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The Sinner (2017)
yonkk 2 points 4 days ago.

Series CANCELED …. Hope another network picks this show up.

Liberace's Ghost -2 points 4 days ago.

For real. This was one of my favorite series since season 1. And I’ve really been enjoying this last season. So, so disappointed to see if end.

Yellowjackets (2021)
Liberace's Ghost 2 points 24 days ago.

I just got done watching the 1st episode and cannot wait for ep.2 now. Really loved it.

Billions (2016) S5 E11
Liberace's Ghost 3 points 2 months ago.

Kick ass episode!

Chapelwaite (2021) S1 E6
Alien 2 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Where in the heck did they get all those worms?

Liberace's Ghost 3 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

CGI would be my best guess.

American Horror Story (2011) S10 E4
LivyWags89 2 points 2 months ago*.

There is a total of 10 episodes this season. I think the “Red Tide” storyline goes until episode 6, then “Death Valley” the final four episodes…But how the they intertwine remains to be seen, definitely has my curiosity peaked:)

Liberace's Ghost 1 points 2 months ago.

Ahh. Thank you. Much appreciated!

American Horror Story (2011) S10 E4
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 2 months ago.

Isn’t this the last episode of this story though? Don’t the second double feature episodes start next week or am I mistaken? Cause if so, this seemed like a pretty weak story ending imo.

South Park (1997) S24 Special
dickgrimes 3 points 8 months ago.

South Park still exists???

Liberace's Ghost 2 points 8 months ago.


Letterkenny (2016) S9 E1
Liberace's Ghost 0 points 11 months ago.

Season 9 is finally here! I love this show. Cheers!

The Comey Rule (2020)
Franco -2 points 1 year ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Creative work??..yea there was plenty of imagination used to create this abomination. Are you folks even American? My parents recount the days they lived under fascist rule..Mussolini.When I told them some consider Trump fascist, they broke out in laughter. Another lady lived in East Berlin much of her life during communist rule, and she recounted to me exactly how things were done. She said not unlike what dems propagate today. She also had me take note of the 1991-2001 Yugoslavian civil war where ethnic groups, not unlike antifa, BLM, dems, attempted to divide the country. They did..but at great cost of life and economics. The USA is headed in the same direction. The driving force was not age-old ethnic tensions (as the Serb side liked to proclaim), but distinctly modern nationalism, fanned by the media and driven by politicians. When you have nefarious government hell-bent on retaining power at any cost…lives and livelihoods become expendable, as demonstrated in cities throughout the USA where the rule of law(process) has been usurped by its own democratic government. These dems care not for its people, and the evidence is right in your face. To pretend to claim some moral high ground, at the expense of its own constituency is akin to claiming hitler was somehow ridding mankind of vermin. Which he did claim,and the people believed, as he exterminated millions of innocent jews. All roads do not lead to Rome..but if you end up on that road, be assured you will die there. Man’s nefarious, egregious habits have proven the test of time..just look at history. Any who think this one is being played out differently is fooling themselves. It is only by God’s grace that man is still standing, otherwise without divine intervention, considering man’s insatiable bloodlust..he would have annihilated himself soon after acquiring nuclear capability. There is nothing new under the sun. Those that think otherwise, are simply in rebellious denial. But you will see its unfolding in the next few short years.

Liberace's Ghost 10 points 1 year ago*.

Hello. “When you have nefarious government hell-bent on retaining power at any cost…lives and livelihoods become expendable, as demonstrated in cities throughout the USA where the rule of law(process) has been usurped by its own democratic government. These dems care not for its people…” What universe do you seem to be living in? Cause it sure isn’t this reality. Above, you admitted that the nefarious government and the like have made lives and livelihoods expendable, ect. You do realize it hasn’t been democrats that were ruling gov’t recently, right? A certain wannabe with dictator tendencies and the Republican party has ruled all 3 branches of the gov’t until 2018 when dems took back control of the House. And even with that small win, they aren’t able to effect change. Your argument is completely fascile on it’s face. I understand I won’t change your opinion. That’s not my goal. I just had to comment on how your argument makes no sense and doesn’t seem to be based in reality. Cheers.

