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Superman & Lois (2021)
thedamaged0ne 3 points 5 days ago.

ohhh that makes sense, thank you for clearing that up for me :)

Streamer 0 points 5 days ago.

actually thats wrong as the ep was 90 minutes with a half hr special …. so yes a little confusing as some of the links are missing 12 minutes …

The Equalizer (2021)
phil collier 5 points 22 days ago.

You can speed up and cut action scenes a thousand times, but you cant make a big middle aged woman look anything other than a big middle aged woman

Streamer 0 points 15 days ago.

i agree the show isnt bad but the casting sucks , no way is this plausible u can put her in as many full length coats as you want she still looks old and out of shape

An American Pickle (2020)
ac1d 1 points 6 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

lasted 20 mins -cant see it going anywhere -if you can believe how he survived 100 years in a sealed pickle barrel -not for me - if it does get better flick a comment

Streamer 0 points 6 months ago.

lasted as long as acid … its not very good imo

Roadkill (2012)
Streamer 2 points 7 months ago.

9 seasons youd think they could build one thing that actually worked

The $treet (2000)
Streamer 1 points 8 months ago.

dont read the description … this is about a group of people at a job and who they are fraking or just fraked or getting ready to frak .. they just place them in different backgrounds

Ad Vitam (2018)
Streamer -2 points 1 year ago.

english subs only …

Watchmen (2019)
Streamer -6 points 1 year ago.

THE WAIT IS OVER !! I wish I was still waiting , didnt live upto the hype . Its actually kinda boring but mostly just stupid and pointless … imo

Joker (2019)
Streamer -9 points 1 year ago.

This is supposed the story of the start of the only person who bested Batman ?

Hyperdrive (2019)
Streamer -4 points 1 year ago.

I agree this actually was pretty and no racer fake drama . Its actually much better then I expected !

Aaron Needs a Job (2019)
Streamer -5 points 1 year ago.

Aaron goes on vacation …. seriously there are entire sections of sitcoms of people avoiding vacation pictures and He wants to make a show about all the cool shyt discovery pays him to go see … no thanks I’ll pass !!

The Loudest Voice (2019)
Streamer 3 points 1 year ago.

Well worth the watch way less about politics and more about the man …2 thumbs up from me !

Pennyworth (2019)
Streamer -3 points 1 year ago.

Alfie is the man !!

Avengers: Endgame (2019)
Streamer -5 points 1 year ago.

not really a spoiler but , Thanos throws a punch Cap Marvel catches it ….. me personally BEST SCENE OF THE WHOLE MOVIE !!!

Christina on the Coast (2019)
Streamer -5 points 1 year ago.

She really hasnt changed . She has 3 colors she picks from … grey white and black well sometimes she uses black grey and white … you get the point I do feel sorry for Ant she as seems high maintenance but I understand it was Torik who cheated …. To be honest her design choices are very limited and she spends wasteful money .

Another Life (2019)
Streamer -3 points 1 year ago*.

What a great treat to have dropped during the summer drought of new tv . I’m only 2 eps in , but this is well worth a watch ! ….. Update … Im 6 epsidoes in and its becoming boringly systematic take 2 step forward knock back 3 … these poor people everyday a new disaster …

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