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Wrong Turn (2021)
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This was a good reboot.
This was leaning moore towards Folklore horror.
With influences of “Midsommar” and “the Ritual”
4/5 from me

Red Dot (2021)
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Pretty good Swedish “Backcountry movie” That starts out like a “Wrong turn/
Deliverance” style with Evil Rednex (Norrlänningar) But then takes a twist. 4/5 from me Just becouse i`m a Swede and Swedish horrormovies are rare.

The Passage (2019)
Diffus 0 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Ok so after seeing the pilot it has my sceptic intrest. Some parts has really annoyed me though.
It´s like all stakes are thrown in really ovious and fast.

I would have liked that the relationship between the leads would be more evolving over the series.
A bit more dysfunctioning over a couple of ep and not like:

  • “Hey! i just kidnapped you but now i´m your new daddy”
  • “Ok Daddy!”
    And why is she so important to the Super secret ritch agency so that they go in shooting a shefiff department to pieces?
    If they want to keep a low profile?
    It`s not like she is the only orphan Crack kid in the US?
Raised by Wolves (2020) S1 E6
Diffus 3 points 7 months ago*.

S01ep06 This Ep should have been named “Bukkake simulation” hahaha

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