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Christmas with the Darlings (2020)
Surveyoraz 1 points 2 months ago.

Great to see Katrina Law doing another Christmas movie. While not the best movie, it’s still not a bad Christmas movie, but the title of this movie sounds like it should the name of a holiday-themed episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

Firefly (2002)
Alien 1 points 4 months ago*.

Episodes 11, 12, and 13 were not aired until the Sci-fi Channel brought the series to the United Kingdom, where they aired all 14 episodes in the correct sequence.

Surveyoraz 1 points 4 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I’ve been reading about this for the past couple of years, ever since Disney acquired the various Fox properties, so I don’t know how any of this will play out, but honestly, I wouldn’t want Fox anywhere near a Firefly reboot. They screwed up with Firefly when they had the series initially. As you said, they didn’t show the last 3 episodes. Even worse, they panicked when Joss Whedon previewed the pilot episode for the executives and made him make changes to the series. They thought the pilot was too dark and wanted Mal to have more of a sense of humor. Then they proceed to skip over the pilot episode, with the first episode shown on TV being The Train Job, didn’t promote the series, allowed baseball to keep pre-empting the series, announced in mid-December that the series was cancelled, and THEN showed the pilot episode (Serenity, Parts 1 and 2) right before Christmas before completely removing the series from TV, skipping the last 3 episodes altogether. I really don’t know why Joss would want to have anything to do with Fox.

Firefly (2002)
Keymawe 2 points 4 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Why do you have them in that order? Is that the right order ?

Surveyoraz 1 points 4 months ago.

The order is correct, but confusing. The pilot episode of Firefly has the same name as the movie. Serenity (Parts 1 & 2) from the Firefly series should be watched first; Serenity (the movie) should be watched last.

Lovecraft Country (2020)
Bonesaw McGraw 7 points 5 months ago.

Why’s it have a 4.3 for a rating? IMDB’s rating is 8.0. And…it’s awesome

Surveyoraz 9 points 5 months ago.

It’s a 4.3 out of 5, which would be slightly higher than IMDB’s 8.0 out of 10.

Stargirl (2020) S1 E10
Xsile 0 points 6 months ago.

Anyone know if this takes place in DC prime universe or is it one of the alts?

Surveyoraz 1 points 6 months ago.

According to the end of Crisis, Stargirl is in one of the alts. Doom Patrol, Titans, Swamp Thing, and the new Green Lantern are also all in separate alts.

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