The Comey Rule (2020)
[removed by a moderator]
Liberace's Ghost 5 points 1 year ago.

You might not get so much negative feedback or so many down votes if you just stated your opinion with facts instead of debunked conservative conspiracy theories. Just saying. Cheers

His Dark Materials (2019) S2 E1
Liberace's Ghost 4 points 1 year ago.

Absolutely thrilled this episode is already on the site since it won’t be on HBO in the US till the 16th. Thank you, uploaders!

Warrior (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 2 points 1 year ago.

Every week I wait for a new episode of this show. One of my absolute favorite shows. Amazing fight scenes and incredible storyline. Based off of the writings of Bruce Lee. Please give this show a try. Chances are You won’t regret it!

Wentworth (2013) S8 E10
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 1 year ago.

To whomever posted the links to this episode so quickly after requesting, thank you.

The Knick (2014)
Liberace's Ghost 3 points 1 year ago.

Really enjoyed this. Shame it was canceled. I did see somewhere that they were thinking about doing a 3rd season. Or are in the process of a season 3. Here’s to hoping! Would recommend it to a friend. 8 out of 10

Brassic (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 5 points 1 year ago.

Please. For your own sake. Watch this show. Joseph Gilgun is absolutely hilarious. Excellent cast. I thought it has a bit of a sleight Guy Richie type dry, witty humor feel to it.

Brassic (2019) S2 E1
Liberace's Ghost 2 points 1 year ago.

Awesome show. Joseph Gilgun and the rest of the cast are excellent. Would highly recommend.

The Alienist (2018) S2 E4
Liberace's Ghost 2 points 1 year ago*.

Excellent show. Especially for a basic cable t.v. show. Great cast. Liking this as much or more than season 1. As previous poster said, really, really hope there’s more than 8 episodes. And just a heads up. Daniel Bruhl is an incredible actor, but a little bit of his character, Dr. Kreizler goes a long way. Quite bingeworthy indeed! ☆☆☆☆

Made in Auschwitz: The Untold Story of Block 10 (2019)
SethMythrax -16 points 1 year ago*.

Ya, I am sure many evil things happened as it does in most prison camps. We have to also remember all the Russians, Political Prisoners, Gays & Gypsies that also perished at the hands of the Nazis.

Dont forget the Russians also killed millions……

Liberace's Ghost 7 points 1 year ago.

Wow. Just, wow…

Vivarium (2020)
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 1 year ago.

This is a weird freaking movie. That is all I can say on the subject.

Trump: An American Dream (2017)
justmewhoknew -4 points 1 year ago. (Contains Spoilers)

And you think old white man that can not keep his hands off young girls is any better??? LOL At least Trump stands up for America and stop the… oh I am sorry I am American crap… And started putting a end to spending Americans tax dollars on supporting illegals and putting the money to blocking them… There are laws follow them… or are you one of those that think the laws are only good when they benefit your purpose. Hypocrites Only believe what the main stream media wants you to believe… look up and do research yourself on all the candidates instead of what everyone else is saying… Other then this pandemic we are in Trump had America going in the right direction again… Companies were starting to come back to the states… jobs were up… but then again you Pelosi groupies probably think the covid19 is his fault… I mean it is his fault The dems totally destroyed health care… back when Pelosie said you have to pass it to see what is in it… and Obama promising your current plan would not change and you can keep your doctor… HA you blinded brainwashed pupils

Liberace's Ghost 12 points 1 year ago.

There is just an incredible amount of information in your post that is so wildly inaccurate. I’m almost impressed that you’re able to fit that much incorrect information and complete detachment of reality into one rant. Congrats. Alas, you’re entitled to your beliefs as we are ours. Cheers. Have a good day.

Trump: An American Dream (2017)
kingarco66 15 points 1 year ago.

to be fair .. those other guys dont go bankrupt repeatedly, they do have some brains .. mr T is quite unique, completely uneducated brain-damaged idiot, cant even speak or think .. yet still billionaire

Liberace's Ghost 15 points 1 year ago.

ALLEGEDLY*. Allegedly a billionaire. Ftfy.

