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Love Stories in Sunflower Valley (2021)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 8 hours ago.

She’s alright but he’s like a plank of wood! Couldn’t get through it.. Pity, i like a good romance :))x

To Your Eternity (2021)
TisOnlyMe 1 points 5 days ago.

This new anime series ‘Fumetsu no Anata e’, got off to an interesting start. It’s a bit different, lovely graphics.. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes! :))x

Shameless (2011) S11 E12
discokitty 3 points 6 days ago.

any reason to why they would end such a phenomenal series?

TisOnlyMe 3 points 5 days ago.

Realistically it could be because they’ve done 11 series of the show.. the viewers may want more (don’t we always) but the cast and crew may well have had enough. All shows run out of steam eventually, even the best and 11 series is a very good run, try to be grateful for having enjoyed it till the end, before the quality started to tank! :))x

I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level (2021)
TisOnlyMe 1 points 7 days ago.

I just watched the first ep of this new series and have to say it’s better than i was expecting, very funny. Another ISEKAI tale, quite amusing if you like bizarre, fairytale-like cartoon stories! Enjoy! :))x

Super Cub (2021)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 9 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Oh, and yet another new ‘slice of Life’ anime about a lonely schoolgirl who buys a second-hand motor-bike.. that’s the story period! Nothing much happens but it’s all very scenic and Japanese, lovely art-work, scenery and nice music etc. Doesn’t sound like much but personally i like this kind of show.. Enjoy! :))x

Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu (2021)
TisOnlyMe 1 points 9 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

This is one of the latest anime of this new Spring season, yet another ‘Isekai’ story, ie someone whisked away into some other land/ alternate-reality, a very typical trope in this genre. The first ep of this new series “Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu” was enjoyable, it looks like it could be an interesting storyline so here’s hoping! One to watch if this is your kinda thing! :))x

Fringe (2008) S2 E18
fashygoy 2 points 10 days ago.

seeing comments popping up for Fringe makes me want to watch the series again.

TisOnlyMe 3 points 10 days ago.

That’s what i’ve been doing these past couple of weeks, Re-re-watching in fact, good job i’ve a terrible memory eh!.. I got tired of waiting for DEBRIS to get interesting! It’s pretty great seeing Walter, Peter and Olivia again, RECOMMENDED! :))X

Fringe (2008) S2 E18
TisOnlyMe 2 points 10 days ago.

Yes, a really great ep of FRINGE.. time-travel theme, intriguing and a very poignant ending. Powerful stuff :))x

Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak (2009)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 10 days ago.

Ahh, a Doc about MAURICE SENDAK who wrote and illustrated ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and many other classic
children’s favourites. Should be worth a watch :))x

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 10 days ago.

I’d forgotten about TROLLHUNTERS. It was a good first series but i lost interest somewhere in the 2nd, didn’t even know there was a 3rd. It was Anton Yelchin’s last role before his tragic death, far too young. Still it’s Kelsey Grammar who steals the show with his character, even though it’s only voice-over! GREAT family entertainment and very funny in places :))x

Fringe (2008) S2 E16
TisOnlyMe 2 points 11 days ago.

FINALLY the underlying truth comes out, after 36 episodes! Most of S2 up to here has been ‘filler’ stories tbh, a lot of it nothing to do with ‘the pattern’ we heard so much about in S1. I like FRINGE a lot but they really stretched out the main story with a lot of episodic ‘weird science’ stories. Anyway i’m pushing on with a slow binge of review.. LOCKDOWN has proven ideal for re-watching old favourites! :))x

Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer Story (2008)
TisOnlyMe 4 points 13 days ago.

This is a really interesting documentary about the Fleischer Studios.. i used to love seeing Popeye on TV as a kid, though Betty Boop was a bit before my time! The one thing i eventually found annoying was the background trad-jazz music playing constantly beneath the commentary and interviews.. too much unnecessary music makes it hard to listen to what they’re saying. Good prog though :))x

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil (2021)
Rontron25 -6 points 18 days ago.

