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Benjamin (2019)
CursedXistence 1 points 3 months ago.

This could have been a good movie, it certainly had a few cast members that could have had great performances in their characters, but the writing really let it down.

The biggest problem is that while it’s obvious Benjamin has some serious social, emotional, and connection issues we never get any insight into why. Sometimes the writing is done in a way where the why isn’t needed to be made obvious, but in this case the awkwardness and turmoil just feels out of place.

The funny thing is that in the movie there’s a film critic talking about how Benjamin didn’t live up to his potential as a filmmaker and he was really disappointed by that. This movie is very much the same thing and it’s disappointing because it could have been so much better.

Overall, it’s a watch it if you have nothing better to do with the time or are a diehard Colin Morgan fan, otherwise it’s a pretty easy “skip it”.

Cousins (2019)
CursedXistence 2 points 3 months ago.

The majority of the time it’s extremely hard to find good gay themed movies beyond the ones typically counted as the “must watch, best of the genre” that are pretty much the same on every list. Typically the best ones come from countries other than the US which can make it even harder to find out about them when they first release.

This is definitely a movie to add to one of those lists of “movies I’d watch again”. The cast in this movie is great and all play their parts really well, especially the nutcase that is Julia. I can’t even imagine what the bloopers from this movie would be like.

Overall, this is a movie you’ll be glad you found and it’ll leave you feeling like “Ahhh, I finally found another good one that isn’t more of the same cookie cutter gay movie.”

Silent Youth (2012)
CursedXistence 2 points 3 months ago.

The synopsis for this movie makes it sound like it could be really good and very different from the normal rinse and repeat that is so often the gay themed genre. Unfortunately what you actually get is 73 minutes of something that’s akin to knowing horrifying car crash is about to happen, but not being able to look away. Awkward silence when first meeting someone is one thing, but the dialogue in this movie is more like the writer had the idea for the movie, but then couldn’t figure out what to write.

Typically even a bad movie will have something redeeming about it that even if you didn’t like it, makes it worth giving it a try. This movie on the other hand should come with a free t-shirt that says “I survived through the whole movie”.

Overall, this is definitely a movie to skip.

Being 17 (2016)
CursedXistence 1 points 3 months ago.

So many gay themed movies treat discovering you’re gay and coming out as this huge momentous thing and sometimes like in this movie, it really isn’t a big deal. This movie deals with finding that first person you’re attracted to / fist love. One major credit to the main actors is that the intimate scenes were very clunky and awkward, which they should be, but is very hard to pull off when making a movie.

Overall it’s a great movie to watch and one that some people will watch multiple times.

Fair Haven (2016)
CursedXistence 1 points 3 months ago.

The acting performances in this are really good and the writing isn’t bad either, but it also plays it really safe. The problem with it is that gay “conversion therapies” more often than not cause severe emotional distress and unfortunately many times end up in suicide. It’s missing the gravity of the situation, especially since it’s dealing with the extreme of a parent sending their child to that type of facility.

Overall it’s a decent movie and worth a watch, I just wish it would have used the material a little better.

Jitters (2012)
CursedXistence 1 points 3 months ago.

This is a very typical for the region “slice of life” movie about teenage self discovery, in all the best ways. It doesn’t try to shock with gratuitous sex, overdramatized and romanticized, or anything like that.

Normally when I write reviews I stick to a no spoiler, just give my impression of the movie and if I think it’s worth watching or not to see if you’ll like it, but in this case I’m making a small exception. If you are someone that self harms or and/or has suicidal thoughts a portion of this movie might be triggering for you.

In the copy I watched, there were a couple of errors in the translation subtitles, but they were usually just spelling mistakes and very easy to understand what it was supposed to me.

Overall it’s a very well written and performed movie and I’d say definitely worth a watch. The one major advantage to this movie if you’re not out and are in a situation where you guard what you watch with others around is that while to of the characters are discovering their sexuality, it’s not the main constant focus of the movie. As the synopses points out, the movie is about a group of friends.

Alex Strangelove (2018)
CursedXistence 1 points 3 months ago.

A very typical cookie cutter “high schooler tries to deny to himself and everyone that he’s gay so he dates a girl and then she wants to have sex…” movie that’s saved by the cast, writing, and some well delivered comedy.

Overall it sets itself apart enough to give it a watch as long as you go into knowing you’re not getting anything you haven’t already seen a million times over with other gay themed movies.

Grinder (2018)
CursedXistence 1 points 4 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

The writing, acting, and casting in this is terrible. It’s common for actors age 18 to early 20’s to be cast as 15-17 year olds, but the main actor who is supposed to 16 looks more like 26 or older and it’s confusing having him try to play someone 16.

Overall this is definitely a “skip it” movie as there are much better gay themed movies out there.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway (2021)
CursedXistence 0 points 4 months ago.

It’s not the worst thing in the Gundam franchise, but it definitely doesn’t deserve anywhere near the 8.0 rating on IMDB. If you’re a hardcore Gundam fan that watches everything Gundam then you’ll end up watching it, if you’re not, then this is one you can definitely skip. Overall it adds nothing to the Gundam franchise and the overall UC storyline and honestly it could have been any nondescript mecha series and you wouldn’t have known the difference.

Beneath the Skin (2015)
CursedXistence 1 points 4 months ago.

There’s a “slow burn”, a cure for insomnia, and then there’s this movie.

The writing is all over the place, and the story would have been okay…. if it was a first draft brainstorming. The strongest actor of the cast is Wayne Virgo who has shown the quality of performing he can do it Shank and Cal, yet in this movie he was pretty much there for naked eye candy and a couple of lines.

Overall it’s definitely not the worst “gay interest” movie I’ve ever seen, but at 87 minutes long it easily could have been shortened to an hour and you wouldn’t have lost anything. If you’re in the mood for a gay interest movie, want one you haven’t seen a billion times, and you’re bored enough that pretty much anything will hold your attention, then it’s worth a watch.

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