when you want something to chill out to while peripherally catching up on popular culture and current events. The British and Australian versions are the most enjoyable IMO. The American version replaces average TV watching viewers with unfunny celebrities and unfortunately sucks all the charm out of the series.

cabinboy 1 points 4 months ago.

The British version also sometimes uses celebrities which is also a fun show so not sure how the Americans have a knack of taking a good concept and creating a much inferior product.

World's Most Scenic River Journeys (2021) S1 E2
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