Attention Seeker, and glorified mediocre singer

TisOnlyMe 0 points 17 days ago.

OUCH!.. That good eh? :))x

Mystic (2020)
PacificLilly 1 points 18 days ago.

TisOnlyMe, Thank you for your review! (It’s bc of it that I added this to my watchlist!) I’ve been wanting to watch this bc I didn’t want to get invested in the show, if they weren’t going to finish the rest of the season. But I’m glad I did bc I now can binge-watch the whole season! ☺

According to the schedule, episode 9-13 aired on March 23rd. No links have been added for each epsiode yet. But fingers crossed that they’ll be added soon! I love stories that have horses, bc well… I love hors’ies! ❤❤

TisOnlyMe 1 points 18 days ago.

Hey Lilly, thanks for your feedback..(Call me ToM btw) Funny i’d actually forgotten all about this series till you brought it back to mind! Great that there are more eps to come, now we’ll just have to ask one of our brave uploaders to do the honours and find some links (Please!)! It’s a good story and i look forward to watching the whole thing when the new eps appear.. i hope you enjoy it too when you get to watch. All the best to yer :))x

Fringe (2008)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 18 days ago.

With all the recents posts comparing DEBRIS with FRINGE i decided to go back and watch the pilot of FRINGE again, just to re-remind myself. I watched the show when it originally aired, week-by-painful-week, filled with anticipation as we all were, waiting to see what would happen next. It was exciting TV at the time.

For me the essential story was the first 3 series, they could’ve just ended it there with simply an extra 5 minutes to tie it all up. After that it seemed unnecessary to continue and i lost interest during S4, not sure if i ever saw the conclusion. Since then i re-watched those 3 series once a few years ago. I just started with the pilot again 2 weeks ago, then watched all of S1 in a weekend, all 20 eps! What i’m finding is that Series 1 was amazing, DEBRIS isn’t a patch on FRINGE for story. Just in the pilot of FRINGE alone we’re introduced to 4 strong central characters and several strong secondary recurring characters.. that’s just in ep1. In DEBRIS after 3 eps there’s still only the 2 main characters and maybe some others, but i can’t remember the names even of the main ones.. there’s no-one like Walter Bishop to move things along with a smile!

Series 1 is the best really, i’m over halfway through S2 at this time and have noticed several ‘filler’ eps in it, that are just weird stuff but not even connected to ‘the pattern’, a lot of S2 lacks that focus after the definite baddie, Mr Jones, in S1. The whole thing reminds me a lot in retrospect of ‘THE X FILES’ which you’d have to say is it’s direct genetic forebear. Personally i hated XF and both Agents Scully and Muldaur, one smug one annoying.. gad how i hated that prog! Still FRINGE has a lot of similarities, weird happenings etc. It really is the characters of Walter and Peter, Olivia and Astrid the lab assistant, it’s their HUMANITY which i find sets this prog apart from others like it. You can’t help but like these people and want to cheer them on! DEBRIS by comparison, into ep 4 and i don’t even care anymore.. that’s the big difference!

Anyway, i’m still ploughing my way through S2, still in LOCKDOWN so i might as well and if you haven’t watched FRINGE yet yerself, give it a go, it’s a lot better than most of what’s being made now imho.
Sorry to go on,,THANKS :))x

The Dry (2021)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 18 days ago.

Reading the synopsis above i realised i actually read the book ‘The DRY’ a couple of years ago. I took it out of the library, it’s set in Australia. I don’t usually read Australian fiction but it was a good story so hopefully they’ll have made it into a decent film.. will have to try watching it later. Keep cold drinks handy when watching this, you’ve been warned! Thankyou uploaders :))x

They Might Be Giants (1971)
TisOnlyMe 1 points 21 days ago.