Survive the Night (2020)
Epitaf 0 points 1 year ago.

I didn’t “bring politics into this”. It is simply what it is. Blackballing someone because they hold different political opinions than you is by definition a form of corruption. It’s not much different than refusing to hire someone because of their race.

Liberace's Ghost 2 points 1 year ago.

As others and I have already stated. He was not blackballed for different political views. It is widely viewed that it is because he asks for far too much for doing barely anything & potential legal issues. Apparently we hold different points of view on this. I’m not interested in arguing with you over it or anyone or else. As you already said, it is what it is. Have a good day. Take care.

Survive the Night (2020)
Epitaf -1 points 1 year ago.

It’s funny how you guys blame Bruce for that stuff without realizing that it isn’t his fault at all. In reality he doesn’t have the same corrupt political views that Hollywood does so he’s been blackballed for a while now.

I’d take the only tablescraps that were left if I were in his shoes, too.

Liberace's Ghost 1 points 1 year ago.

Imo, this movie was terrible. Completely absurd plot points & situations. That being said, & as others have already stated, he’s had legal issues & likely motivated by greed. Also, a lot of the garbage straight to video movies he’s most likely made for easy money. For example, he had a demand of 1 million $ per day while Expendables 3 was filming. He was reportedly offered 3 million for 4 days work & demanded an extra million. He was subsequently written out of the script after his demands weren’t met. There’s many actors that don’t conform with as you mentioned are ‘corrupt political views of Hollywood’. And while you are entitled to your opinions & p.o.v. There’s no need to bring politics into this, it is a movie site. Not everything is tinted thru a political lens. But, you’re entitled to your opinion. Cheers

Defending Jacob (2020) S1 E3
Liberace's Ghost 0 points 1 year ago.

Really, really liking this show so far. Just got done binge watching the 1st 3 episodes. Great cast of actors & interesting storyline. Absolutely recommend watching this. 4/5

Choke (2008)
Liberace's Ghost 2 points 1 year ago*.

One of my favorite books & writers. If you enjoyed Fight Club I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy this. Pretty loyal to the book material from what I can recall. Dark comedy with an excellent cast. Please just give it a chance! ☆☆☆☆☆

Knock Knock (2015)
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 1 year ago.

Very underrated movie. Great cast and a twisted story.

Guns Akimbo (2020)
Liberace's Ghost 6 points 1 year ago.

Went into viewing this pretty blind to the plot. Just knowing Daniel Radcliffe & Samara Weaving starring in it. Turned out to be pretty damned awesome! Held my attn the entire time. Like an amusing real life video game. Would watch again.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014) S7 E1
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 1 year ago.

Cannot get enough of this show! Brings to light issues some people may not have been aware of otherwise & his take on every day real world issues with an informative, yet amusing spin on things.

The Good Liar (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 1 year ago.

Really enjoyed this one. Mirren & Mckellen were excellent in this. Would absolutely recommend this to a friend.

Underwater (2020)
6 Underground (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 0 points 1 year ago.

Complete junk food for the brain. It may not be for everyone. But, I personally absolutely loved it.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 3 points 2 years ago.

Cannot wait till this is up! I’m so looking forward to seeing this. Looked pretty amusing from what I’ve seen.

Zeroville (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 1 points 2 years ago*.

Updated review. I personally didn’t enjoy it. Sorry I even suggested looking forward to it. Watch at your own peril.

The Loudest Voice (2019)
Roosterioi 0 points 2 years ago.

Well It started off well. Acting was good. Then as it got along I noticed more and more of political bias being added to the story. I also saw some exaggerated points bordering on story telling vs facts. I hate seeing good stories getting railroaded to a political agenda. BUT alas.. Is the world we live in now. I just say it how I see it.

Liberace's Ghost 3 points 2 years ago.

Same could be said for literally any show or movie on t.v. based off of a true story. It’s called creative license. But from what I could tell, the meat & potatoes parts of the story were facts or recreated from facts.

Perpetual Grace LTD (2019)
Liberace's Ghost 5 points 2 years ago.

Dry humor. I find it absolutely riveting to watch. Hope it gets renewed for a 2nd season!

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