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Love and Monsters (2020)
Ambush_of_Tigers 1 points 4 months ago.

This was a lot better than I thought it would be! This is the true hidden gem, the most underrated movie of the year.

Black Christmas (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers -1 points 1 year ago.

The trailer literately shows the killers face spoiling what little mystery there would have been.

Uncut Gems (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers -2 points 1 year ago.

What a slow motion train wreck looks like. A complete waste of time. You will be forever better off by skipping this trash. I’m sorry I watched it to the end.

Russian Nymphet: Temptation (2004)
spotsite -1 points 1 year ago.

Should be noted that some adult material is in this video

Ambush_of_Tigers -1 points 1 year ago.

There are no links?

Forbidden Kingdom (2014)
Ambush_of_Tigers 0 points 1 year ago.

Great Fantasy Action Movie! Filled with great effects and quirky acting. Definitely full of charm of wonder with a love story brewing in the background. Worth a watch and even a recommendation for some kids to see when they are bored. It’s a fun movie.

Charlie's Angels (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers -1 points 1 year ago.

What is this? Why does holywood feel like forcing sexual politics on viewers is what we want? How does it make it a better movie? The action would have been ok if it were not for the talking in between.

Dark Planet: Rebellion (2009)
RoboPhone 2 points 1 year ago*.

This is part 2 of the Russian Movie Dark Planet. Part one is HERE.

The film was adapted by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko from the 1969 novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky of the same Russian name, published in English as Prisoners of Power; a part of Noon Universe series. It is a dystopian story set on post-apocalyptic planet Saraksh, ruled by totalitarian regime that brainwashes its citizens. Maxim Kammerer, a space explorer from Earth, crash lands on Saraksh and becomes involved in the planet’s everboiling politics. The movie was released as two separate films, in December 2008 and April 2009, respectively.

Ambush_of_Tigers -1 points 1 year ago.

No links? Unfortunately. I would like to see it.

Ellipse (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers -1 points 1 year ago.

Great sci-fi! Absolutely worth a watch. I have seen far worse than this. It has a solid story, decent acting. Special effects are at least believable. It does drag a little here and there but it soon makes up for it. Maybe it is because you have to be intelligent enough to understand what is happening without the character spelling it out for you?

Night Hunter (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers 1 points 1 year ago.

Great movie! No brainer for a good one time watch, I’d even watch it again if it was on TV at a later date.

Dark Planet: Rebellion (2009)
Ambush_of_Tigers 0 points 1 year ago.

I think it is worth a watch but I can’t help but wonder if there are previous movies? Subtitled in english.

Dragged Across Concrete (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers 0 points 1 year ago.

Wow? Totally unexpected masterpiece. I won’t spoil any of it. Must watch.

Crypto (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers 2 points 1 year ago.

Good movie, worth a watch. A little slow at times but it pulls itself together nicely at the end.

Fighting with My Family (2019)
Ambush_of_Tigers -2 points 2 years ago.

Watch this. Get a good kick in the feels.

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