It’s hard to imagine George C. Scott was ever such a young man but here he is opposite Joanne Woodward in a truly classic alternative take on the Sherlock Holmes story. I stumbled across this small masterpiece many years ago and was blown away by the way the story is told, a very different take on the great detective than we’re accustomed to. It really deserves a better link than just this YT copy and to be seen by a wider audience. It’s unusual and brilliant, time i re-watched it meself now i come to think of it.. Thanks for posting! :))x

The Worlds of Philip K. Dick (2016)
glostarz999 6 points 24 days ago*.

‘Doc on Dick’ sounds like a BBC3 show that I REALLY wouldn’t want to watch. Looking forward to watching this though. Only Lovecraft could match him for sheer invention and creativity in the sci fi/ horror genre. And Lovecraft was a nutcase too. That probably isn’t a coincidence.

TisOnlyMe 6 points 24 days ago.

One key to the dark, dystopian vision is his continued use of Amphetamines. i believe Stephen King used them too, both writers of prolific weirdness. Ever take speed? It’ll lead you down some dark by-ways and of course, creativity is only a fine line away from insanity EVER. Speed also makes you paranoid, another shared ingredient in this genre. This doc made me feel sad, not a lot of happiness going on but i suppose the work, his output, is justification.. i have long believed that great art is usually the product of obsession, which leads to compromise in all other areas of a Life. Sad Life but some great stories

The Worlds of Philip K. Dick (2016)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 24 days ago.

Hmm, yeah, interesting doc on Dick. Worth a watch if you like his stories :))x

The Will (2020)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 24 days ago.

Quite a good romance story, grittier than your average Hallmark, not bad if you like the genre :))x

Debris (2021) S1 E3
Control1001 0 points 1 month ago.

Another intriguing episode from the minds behind FRINGE. Debris so far to me gets a lower rating of like 7 or 7.5 and most of that is from the mystery and intrigue. FRINGE gets like a 8.5-9.5 it had the crazy science, the growing stakes, and very interesting characters and stories. Derbis imo is missing that last part. And its not very heavy on the science either, I do think they are missing an expert or third character. In some ways, I get people dont want a science lesson but if a show takes that out it tells me I dont have to pay to much attention to it or even invest that much.

I also dont see the chemistry with these two and I can care less eitherway they push things. In FRINGE im pretty sure we were all rooting for a little romance. But without it, fine.. but they need another person, a geek, a trouble maker, a scientist a rebel or all of those things in one idc but as is its very bland, imo. They need a Lincoln or an Astrid - would love a Walter Bishop or even a Walter Skinner who gives them a hard time or is more of a Rival/Nemesis but not in a super hostile sense as we already have bad guys. TLDR we need some new blood already

TisOnlyMe 2 points 1 month ago.

Completely agree with you, this show feels a bit ‘lazy’..a different weird science event each week? check, 2 experts? check.. but no real explanations what’s happening, no interesting characters, these two are pretty dull, they need a third wheel, ideally a Walter figure. This show is Fringe-like but without any of the great storylines. Obv there’s another element yet to be revealed, who are the strange beardy guys fr’instance? Suppose we’ll have to keep watching and hope it gets better eh :))x

Debris (2021) S1 E3
PonderThis 3 points 1 month ago.

I am a curious person by nature. If I see something that I can’t explain and have never seen something such as was in this episode, no way in __ am I going to walk up to it! I might take a picture of it then run like __ in the other direction for sure!

TisOnlyMe 3 points 1 month ago.

Walk up to it then throw a rock at it you mean!! :))x

Harvey (1998)
Alien -1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

This is horrible. The nerve of trying to remake a Jimmy Stewart classic.

TisOnlyMe 1 points 1 month ago.

Do you know, i was gonna say the exact same thing last night when i first saw this post. Who would even THINK it was a good idea to remake such a classic? It’s like when they re-made ‘Mr Deeds Goes to Town’ with Adam Sandler.. tragically awful and not even true to the original.. anyway, Don’t get me started.. i guess that’s showbiz for ya! :))x

Christmas in Paris (2019)
TisOnlyMe 0 points 1 month ago.

“SAY NO!” i was yelling at the screen by the end of this slightly dreary Harlequin romance.. they never do though. Shame, it’d be so much more interesting if they did something different occasionally! A very dull movie in spite of some French locations 2/5 :))x

Resident Alien (2021) S1 E7
TisOnlyMe 5 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Talk about a cliff-hanger ending.. Whoops! Looking forward to the conclusion of this :))x

Just One of the Girls (1993)
TisOnlyMe 1 points 1 month ago.

I can’t understand why this zany teen movie deserves an ADULT CONTENT warning? Apart from a very brief shower scene with quick glimpses of boob there was nothing sexual or weird about this comedy, not even kissing, just a typical 80s teen flick, made in ‘92! I just re-watched this..saw it decades ago on TV and thought i’d jog my memory seeing it here. It’s actually funny and quite sweet and sensitive in fact, none of the crude humour we saw in similar movies of this era. It’s almost exactly the same story (in reverse )as ‘JUST ONE of the BOYS” with Terri Griffith? Anyway, nostalgia, this is a funny, high-school/ mix-up identity movie if you wanna watch one.. i especially enjoyed the music, funky synth.. Yo! :))x

Fit for a Prince (2021)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 1 month ago.

Modern-day version of Cinderella (kinda), made-for-TV, starring people you will not already know. Dewy-eyed and romantic, even mushy, it’s a perfect flick to while away the blues, if mushy-eyed romance is your thing of course! It was OK, quite sweet actually, they were sincere, i like that.. helped pass some time anyway.. Enjoy! :))x

Debris (2021) S1 E1
pryme 3 points 1 month ago.

It’s worth checking out for sci-fi fans but dont get your hopes too high. It’s like Fringe in the sense of having strange phenomena that defy the laws of physics but it’s not at all epic or emotionally engaging like Fringe was, and like TisOnlyMe said, it has no interesting characters (and I’m not very impressed with the actors).

The first episode was just ok, not great, but it may still end up being a good series after the plot develops further in future episodes. I didnt like certain aspects of the main plot of the pilot, which I wont specify here so as to not spoil it for anyone.

Highly doubtful it will be anywhere near as good as Fringe even in best case scenario but that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong (and very much hope that I am, I want this show to be great!). In any case it’s nice to have a new show somewhat similar to Fringe even if it ends up being not nearly as good.

TisOnlyMe 1 points 1 month ago.

..All of which is exactly what i meant to say in my earlier comment.. Thanks for saying exactly what i meant! :))x

Debris (2021) S1 E1
TisOnlyMe 3 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

DEBRIS.. it’s like FRINGE but without any of the good characters! I thought the the music was pretty good myself, atmospheric without being intrusive, worked for me. A fair opener but i don’t feel gripped yet by the story or the characters, so we’ll have to see where it goes.. :))x

Warrior Nun (2020) S1 E5
CranLem08 0 points 9 months ago.

so when is she going to learn how to control her powers…

TisOnlyMe 0 points 1 month ago.

So funny, 8 months after your comment and i feel exactly the same way about this series.. when’s she ever gonna come to terms with her new powers? Yeah, i’m p’d off too! It’s kind of a good series but boy is it developing slowly

Rubinrot (2013)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 1 month ago.

Hey, i watched RUBINROT last night and really enjoyed it. Good story, young people, time-travel, costume-drama, mystery and intrigue.. just the ticket for a Sunday night! Only trouble was, come the end i wanted more, a whole series more would’ve been perfect. This 2hr movie would’ve been the ideal pilot ep for a longer project, sure these days NF would make it into a series. Anyway, tis a good ‘ripping yarn’, worth a watch if you like family entertainment :))x

Mix Up in the Mediterranean (2021)
TisOnlyMe 1 points 1 month ago.

If you’re sappy enough to make it through to the end of this, it’ll leave you smiling! It’s fun, it’s silly, i enjoyed it. It’s also set in Malta and it was SUNNY, a nice change from grey February where i live! The perfect antidote to Winter for HALLMARK fans! :))x

The Truth About Spring (1965)
TisOnlyMe 2 points 1 month ago.

OH NO! The only link that’ll play for me is dubbed in Espagnol. I used to love this movie as a kid.. BIG crush on Hayley Mills! Mixdrop en Inglese por favore?? :))x

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 2 months ago.

A great old movie, but Gad is she NOISY! Unsinkable? UNBEARABLE more like! :))x

Balthazar (2018)
TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

Hey, finally links for more BALATHAZAR episodes, HURRAH! Well worth a watch if you like stylish police-procedural, medical-examiner type stories.. in French (with subs.) Both main characters are flawed but interesting, i’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops.. THANKS UPLOADERS! :))x

5 toubun no hanayome (2019) S1 E1
TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

Hey, any chance of links for this anime series Gotoubun no Hanayome ?


There’s no links for the first series or the second which is still running, be nice to get some links here if someone can please find them.. Thanks :))x

Private Eyes (2016) S4 E12
TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

Talk about a cliff-hanger to finish off the series.. Yikes! :))x

Resident Alien (2021) S1 E2
TisOnlyMe 4 points 2 months ago.

Oh good, been waiting for this 2nd ep to appear.. hoping this show will develop into a classic ‘fish-out-of-water’ scenario. It started well, reminds me of old B movies in it’s styling, the slightly wooden acting is i believe intentional. Dark humour, i like it. Anyway.. THANKS as usual to all the HEROIC UPLOADERS.. really appreciate you guys ! Thanks to all at Primewire :))x

Firefly Lane (2021)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 2 months ago.

A lot of people don’t seem to like KATHERINE HEIGL very much..i’m not one of them. I think she’s very talented and certainly was rather gorgeous looking.. however, she’s made some poor choices in the roles she’s accepted in the past few years and wasted her main opportunity to fill the shoes of the now ageing Jen Aniston, that other stalwart of the RomCom genre. Heigl must be getting on a bit now too so i really hope this new series she’s in does well. I haven’t watched any of the eps yet, maybe start on it later.. fingers crossed! :))x

Resident Alien (2021) S1 E1
Frac -8 points 2 months ago.

yawn, not funny, bad acting.. I wanted to like it tho 2/5

TisOnlyMe 3 points 2 months ago.

You should really give RESIDENT ALIEN another chance Frac, i just re-watched ep1 as i’m impatiently awaiting ep2 and i find it smart and very funny. Sure it’s tongue-in-cheek and weird, who knows where the story will go, but it’s def one of the best new progs i’ve come across recently. I guess it’s all down to personal taste, things you find amusing others might not etc, but it feels like this series could be a fun ride! Just saying :))x

Snowkissed (2021)
TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

Hey, the latest HALLMARK movie, SNOWKISSED.. Aww, set in mountainous Banff, Canada.. a whole lotta snow, and ROMANCE naturally! With Hallmark flicks, some are really good, others maybe too cheesy. This one wasn’t bad, all likeable characters with convincing dialogue and great scenery.. did i mention there’s SNOW! A good time-waster for anyone who just wants to be able to forget everything for 90 minutes, it worked well for me :))x

Julia (1974)
dw99 2 points 2 months ago.

Fwiw, uBlock is the best adblocker I’ve ever used — and it’s free. (I switched quite a while back, when Adblocker Plus started letting stuff slip thru for me.)

Also fwiw, I prefer Firefox, after years of using Chrome and then Opera — and I think FF is far more attuned to helping users maintain privacy (or some privacy).

TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

Thanks for that, sure looks like i need to get hold of uBlock! I still use Safari, maybe i’ll give Firefox a try.. i mean i get a lot of pop-ups in spite of Adblock plus even on sites that work, i just shoot them down like playing a video game! Not very tech savvy me! I do enjoy Primewire though,, LOVE YOU PRIMEWIRE!! :))x

Julia (1974)
glostarz999 2 points 2 months ago.

I don’t think that its that simple mate. Aparat works fine for me, as does Clipwatching MOST of the time. Other people have issues with Mixdrop and Doodwatch. I have no problems with ANY of them at present. Not sure WHY that is. Only site that NEVER works is that Streamz nonsense for me and that’s the ONLY site that has EVER told me to turn off adblock. Maybe try some different adblock extensions or a different browser maybe? Give Ublock a go. Best of luck mate. I understand your frustration and you have my sympathy.

TisOnlyMe 2 points 2 months ago.

Hah isn’t it funny how these things work for some people and not for others! Maybe it depends on which part of the world you’re in.. Drag for me as a lot of old foreign movies just appear here on Clip and Aparat and i can’t seem to use either. I’ll try to find UBlock.. I’ve even successfully used Streamz occasionally, see.. Funny!! Thanks for your reply anyhow, yeah i just got a wee fit of frustration at yet another movie i won’t be able to watch :))x

Julia (1974)
etim 3 points 2 months ago*.

I use ‘uBlock Origin’ ONLY and never get those disable adblock messages

Also—sometimes I get a ‘failed to load’ sort of msg but if I wait till the page finishes loading, it then works ok.

TisOnlyMe 2 points 2 months ago.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. i never heard of uBlock Origin but will try to check it out, Cheers! :))x

Julia (1974)
TisOnlyMe 3 points 2 months ago.

A MESSAGE TO WHOEVER IT IS THAT UPLOADS THESE OLD MOVIES.. Posting on Clipwatching and Aparat is frankly an unkindness to viewers like myself.. i can NEVER watch ANY of these interesting old flicks you post here. CLIPWATCHING.com says “Disable ADBLOCK in order to continue viewing”.. i tried that 2 yrs ago but it still says the same message and won’t open try as i might. APARAT.com is just a hog-fest of unwanted ads which come cascading at you when you try to connect in spite of ADBLOCK, and they keep on coming even after you close them, too frustrating to manage actually watching the movie, i’ve NEVER managed to watch ANY of the movies you kindly posted here on these IMPOSSIBLE links. PLEASE NOTE, OTHER CLEANER LINKS REQUIRED FOR EVERYTHING YOU POSTED like EVER! MIXDROP or DOOD or some of the others work fine in spite of their pop-ups which can easily be dealt with.. When i see CLIPWATCHING and APARAT listed my heart just sinks as i know they won’t work.. PLEASE could you find suitable alternatives. I KNOW.. i should ask for links elsewhere but this is something different, a GENERAL PLEA for better connections. UPLOADERS, HUGE RESPECT for all your efforts on our behalf, helping to keep everyone sane through these difficult times, but Please NB! THANKS :((x

Room for One More (1952)
Frac -1 points 1 year ago.

Pretty terrific 1952 movie.Love Cary Grant movies

TisOnlyMe 2 points 2 months ago.

Thanks for the recommendation, that was really sweet, enjoyed it :))x

Resident Alien (2021) S1 E1
TisOnlyMe 5 points 2 months ago.

Yo.. Loved the first episode, dry humour, very funny, can’t wait for the rest.. BRILLIANT!! :))x

Kommissar Rex (1994)
BFU -1 points 2 months ago.

Don’t you hate it when people post a series - in this case 18 -but no links

TisOnlyMe 1 points 2 months ago.


Two for the Win (2021)
TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

Latest Hallmark Winter movie. Bit of a yawn-fest tbh, very slow.. it was OK i guess, nice to see some snow at least! :))x

The Real St. Nick (2012)
TisOnlyMe 0 points 2 months ago.

A slightly sappy but not too horrible Christmas movie, something to have on in the background :))x

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